Hell’s Kitchen – The Four Of Us Could Be Like The Spice Girls Of Hell’s Kitchen

When we left Hell’s Kitchen, which was only a month ago, but feels much longer, Chef Ramsay called Trev to the front of the class.  It was sort of anti-climactic though, since he was only putting him back on the Blue Team.  Trev and the girls were thrilled about this.  Russell, Vinny, and Rob, on the other hand, weren’t.  Trev must feel really wanted.  Enough about Trev!  On to the first challenge of the day!  Ramsay picks up some grub at several fast food joints for the teams to try, but he adds in chicken wings from The London Hotel, which he owns.  He’s testing their palettes when it comes to 5-star room service meals, since they will have to serve room service at the L.A. Market.  Most of them prefer the fast food stuff, which doesn’t say a lot about Ramsay’s cooking.  However, he thinks this means they have sub-par palettes, which could also be true.  You know what that means, don’t you?  Time for a blind taste test!

Nona Sivley and Trev McGrath blind taste test

Nona has an award winning palette

First up are Russell and Gail.  They both correctly identify grapefruit, but iceberg lettuce and sea bass seem to elude them.  Russell identifies black truffle, which puts the Blue Team ahead 2-1.  Next up are Rob and Sabrina.  They both suck.  Neither of them can identify white asparagus, filet mignon, cheddar cheese, or smoked mussels.  Rob seems to think that, if his team loses, it’s all his fault, since he couldn’t identify any of the food.  Apparently he forgot Sabrina couldn’t identify any either.  Next up are Vinny and Jillian.  Neither could identify a hot dog.  Really?  A hot dog?  However, they manage to redeem themselves by correctly identifying both potatoes and mozzarella.  Last up are Trev and Nona.  Trev is only able to correctly identify squash, while Nona breaks out her secret

Sabrina Brimhall butt gold pants

I wonder if Sabrina bought the gold pants

weapon: her tastebuds.  She was able to correctly identify scallops, squash, and endive.  Neither one of them could identify pear, so that means the Red Team won the challenge!

The reward is a trip to Cafe 14 and a $2,000.00 shopping spree.  Score!  The girls all go shopping and try on clothes I can’t even afford to look at, while the Blue Team is back at Hell’s Kitchen sorting through trash for recycling and prepping both kitchens for dinner.  Russell is back to being an asshole, because any kind of punishment is beneath him.  He always acts like it’s everyone elses fault theylost.  He should go back to sailing under the radar.  He was less annoying then.

Dinner service!

Trev, Jillian, and Sabrina all started out strong.  However, on the Red Team, Nona falls apart at the meat station.  Sabrina tells her what’s what until they’re back on track.  Sabrina is the new female Chef Ramsay.  Rob is falling apart on the Blue Team and goes crazy with the curry on the scallops.  Nona gets kicked out of the station, with Russell following along closely behind her, despite the fact that he so desperately wants to be Ramsay’s little pet.  Vinny has a gnocchi mishap which gets him kicked.  Ramsay is on a roll now!  The final one to meet the Wrath of Ramsay is Rob.  That means Trev has to handle the Blue Team kitchen all on his own, even though sous chefs Andi and Scott are helping him, so he’s not really on his own after all.

Rob McCue and Russell Kook

Rob and Russell pleading their cases

The Blue Team loses dinner service. Trev has to nominate 2 to put up for elimination.  He ends up putting Rob and Russell up on the chopping block.  Not surprisingly, Rob gets shown the door.  As Rob said, he had a 1 in 7 shot in being sent packing, which I think is probably hard to do when there are 8 people left.

Rob McCue leaving Hell's Kitchen

Good-bye, Rob! You had a good run.

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