Hell’s Kitchen – It Was Bonjour This and Oui Oui That

It’s BLACK JACKET time!!!  The last we saw of our 6 chefs, they were receiving their new threads.  It made me proud.  But the work isn’t done!  They’re still in the fight for the Head Chef position at LA Market and spokesperson for Rosemount Wines.  It’s getting very cutthroat.  I almost wish I had a seatbelt on my couch for the ride they’re taking me on every Wednesday!

I'm better than all these girls! So there!

Tonight was no exception.  Right away, Trev decides he has to do away with the “chicks.”  I’m thinking he’s still bitter that they all tried to vote him out last week.  I also have a feeling that he won’t be asking Gail to make out with him anytime in the near future.  It’s time for our challenge of the day!  Chef Ramsay wants the chefs to make spectacular first impressions on the impressive chefs (this sentence is a total tongue twister) he has bribed into coming to Hell’s Kitchen to perform taste tests.  Each chef will be judged on both presentation and taste.  As soon as they meet the impressive chefs, Sabrina immediately falls head over heels in love with Chef Ludo.  I almost expected to see hearts floating around her head.  Maybe she’ll make lentils to impress him.  Trev decides to be all fancy and make frog legs, while Nona and Gail go the safe route and make shrimp/grits and spring rolls, respectively.  I don’t see this ending well.

First up was Gail, who received a total of 87 out of 100.  Not a bad score at all.  Unfortunately, almost everyone else seemed to forgot how to cook.  Sabrina only receives a total of 70 and decides she

The winning dish

hates Chef Ludo, but then loves him again.  They obviously have a love/hate relationship.  Jillian only receives a total score of 65 and Nona didn’t do much better with 67.  When it came down to Russell, however, he totally wowed the judges with a total score of 100!  100!!!  Honestly, his dish looked like runny snot to me, but maybe runny snot is posh.  Trev, all proud of his frog legs, was up next…and was almost laughed out of the dining room.  His frog legs looked more like frog pudding.  He only received a score of 62 and I was surprised it was even that high.


Russell – Presentation (50); Taste (50) = 100

Gail – Presentation (44); Taste (43) = 87

Sabrina – Presentation (35); Taste (35) = 70

Nona – Presentation (34); Taste (33) = 67

Jillian – Presentation (32); Taste (33) – 65

Trev – Presentation (31); Taste (31) = 62

Russell’s reward was a tour of LA Market, then lunch.  He was allowed to choose one other chef to dine with them and he actually chose Gail because she was second place.  That made me like Russell just a little bit more.  It always annoys me when someone just takes along their friend, even though their friend sucks at life.  Gail actually deserved it.  The punishment for the rest of the chefs is to completely clean up the living quarters, in addition to dinner prep.  This is where we find out Nona is extremely lucky.  Her husband does all the cleaning at her house.  Yes.  Extremely lucky indeed.  Then we get to see more of the same…Trev pouting.

Before dinner service, Chef Ramsay teases them by showing them a quarter million dollars, which, as we know, is actually only $250,000, but “quarter million” makes it sound like more.  That will be their yearly salary at LA Market, should they win the position.  Now it’s time to get down to business!  Nona will be serving Steak Diane tableside, while the rest of the chefs are stuck sweating it out in the kitchen.  Things don’t start out well.  Sabrina and Trev are on appetizers and can’t seem to get out of their own way.  Not to mention they can’t stop arguing with each other.  They seem to have lovers spats every couple of seconds.  Finally, sous chef Scott gets all up in Trev’s business, because he pretty much only stands up to the geeks.  Pretty soon, Scott will be running Hell’s Kitchen when they cart Chef Ramsay off to the funny farm.

Trev tossing Sabrina's salad (hee hee)

Gail, on the fish station, is having a rough time too.  So we learned that she can’t cook lobster or scallops or halibut.  I guess seafood just isn’t her thing.  Sabrina is now trying to make salad and having a real hard time with it.  Why are these people always struggling to make salad?  It seems like it would be a rather simple thing to do.  Luckily Trev was around, because (are you ready for this?) as the announcer mentions, “Trev has successfully tossed Sabrina’s salad.”  How many of you were able to keep a straight face when he said that?  Maybe I just have the mind of a 15 year old boy.  Jillian over seasoned the potatoes, but she didn’t seem to do too badly other than that.  Russell, on the other hand, can’t handle his meat (I’m on a roll today!).  Chef Ramsay almost had a nervous breakdown when the second tray of meat was raw.  He kicked everyone out of the kitchen and told them to come up with 2 nominations.

Back at the dorm, the chefs hold a vote to see who to put up.  Trev was going up, that was a given, but the second nomination was a little tougher.  Sabrina received 3 votes and Gail received 2 votes.  Nona didn’t vote since she was in the dining room and had no idea what went on in the kitchen.  That would have been fine if Sabrina hadn’t used the art of persuasion on Jillian to get her to change her vote.  And, no, I didn’t mean she showed her boobs again.  She just whined and pleaded to Jillian to put Gail up instead.  It worked, which meant it was up to Nona to make the tiebreaker.  I think we all know where this is going.

Trev and Sabrina are put up for elimination.  Sabrina immediately goes into 5 year old mode and cries and whines and complains about how she was wronged, and then she totally throws Gail under the bus.  Ramsay is never one to be okay with a “thrown under the bus attack,” so it’s bye bye, Sabrina.  Well, that’s not the only reason.  It didn’t help that she was an immature drama queen.

I'll miss the entertainment you provided, Sabrina.

Just one last thing:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SABRINA!

That’s right, today’s her birthday.  Sabrina got VOTED OUT ON HER BIRTHDAY!  I wonder if it was planned that way…

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