Hell’s Kitchen – “It looked like a big ass booger.”

It’s Hell’s Kitchen’s 100th episode!!!!  A special night is planned, but first…the challenge of the day!

Chef Ramsay takes both teams to Bristol Farms for a shopping spree.  Each chef has to buy food for a dish that will be judged and each team has just $60.00 to spend.  The meats they are to use are beef, pork, lamb, and chicken.  Since there is an extra Red Team member, Gail and Jillian are paired up.  This is when we find out just how much Sabrina loves lentils.  The rest of the Red Team isn’t very happy over Sabrina’s lentils, because they’re expensive and they take 45 minutes to cook.  The teams only have 45 minutes total to get all their dishes cooked.  So they locked Sabrina in a closet and force-fed her lentils to get her to shut up.  Just kidding!  They ended up letting her have her lentils before she broke down in tears right there in the store.

Sabrina Brimhall at Bristol Farms

Chef Ramsay got some important judges for this challenge…

Mark Peel, the chef/owner of Campanile.

Mark Peel

Sophie Gayot, world renowned food critic and owner of Gayot guide books.

Sophia Gayot

Libby Rego, elite food blogger from Yelp.

Libby Rego

Justin Wyborn, General Manager of Nobu West Hollywood.

Justin Wyborn

The judges are to assign a dollar amount to each dish, what they think would be a fair price if they were to order that dish in a restaurant.  The team with the overall highest price is the winner of the challenge.

First up with their beef dishes are Nona and Rob.  Nona’s dish gives the Red Team $32.00 and Rob’s dish gives the Blue Team $26.00.  Next up are Jillian/Gail and Boris with their pork dishes.  Jillian/Gail give the Red Team $28.00 and Boris gives the Blue Team $26.00.  Next up are Trev and Russell with their chicken dishes.  Trev gives the Red Team $22.00 and Russell gives the Blue Team $26.00.  Last, but certainly not least, are Sabrina and Vinny with their lamb dishes.  Sabrina earns the Red Team $28.00 and Vinny earns the Blue Team $23.00.

The Red Team has a total of $110.00.
The Blue Team has a total of $101.00.

Thank goodness for Sabrina’s lentils!  She ended up bursting into tears, because she was finally right about something.

Sabrina Brimhall crying

What’s the deal with Trev kissing her head?  I thought he hated her.  I guess lentils make everything okay.

The Red Team’s reward is a trip on a luxurious sailboat, then dinner on the waterfront at the Hotel Maya.

Red Team on a sailboat

Meanwhile, the Blue Team’s punishment, aside from prepping and cleaning for dinner service, is to fumigate.  Ew.  Hell’s Kitchen will be hosting an exclusive black tie dinner that evening.  Of course, we hear, “I didn’t come here to wrap tables in plastic wrap.”  We hear a different version of this every time someone loses a challenge.

Rob McCue in a hazmat suit

After Rob split his pants

While they’re getting ready for dinner service, Trev decides to give everyone the cold shoulder, because he can do no wrong.  Seriously, this guy needs to step off his high horse.  Before the rest of the Red Team can tar and feather him, though, they’re all called outside by Chef Ramsay.  There will be chef’s tables again tonight!  The VIP guests are 4 previous winners of Hell’s Kitchen: Rock, Christina, Danny, and Holli.  Rock was the winner of the season that I first started watching Hell’s Kitchen!

Rock, Christina, Danny, and Holli

At dinner service, Boris is struggling right from the get-go, but that’s nothing new.  On the Red Team, Nona decides to pull a Vinny and serve recycled risotto, because Gail told her to.  I’m quickly learning that the first rule in Hell’s Kitchen is never to listen to anyone else.  After Nona got reamed out for that little flub, she made a fresh risotto which was delicious, according to Chef Ramsay.

Ramsay yelling at Red Team

Trev starts falling behind and then falls more and more behind until he’s making gnocchi that looks like boogers.  He’s kicked out of the kitchen for a breather until he can pull himself together.  Nona ends up taking over his station, which is just totally awesome.  Their entrees fly out of the kitchen without Trev around to muck things up.

Holli and Danny

Holli's shocked at how much Trev sucks

The Blue Team, on the other hand, isn’t having such a good time.  Boris is still being Boris, Rob decides he likes to send out pink chicken, Vinny sends out chewy lobster, and Rob is still whining about how no one is helping him.  Finally, Chef Ramsay gets fed up and kicks them all out of the kitchen.  That’s never good.  Blue Team loses dinner service and have to put up 2 for elimination.

Rock and Christina

Rock loves Boris!

In the dorms, Trev and Sabrina get into another heated argument.  He blames everyone for leaving him out to dry.  Gail’s watching the argument like she’s having the time of her life, which makes me crack up.  I just picture her being the girl in high school who riles up the crowd during schoolyard fights.  “Fight!  Fight!”  ::Fist pump::  Yup.  I totally see that.

Trev McGrath yelling at Sabrina Brimhall

Gail Novenario watching argument

Back to the elimination!  The Blue Team nominates Boris and Vinny…and Rob, because they can’t even seem to come to a consensus on 2 people to nominate.

Vinny Acardi, Rob McCue, Boris Poleschuk up for elimination

The one eliminated is……Boris!!!!

Boris Poleschuk leaving Hell's Kitchen

But, wait, there’s more!  Ramsay calls Trev to step forward with, “There’s one more person I need to hear from.  Trev, get your ass up here.”  And then we get……

To Be Continued

NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  It wouldn’t be so bad if the next episode wasn’t until November 10th!  They’re taking a break because of baseball.  This is like a crime against humanity.  I don’t even like baseball.


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