Hell’s Kitchen, Season 8 – Meet the Contestants

Hell’s Kitchen season 8 contestants have been announced!  Now I don’t know where the casting people find some of these yahoos, but they never fail to disappoint.  But before I begin the who, what, where, and whys of the new contestants, let me just mention this one issue that has always bugged me about the show.  Almost every contestant smokes.  I have nothing against smokers, but isn’t smoking supposed to kill your taste buds?  You can correct me if I’m wrong, since I’ve never smoked.  It just always seemed weird to me. The prize for the season 8 winner will be a head chef position at LA Market, which is located at JW Marriott Hotel Los Angeles.  They will also be the spokesperson for Rosemount Estate Wines.  I’m guessing the second position is only because they will be going no further than Los Angeles, which, to me, seems a huge disappointment compared to previous seasons.

Meet the newest contestants of Hell’s Kitchen:


Sabrina Brimhall, Age 22
El Cajon, California
Occupation: Prep Chef


If this gig doesn’t work out, Sabrina will next be appearing in Playboy’s “Hot for Teacher” issue.

Antonia Boregman, Age 40
Lake Station, Indiana
Occupation: Line Cook

Antonia could very well be the Miss Viola Swamp to Sabrina’s Miss Nelson.  10 points if you get that reference.

Melissa Doney, Age 31
Glens Falls, New York
Occupation: Executive Sous Chef


Jillian Flathers, Age 28
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Occupation: Sous Chef

One has to wonder if Jillian burned her eyebrows off in a freak cooking accident.  If so, this doesn’t bode very well for her.  

Emily Kutchins, Age 29
Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Executive Chef, Senior Home


Lisa LaFranca, Age 48
Fort Mills, South Carolina
Occupation: Corporate Food Director

Maybe Lisa wanted to copy Jay from season 7, but decided to add her own flair?

Gail Novenario, Age 28
Wantagh, New York
Occupation: Executive Chef


Nona Sivley, Age 29
Loganville, Georgia
Occupation: Sous Chef

Nona intrigues me the most so far.  I don’t know if it’s the sleeve or the cocky smirk she has, but I’m definitely interested in what she brings to the table.


Vinny Acardi, Jr., Age 29
Las Vegas, Nevada
Occupation: Line Cook


This season’s Salvatore?  Let’s hope.  I wanted to adopt Salvatore, he was so adorable.

Raj Brandston, Age 49
Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Personal Chef


Lewis Curtis, Age 26
Cabot, Arkansas
Occupation: Executive Chef


I’m making it my personal goal to hook Lewis up with Nona.  They would be more interesting than Jay and Holli, that’s for sure.

Russell Kook, II, Age 29
Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Sous Chef


Rob McCue, Age 36
Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Law Firm Chef


I’ve worked in many law firms in my life and we’ve never had a chef.  I’m guessing “law firm chef” is a fancy way of saying he works in the building’s cafeteria.  On the other hand, maybe the law firms in Brooklyn are a cut above the rest.

Trev McGrath, Age 30
Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Line Cook/Bartender


Boris Poleschuk, Age 38
Manalapan, New Jersey
Occupation: Catering Chef


Louis Repucci, Age 28
Felton, California
Occupation: Children’s Camp Chef

Children’s camp?  I’ll bet he makes a mean Sloppy Joe.  I don’t expect him to last long, sadly, but I’ll just enjoy looking at him until Ramsay calls him a donkey and gives him the axe.

Sous Chef Andi and the Ramsay-wannabe, Sous Chef Scott, will be joining the fray again.

But!!! there will be one change.  I’d like to introduce you to maitre ‘d James.

Where is JP, you ask?  It appears our buddy, Jean-Philippe, has taken season 8 off to open and head one of Chef Ramsay’s new restaurants.  James, you have some big shoes to fill.  Are you up for the task?

Tune in September 22nd to find out!



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  2. Susan says:

    You’re right Mulari….Louis is this seasons eye candy 😀

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