Hell’s Kitchen – The Cojo Gets Very Cranky When He Doesn’t Have Food

Now that Sabrina’s gone, I was expecting the drama to slow down.  I certainly wasn’t expecting Jillian to try and fill the void, but that’s exactly what she did.  After spewing off about how much they all hate Gail and Trev, it was challenge time!  Each chef had to create a signature lunch to cook in LA Market.  The only problem was, they would have to do so in their own food truck and would have 1

Food trucks

hour to do it.  There were hungry businessmen and women to attend to!  I always love roach coach challenges, even though I’ve only ever seen it on The Next Food Network Star.  The challenge proves to be a bit of a problem though since food trucks aren’t exactly the easiest kitchens to work around, which is proven when Nona has trouble finding the oven.  Russell, who apparently thinks he’s in an upscale New York City seafood restaurant, tackles octopus like it’s nobody’s business.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would want to order octopuss in a food truck.  Trev takes the easy route with pasta and sausage and Nona doesn’t do much better with a sandwich and sweet potato fries.  Gail gets her cook on with steak.  Honestly, if I was looking for lunch from a food truck, I think I would order Nona’s lunch, since that’s what I would expect from that type of…establishment.  Not surprisingly, Russell got the least votes.  I’m guessing he learned nothing from Trev’s frog leg fiasco of the previous week.  Gail received the most votes, with Nona a close second.  Even though Trev tried his hardest to schmooze the customers, he placed third.

Gail’s reward is to get a complete makeover, which is when Jillian decides to take over Sabrina’s role.  She basically says that it’s a good thing Gail got the makeover, since she needs it more than anyone.  Ouch.  The punishment for Nona, Russell, Trev, and Jillian was to completely clean the

I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!

outside of Hell’s Kitchen, including the food trucks.  This, of course, was met with more whining.  And when Gail returned from her excursion, Russell practically spit nails at her and was as bitter as a person could get.  Trev, on the other hand, practically fell all over himself.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he asks her again if they can make out.

Dinner service!  The service starts off really well, the group is communicating, which always seems to be a huge problem.  Then Jillian starts ruining the fish station and needs help from Russell.  I don’t know what it is about scallops that make people turn into bumbling idiots.  Nona is making crunchy pasta.  Then Paris Hilton walks into the dining room and no one really cares.  Well, I don’t care anyway.  Maybe other people do.  Then the camera decides to go back into the kitchen since watching Paris Hilton for an hour would be boring, and we see that Trev is helping Jillian on the fish station too.  I guess Jillian has no room to talk about Gail being awful at fish when she needs everyone to help her.

Gail is still spacing out.  Her plot for world domination hasn’t quite panned out yet.  Chef Ramsay yells at everyone to shape up, then Trev undercooks the meat and that’s the end of that.  Ramsay then does something he’s never done before!  He walks out of the kitchen!  Now I may be wrong here, but didn’t he do that last season?  I seem to remember him walking out of the kitchen to cool off on more than one occasion.  As he’s off pouting with sous chef Scott, Nona and Russell step up to the plate and take over.  The only blunder during this whole crisis is Trev refiring the meat, because he’s not very bright.  I mean seriously, why would he do that?  Dried out meat is better than no meat?  Good thing Ramsay isn’t around, Trev, or you’ll be sticking your head in the freezer with Raj.

Once Ramsay decides to come back into the kitchen, he switches the stations around.  He puts Gail at the fish station.  Can I cue the creepy, ominous music?…….

Gail is a giant failure on the fish station and is kicked out of the kitchen.  Then Jillian is kicked out for serving raw eggs.

Needless to say, Ramsay was having a mental breakdown by this point.  When it comes time for nomination, he asks Nona to nominate 2 chefs to put up for elimination.  She nominates Gail easily, but then hesitates before deciding on Trev.

Trev and Gail...time is up for one of you!

When asked why Trev, she let’s it leak that he refired the meat in Ramsay’s absence.  That wasn’t enough to get Ramsay to lay the law down, however,  He sends Gail packing.  Hopefully she learns to cook fish real soon.

Bye, Gail!

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