Hell’s Kitchen – I Want To See Your Delicate Touch Again

Now that Gail is gone to complete her plan of taking over the world one fish station at a time, there are only 4 chefs left.  The only one who hasn’t made me want to scream at least once is Nona, but there are still a couple of weeks left so that may change.

The challenge the chefs are faced with are that they have to pair up and create one dish together.  Trev is paired up with Jill and Russell is paired up with Nona.  Seems easy, right?  As they’re preparing their dishes, Chef Ramsay is being sneaky and creating a dish of his own.  When they place their dishes in front of him, he tastes both and is able to correctly identify all the incredients in both teams’ dishes.  That almost makes me wonder if he’s tipped off or something.  Maybe he watched the footage ahead of time and saw what they put in it.  Then he makes each chef taste the dish he was slaving over and they have to reproduce it.  The person who creates a dish closest to Ramsay’s wins the challenge.

Trev doesn’t know his ass from his elbow and stumbles around trying out different things.  First, he follows Nona around to see what she’s up to.  Then it appears he’s about to make 15 different dishes, each slightly different from the others.  It seems to me that would take a long time.  Everyone else is moving along at a good clip, while Trev is still stumbling around, trying to figure out exactly what he’s supposed to be doing.  I’m guessing what he’s supposed to be doing is taking the carrot puree out of the food processor.  When it’s time to present the dishes to Chef Ramsay, Trev groans at his puree-less dish, but by then it’s too late.  Too bad, too, since he was the only one who correctly identified carrots for the puree.  He was also the only one who thought to add wine to the chicken stock, which was also correct.  But let’s get real here…the real star of any dish is the protein.  Russell and Nona were the only ones who correctly identified veal.  Trev and Jillian thought it was pork.  I can’t fault them too much though, since veal and pork taste the same to me too, but I digress.  There was one ingredient that determined the winner.  Russell used bacon, while Nona pancetta which is sometimes called “Italian bacon.”  Nona’s award winning palate struck again.  She wins the challenge!

Russell getting his groove on

Nona’s reward is a trip to the Beverly Hills’ Hands On Boutique Spa.  She is allowed to take one person with her and she chooses Russell.  I assumed she picked Russell because he made second place in the challenge, but she reveals her reasoning later: she did it for strategy purposes.  She wants Russell on her side.  I have to admit that was smart, but even so, I’m not sure I would want to spend an afternoon at a spa with Russell.  What makes matters worse is that, the entire time, he’s flirting with the ladies that work there.  It’s just really weird and awkward since he doesn’t seem like the flirty type to me.  He’s more like the, “I’m gonna knock you out, even though I have puny muscles” type.

Back at Hell’s Kitchen, Trev and Jillian are on laundry duty.  They’re also on plotting duty, since they forgot what show they’re on and think it’s Survivor, except that no one has quit yet, unless you count Antonia.  They both decide to put Nona up for elimination, no matter what, since they’re bitter she chose Russell over them to go with her.  If she’s great at dinner service, she’s still going up for elimination, because there’s no way Ramsay will see through that.  I was always under the assumption that Ramsay kicked out who he wanted, regardless of who was put up for elimination, but maybe Trev and Jillian are just living in la la land and actually think their votes hold weight.

Before dinner service, Ramsay calls Jillian into his office.  This is met by dubious stares from the others, but I’ve never known Ramsay to kick

Jillian getting a pep talk from Chef Ramsay

someone out unless it’s in the middle of dinner service and he frustrated to the gills by the lack of talent he always ends up with.  He basically just gives Jillian a pep talk and tells her to find her lost

confidence.  It’s all really pretty boring and out of character for Ramsay, but Jillian eats it up and heads back to the kitchen like she’s walking on air.  This is probably why we have a pretty unremarkabledinner service from Jillian.  She does her job, doesn’t get yelled at, and is invisible for awhile.  Nona, on the other hand, can’t get the seasoning right on the risotto.  Risotto must be the most difficult thing in the world to make, since I’m pretty sure it’s the most failed dish on Hell’s Kitchen.  Now that Gail is gone and can’t stumble through the fish station anymore, Russell decides it’s his job to do so.  I take it back…I don’t think risotto is the most difficult dish to get right, I’m now certain it’s fish.

When Trev reveals he doesn’t know how to cut wellington, we get another uncharacteristic move from Ramsay.  He actually helps him.  In fact, he does the whole thing for him and doesn’t raise his voice once.  Trev is falling all over himself and I can almost see hearts circling his head.  I’m not sure how I feel about this new Ramsay.  He could have at least called Trev a donkey or something.  He does send Trev out of the kitchen to take a deep breath, but no veins popped out of his forehead like they usually do.  When Trev goes back into the kitchen, it’s not long before Trev is put in another timeout by the Patronizing Ramsay.  During all this, Russell and Trev keep arguing.  I’m surprised one of them wasn’t all, “Ya wanna take this outside?” and chest bump the other.  Or crack his knuckles menacingly, in Russell’s case.

Jillian's son must watch the show.

Despite these “minor” issues, Ramsay is thrilled with how dinner service went.  He must have been watching a different show than I was.  As the chefs head back to the dorm to discuss elimination, the wheels are turning.  Trev is confident he has an ally in Jillian and that Nona will be packing her bags soon.  Russell decides to crack his knuckles some more, hoping that makes him look tough.  If he looks tough enough, maybe they’ll be too scared to put him up.  Neither plan worked.  Back in the dining room when Ramsay asks Jillian who they’re putting up, she replies with Trev and Russell.  I have a feeling that Jillian will be on Trev’s shit list next.

Ramsay has yet another surprise though!  It’s a non elimination week, because they haven’t had one of those in awhile.  Then we get the real reason why there’s no elimination, and it has nothing to do with how well dinner service went.  Well, Ramsay said that’s why, but they certainly can’t send their families back home after they traveled out there to see them.  That’s right!  The chefs’ families.  Russell’s girlfriend whom I know is now his ex-girlfriend (thank you, Facebook.  Maybe she found out he was flirting with the girls at the spa) and his parents are there.  Trev’s sister and best friend.  Jillian’s boyfriend and two sons.  Nona’s husband and son.  It’s an emotional reunion and I totally got choked up.

They can’t get too comfortable though, because TWO are going home next week!


  1. Valkor says:

    This was a decent ep, though you might want to call it a filler ep since no one was eliminated. But it was sorta sad to not see Gail; she was that mix of bubbly and serious that the show needed, plus she can cook! I would have thought her and Vinnie would have coasted into the top two, even after their mistakes. I’m not really feelin any of the final four, well… maybe Jillian. I can’t wait for next week’s show to see who’s gonna be the two to GTFO.

    Russell and Trev. Definitely out!

  2. Melinda says:

    I thought Gail and Vinny would have made it to the top 2 too. I was shocked when they were both told to leave. I hope either Nona or Jillian wins. Russell and Trev are both way too immature.

  3. tom says:

    I was surprised to see jillian’s boyfriend is soo old and she says they live in his mom’s basement with her two sons? Wtf is he some kind of old homeless bum? Why does she stay with him? Why would anyone date a 40+ yr old that lives in their mom’s basement?

  4. ED says:

    LOL @ Tom – I only just found this out after reading your post, I gotta say I have a huge soft spot for Jillian. I think she’s an awesome person, we are just viewing it here in the UK & are about 6 episodes in the US version knocks the spots of the old UK version, I’m hooked.. I Still can’t beleive that Jillina lives in the basement of her boyfriend’s Mum?!.. she’s more than welcome to stay in my plush basement, I’ll even cook for her 😉

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