Hell’s Kitchen – “You can’t do that to a fat guy, Chef.”

I consider myself a pretty good cook.  Even so, I have a hard time imagining myself able to pull random ingredients out of my cabinet and making something edible with them.  That is why the first challenge that faced the chefs is one of my favorites.  It’s roulette!!!

roulette table

Each chef spins the roulette table and lands on a letter.  They have to come up with an ingredient that starts with that letter.  Then they have to use all those ingredients and come up with an awesome dish.  It’s just fascinating to me.

vinny acardi roulette table

The results:

Vinny (got to roll twice, since there was 1 extra Red Team member):


triped Sea Bass




Bok Choy



If it were up to me, I would probably throw everything in a blender and hope for the best.  It’s a good thing it wasn’t up to me though, since yummy looking dishes came out of this.

The Blue Team’s dish was pan seared striped bass with braised kale, asparagus, and fried yams in a miso broth.

blue team's dish

The Red Team came up with grilled salmon in a cauliflower puree with baby bok choy, pan roasted fennel and rutabaga chips.

red team's dish

The Red Team’s downfalls were Trev’s bitter rutabaga chips and too much butter in Nona’s cauliflower puree (is there really such thing as too much butter?).  On the Blue Team, Rob’s asparagus and yams were boring, plain and simple.  He blanched them.  No imagination.  Sorry, Rob.  The Red Team was the winner of this challenge.

As a reward, they’re going to Las Vegas!  They’ll be staying at the Rio.  The Red Team gets the best rewards.  Seriously.

While they’re in Las Vegas, they’re soon joined by Penn and Teller!!!!!!!!!!!!  I totally squealed like a little kid when I saw them.  I love Penn and Teller!  They presented each member of the Red Team with a letter giving them 2 nights stay at the resort.  Wow!

Penn and Teller

Rio letter

Red Team group photo with Penn and Teller

The Blue Team, in the meantime, have to prepare over a thousand potatoes for that night’s dinner service, which is Family Night.

Blue team with potatoes

Whose family, you ask?  None other than Chef Ramsay’s!  His wife, Tana, and his children, Megan, Holly, Matilda, and Jack are at Hell’s Kitchen for a carnival they set up outside and for family fare.

Chef Ramsay's family

Trev is nominated the leader of the Red Team, which kind of scares me a little.  He lets power get to his head.  When Sabrina perfectly cooks the meat and gets praised for it, it’s because Trev helped her.  Well, okay, he really did help her, but does he need all the credit?  Sabrina ends up calling Trev, “He’s a maniac.  Honestly.  And not, like, in a good way.”  Because there’s obviously a good way to be a maniac.  While Nona is Driving Miss Daisy on the garnish station, he’s standing next to her counting the seconds until she’s done.

Nona Sivley and Trev McGrath

They didn’t really have any problems other than that, if you can believe it.  They finished really strong.

On the Blue Team, Vinny makes enough risotto to feed an army, then tries to send recycled risotto to Ramsay’s family, which didn’t go over too well. Boris serves his food up with a side of sweat.

Boris Poleschuk sweating

And then Rob has trouble with the garnish station, blaming Russell for not helping him.  This season wins the award for the most “thrown under the bus” moments.  I swear.  They also finish strong.

According to the customer comment cards, 90% of the customers left happy.

Ramsay reading off the customer comment cards

Unbelievable.  This was like a first in Hell’s Kitchen.  But, still, each team has to nominate 2 to put up for elimination.  The Red Team nominates Sabrina (the old standby) and Nona.  The Blue Team nominates Boris and Rob.  Ramsay tells Nona and Rob to step forward, at which point Boris let out every ounce of air in his body in a sigh of relief.

Nona Sivley and Rob McCue

Then Ramsay tricks everyone yet again!  He’s not sending anyone home!  And they all lived happily ever after….

Red Team high fives Chef Ramsay

until the next episode anyway.

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