Hell’s Kitchen – “I was pretending my plates were Chef Ramsay’s head.”

Boris feels he gets no respect, so the Blue Team agrees to give him another chance.  He thinks he’s one of the best cooks there, he has to prove it.  Makes sense to me.  Meanwhile, the Red Team (minus Sabrina and Jillian) are going to do their best to get Sabrina out of there.  They’re on a mission!

That morning, Chef Ramsay announces the challenge of the day.  Hell’s Kitchen will be hosting a prom!  Not just any prom, but the Beverly Hills High School prom, which means a lot if you’ve ever seen Beverly Hills 90210.  The only difference is that these kids on the prom committee look about 20 years younger than Brenda and Dylan looked when they went to school there.


The challenge is that each team has to create 1 appetizer and 2 entrees, which the prom committee will sample and judge.  They’re looking for something “light, but filling.”  And they’re off!

Despite Boris being in charge, no one is listening to him.  You would think Trev would have some compassion since that was him last week.  Boris is getting annoyed by this and when the dishes are done, Ramsay asks him if he’s happy with the dishes.  He says he stands behind the Blue Team, but none of the dishes have his signature on them.  He’s peeved.


Judging time!  First up are Vinny and Sabrina.  The Red Team wins that one, which, to Vinny, means the kids are all morons.  Apparently, teenagers have no taste buds in California.  That’s Vinny’s assumption anyway.


Never fear, Vinny!  The Red Team wins the next 2 plates, as well!  Oh, that’s not good for you.  Sorry.  This was the first ever shut-out in Hell’s Kitchen history.  The reward?  A trip to Knott’s Berry Farm!  I totally want to go there.


They also get those old timey photos done, but the shoppe (see what I did there?) wasn’t accustomed to such voluptuous women wearing their dresses.



Would it be weird if I framed this picture for my mantle?  Umm, I mean the one below…


Back at Hell’s Kitchen, the Blue Team has to decorate for the prom, which is pretty much the worse thing you can ask them to do.  The prom committee  is on hand to order them around, and the Blue Team isn’t taking it well.


First, Rob pretends a tablecloth is a dress and James thinks he’s JP and yells at Rob, “Don’t crease my linens!”  I’m pretty sure I heard the hint of a french accent too.  When one of the girls from the prom committee, starts asking Russell about the kitchen, he totally acts like this is Fight Club.  He’s all, “You don’t talk about the kitchen!  You don’t know what goes on in the kitchen!”  I have a feeling he may need therapy after all is said and done.


Dinner service!

Before anything else happens, we get more complaints on how Sabrina (I keep typing her name as “Sabrains,” which is cracking me up) is slow and just stares at the fridge sometimes.  Okay, Vinny and Nona are plating food, which seems kind of scary to me.  That’s just a little too close for comfort to Chef Ramsay.  I would never survive on this show.

Emily gets her crab cakes out quickly, but they’re soggy.


Jillian freaks out at this, because even her 6 year old can make crab cakes.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Jillian’s son on Hell’s Kitchen next season.  After Gail tells her what’s up, Emily is able to get the crab cakes out and they’re edible.

Then Boris thinks he’s Raj and makes 10 crab cakes at once, even though only 2 were ordered.


Melissa thinks this sounds like a great idea and cooks 23 filets.  That’s right…23.  Boris and Melissa think they’re working at McDonald’s.


That’s almost an entire cow on that table.

Boris struggles on appetizers almost all night.  As “one of the best cooks there,” he should be doing better than this.  Sabrina, however, is flying through the appetizers.  She’s Super Appetizer Woman.


Boris and Emily are having trouble on the fish next.  Boris is having trouble on almost everything.  On the Blue Team, Russell decides Boris sucks at taking charge, so he’s takes over the reigns and quickly becomes the teachers pet of Hell’s Kitchen.


Good thing Ramsay wasn’t around when Russell was belittling his customers during prom preparation.

On the Red Team, we have Melissa getting reamed out for slicing raw meat.  Nona decides it’s a great time to start talking.  Ramsay doesn’t think it’s such a great time and calls her out.  We get the “deer in the headlights” look from her.


Ramsay asks her to explain to the Red Team why you shouldn’t slice meat raw.  She apparently learned her lesson and almost has an anxiety attack backstage.


Finally, all the food goes out and the Red Team wins dinner service!  Sabrina was the overall winner and she has to choose 2 for elimination.  Right away, I’m thinking Emily and Melissa.  She’s all about putting them up too, and says this to her entire team.  I’m starting to like Sabrina a little more.  She speaks her mind, even if she is kind of cranky about it at times.  However, the Blue Team (and Jillian) seem to think this is Survivor and that she should get rid of the strongest competitor, Gail.  Have they ever seen Hell’s Kitchen before?  Ramsay will see right through that.

She ends up putting up Melissa and Emily anyway, which makes me respect her even more.  None of that slimeball shit here!


Since Nona is so opinionated, Ramsay asks her for her opinion.  She said she would choose Emily and Ramsay agrees.

Bye-bye, Emily.  Don’t forget to keep your shirt on.


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