Dancing with the Stars – Results Week 5

This week marks the halfway point for season 11 of Dancing with the Stars!  It’s anyone’s game now, which is proven by how Bristol Palin keeps coming back week after week, even though she can never remember her dances.  This week was TV Theme Week where we had Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy quickstep their way onto the top of the leaderboard with a total judges score of 27, knocking Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough out of the coveted spot.

Brandy dancing to I'll Be There For You

Bringing up the rear were Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas with a total judges score of 18.  Ouch.  I’m sure the monkey suits didn’t help matters any, even though Len Goodman surprisingly liked them.

Bristol Palin in a monkey suit 

What surprised me even more is the last two standing were Florence Henderson and Rick Fox.  I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Rick Fox and Florence Henderson stand-off 

I don’t think Florence was expecting it either.  This sort of reminds me of this season’s Survivor how, for the most part, the old ones are being voted out first, leaving the young ones to duke it out amongst themselves.  I guess you have to expect that in physically demanding roles.  Rick looked more upset than Florence did when it was announced, which made me think I heard wrong at first.

Farewell, Mrs. Brady.  Mike is smiling down on you.

Florence Henderson leaving Dancing With the Stars

Next week…Rock and Roll Week!