Hell’s Kitchen – I Was Scared She Was Going To Give Herself A Brain Aneurysm

Even though there had been a non-elimination week, it was sort of bittersweet.  This episode promised TWO eliminations.  Even though I have been neutral towards Jillian, we hear how she lives in the basement of her boyfriend’s mother’s house which makes me feel sorry for her and suddenly want her to win.  No one should have to go through living in their mother-in-law’s basement, no matter how well they get along.

The first challenge of the week…it’s fusion time!  Each chef has to create one dish that represents two separate countries.  The countries are chosen at random when the chefs have to pull two flags out of a dome-covered platter.  First up is Nona who gets Greece and Italy.  Jillian ends up with Thailand and Spain.  Russell gets France and India.  Last, but not least, Trev ends up with China and Mexico.  They have 45 minutes to come up with an awesome fusion dish, which sounds really difficult to me.  Right away, Nona, Russell, and Trev are off and running.  Jillian is struggling quite a bit, acting as if she has no clue what Thai or Spanish food is all about.  All of her complaining was for nothing, however, as she aced the challenge.  Luckily, the other three basically sucked.  Nona threw in just about everything she found in the kitchen, Trev can’t season properly, and Russell can’t cook a duck which probably made him cry later while he flexed his muscles to make himself feel better.

Jillian’s reward is lunch with Chef Ramsay at Spago.  When they get there, though, Jillian’s in for another surprise!  Her boyfriend and her two sons are there to have lunch with her.  Ramsay makes a

One on one time with Chef Ramsay

hasty retreat and leaves the lovebirds and the kids alone.  It was really sweet and I’m sure Jillian’s boyfriend is really happy to get out of his mother’s basement for awhile.  Back at Hell’s Kitchen, it’s punishment time for Nona, Trev, and Russell.  They have to pack up and move everything out of the dorms, which Russell used as an opportunity to show everyone how manly he is.  It was also a good opportunity for everyone to laugh at him when a couple of mattresses almost squashed him.  When Jillian returns to Hell’s Kitchen, Nona is the only one who showed any interest in her day.  That doesn’t surprise me one bit, since Nona is actually nice.  Maybe Trev and Russell should take some lessons.

I am awesome and you will listen to me!

At dinner service, it’s time for the chefs to show their stuff by taking turns working the pass.  Russell went first and, as in previous seasons, sous chef Scott was there to muck things up.  He put pecans instead of walnuts in the salad and he picked up on it right away.  Personally, I think that was a rather easy sabotage.  Maybe Scott was just intimidated by Russell’s awesomeness and went easy on him.  Next up at the pass was Nona.  At first, she just stood there looking around, which was kind of funny.  Maybe her award-winning palette was leaving for vacation and Nona was simply giving it a nice send-off.  It was “all jacked up,” as she put it.  Scott gave her mashed celery root instead of mashed potatoes and Nona couldn’t tell the difference.  I’m not sure what mashed celery root would taste like, but I can’t imagine it tasting much like potatoes.  When it’s Trev’s turn up at the pass, everyone is just doing their own thing and calmly ignoring him.  I totally laughed, because Trev seems to have been ignored the entire season.  He’s like a little bug that’s constantly buzzing in your ear and you try to swat it away, but it just won’t leave.  The entrees are ready before the appetizers, which just won’t work in Hell’s Kitchen!  Desserts before anything else maybe (yum!), but don’t mess up the order of the real food!  On the plus side, he was able to correct Scott’s sabotage, which was to replace halibut with sea bass.

Now we have Jillian.  Oh, Jillian, what will we ever do with you?  It seems like she lets a little power get to her head and immediately starts screaming at everyone.  She takes this is the perfect time to be all over Trev like white on rice.  I think she might have some pent-up agression, but that’s just me.  While she’s going all psycho on Trev, she misses the sabotage and lets the New York Strip go by, even though it was supposed to be ribeye.  Then she starts freaking out on Trev some more until I started feeling really sorry for him.  Ramsay ended up having to step in and take over to save Jillian’s sanity.  Living in your boyfriend’s mother’s basement will do that to you.

At the end of the night, the chefs are supposed to come up with two nominations to put up for elimination.  It doesn’t really matter though, since Ramsay already knows who he’s sending packing.  The first to leave is Trev and the world rejoices.  The second elimination of the night is Jillian, which surprises me.  Ramsay kind of coddled her and treated her like his pet almost.  That doesn’t mean she’s a strong chef at all, but I just assumed he liked her a lot and would let her win based on that reason.  I should have known better!  This is Ramsay we’re talking about!

We're down to the FINAL 2!!!

So that means the final two in Hell’s Kitchen are NONA and RUSSELL!!!  I can’t wait for Wednesday to see who wins!

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