Man Outraged Over Bristol’s Performance Shoots TV

Steven Cowan sat down in his home on Monday to watch Dancing With the Stars and ended up getting taken away by the SWAT team.  Why?  I’m glad you asked!  Apparently, he thinks tiny people are in there performing for him week after week.  I have no other clue why he would think shooting his TV would help his case.  He doesn’t like Bristol Palin and thinks she’s only on the show because of who her mother is.  Regardless if that’s the reason or not, shooting the TV won’t help get her voted off.  His wife must also be in on the plot to have the Palins take over the world, since he turned his gun on her next.  Luckily she was able to get away.  Maybe he should just try turning off the television set next time.  If he has to do it by throwing the remote control at it, so be it.  At least it isn’t a gun.  Although it does bring new meaning to Bristol the Pistol.

Source: TMZ

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