Hell’s Kitchen – “You don’t want to make out a little bit?”


First thing in the morning, Chef Ramsay gets started on a “no smoking” campaign by asking which chefs smoke.


I actually think it’s less than in previous seasons, because it’s only less than half.  Ramsay asks them to quit smoking because it ruins their palate and they can taste the food properly.  They agree to try.  Then he mentions the challenge of the day!  Ravioli!  They have to make their own ravioli and then rank them in order from 1 to 6, best to worst.  I get really hungry at this point, because ravioli is one of the most awesome foods in the entire world.


Sabrina is having trouble with the ravioli and Melissa has to step in to help.


In fact, Sabrina is having a lot of problems.  She can’t even open the refrigerator.  My best guess is that Raj is still hiding out in there and holding the door closed.


Finally, the ravioli is finished and everyone is tasting their dishes and trying to put them in order of ranking.  No one tries Trev’s food and he’s treated like the non-athletic geeky kid being picked for teams.  He ends up last.  On the Red Team, Gail has no confidence in her dish and she decides to move to the end of the line too.

First up are Melissa and Vinny.


Melissa scores a point for the Red Team on the sole basis that Vinny had a couple of burst ravioli.

Next up are Jillian and Rob.


They both score a point for their respective teams.

Next we have Nona and Russell.


Russell scores a point for the Blue Team.

Next are Emily and Louis.


Chef Ramsay spits out Louis’s ravioli, which means Emily scores a point for the Red Team.

Sabrina and Boris are up next.


Boris scores a point for the Blue Team.  Boris almost always looks really angry.

Last are Gail and Trev.


Gail’s ravioli is under seasoned and Trev scores a point for the Blue Team.  This makes Trev think he’s king of the world (move over, Leonardo!) and he spends the rest of the episode acting like everyone’s favorite drunk uncle.

The final scores are Red Team – 3, Blue Team – 4.  The Red Team has to prep for dinner service and since it’s Italian night, they have to make their own mozzarella.  Vinny’s ravioli will be on the menu, since it would have been the best dish had the ravioli not burst.

The reward for the Blue Team is to take helicopters to an oceanside resort at Palos Verdes.  Sabrina’s head starts spinning around again, because apparently Gail lost the challenge for them.  Nevermind the fact that Sabrina didn’t score a point either.


The boys bond over golf and it turns out Vinny is all sorts of awesome at golfing, even though he’s never done it before.  I’m really starting to like him.


When they’re relaxing with cocktails, Trev decides now is the time to have a hissy fit about how much everyone hates him.  Raj does karate when he gets drunk, Trev yells at people.


The guys sort of calm him down and they agree to stick together.  Trev isn’t convinced though and still wants to take them down.


Meanwhile, back at Hell’s Kitchen, the Red Team is milking cows to make the mozzarella.


Sabrina has trouble milking the cows, which everyone makes fun of her over.  Honestly, I don’t blame her one bit.  As a city girl myself, I can’t imagine getting close enough to a cow to milk it.


I’m not making excuses for her though (well, kind of), because during prep, she kept asking tons of questions about pizza dough, then not accepting the answers.  Don’t ask questions if you don’t want the advice.  I hate it when people ask for advice, then are all, “I’ll just do what I want anyway!”  Total suckage.

When the Blue Team returns to Hell’s Kitchen, Trev figures he’ll get on the girls’ good side.  He thinks the way to do this is asking Gail if she wants to make out with him.  She replies with “not really” and then laughs hysterically in his face.


I’m assuming this is all part of her plot to take over the world, one chef at a time.

Dinner service!  Before they get started, Chef Ramsay asks them who has smoked.  A few of them fell off the bandwagon already.  Ravioli time!  More drooling from me.  Other than the fact that the Red Team didn’t make the ravioli filling “the right way,” and Vinny going kind of crazy over it, they’re able to start in on Italian night.


Russell has a strong start.  He pretty much keeps under the radar and I see him going far because of that.  Melissa, on the other hand, tries to rush the food out and we learn that she thinks 3 times 3 equals 6.  I’m not even quite sure what to say about that.


My boy, Louis, is having a rough night.  First, there’s raw salmon and Ramsay makes the scariest face I have ever seen.  Seriously.  I’m surprised I didn’t have nightmares.


I’m considering being Chef Ramsay for Halloween.

Then Louis has problems cooking pork.  He’s making all kinds of flubs today and I don’t know what has come over him, but it makes me sad.

Melissa has bounced back, on the other hand, but now Sabrina is being Sabrina again.  She can’t get the timing right on anything and can’t cook pork either.  Pork seems almost as difficult to make as eggs.


Melissa ends up taking over, yet again, to help Sabrina with the pork.  Melissa deserves a medal of honor for putting up with that.

Luckily, on the Blue Team, Louis has gotten his act together, but Rob is burning his pizza.  Ramsay sends him out to the dining room to eat his burned pizza, which doesn’t sound like much of a punishment to me.  Rob appears to be enjoying it.


While Rob is happily munching on his pizza, Louis is messing up the pork again.  While this is going on, Boris decides it’s a great time to start cleaning up.  Cleaning up in the middle of dinner service is an awesome idea.


He gets kicked out into another room to wash dishes to his heart’s content.  Louis ends up getting kicked out of the kitchen and is told to collect Boris on his way and take him with him.


Personally, I admire a man who washes dishes without being asked to do it, but that’s just me.

With them out of the kitchen, Vinny takes over and becomes Chef Extraordinaire.


Not soon enough though!  The Red Team has finished all their tickets and are sent over to help the Blue Team.


It doesn’t help.  They all end up getting kicked out of the kitchen.

Ramsay asks for two nominees from each team.

The Blue Team nominates Louis and Boris.  The Red Team nominates Melissa and Sabrina.


Melissa and Boris get sent back in line, so we’re left with Sabrina and Louis.


I have a sinking feeling that I know who will be going home, since Sabrina brings needed drama to the show.  I’m right.  Eye candy, I mean Louis, gets sent packing.


On a personal note, I think he got sent home way too soon.  Sure, he had one bad day, but I’ve seen much worse from this crew.

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    Poor Louis…makes me sad 🙁

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