Dancing With the Stars – Results Week 6

The Dancing With the Stars results show always makes me think of a big dance party!  You have the awesome dancing from both the contestants and professional dance groups, you have the “concert” aspect with popular bands and singers.  All you need is the spandex and platform heels.  Oh, wait, you have that too!

For this week’s results show, we got to hear Heart perform and then we got treated to a little Kylie Minogue.  And I do mean little!  How cute is she?  She also had shirtless men as back-up dancers which, as a woman, was refreshing from the almost half-naked women that are usually shown.  Before I jump onto my sexism soapbox, which is a place I don’t visit often and would rather stay away from, here are the total judges’ scores from last night:

Jennifer beating Derek into submission

Brandy was once again at the top of the leaderboard.  She’s really starting to grow on me as a dancer.  What was surprising, however, was that Jennifer Grey was bumped even further down.  I think what hurt her was that during her dance, she looked like she might want to kill her partner, Derek Hough, or perhaps strangle him with her dress.  Another surprise was that Bristol Palin appeared to remember all her steps this time, which impressed the judges.  They were so proud of their little Bristol that they even threw her a bone and let her dance an encore.

At the end of the night, however, there were only two left standing.  The former show stoppers, Jennifer Grey and Audrina Patridge.  Neither one deserved

to go home, as far as I’m concerned.  The judges thought so too.  Jennifer had one bad night and Audrina was described as not putting enough character into her dances, but she still danced well and always does.

The pressure is on!

We ended up saying good-bye to….



Audrina Patridge.  And I died a little inside.

I demand a recount!

Sorry, Audrina, it’s time to head back to The Hills.

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