Dancing with the Stars – Elimination Week 4

It was acoustic week!  The contestants danced to either the Argentine Tango or the Rumba to live acoustic music.  They were also being judged on both technical and performance abilities, and had to dance on a much smaller, round stage.  Luckily no one fell off the stage, which I totally would have done.

Before I get on with the results, just a few observations from me:

1. We got to hear Jennifer Grey say, “It was dope, yo.”  That was priceless.

2. Watching Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas dance is kind of like watching my grandmother makes the moves on my boyfriend.  Solely speaking of the age difference.  I don’t want Corky Ballas to be my boyfriend.

3. We got to see Mark Ballas’s, Len Goodman’s, and The Situation’s situations.  The Situation’s was the only one worth looking at.

Len Goodman shirtless

It just seems so...unLenlike

4. Karina Smirnoff thinks The Situation is The Hulk.  Or maybe Superman.  Karina, you aren’t Lacey Schwimmer.  You and The Situation are almost the same height and build.  Expecting him to make you do a perfect barrel roll in mid-air might be sort of impossible.

5. Speaking of Lacey Schwimmer, what’s with all the jokes about how young and “full of hormones” Kyle Massey is?  You were his age pretty damn recently, Lacey.

Okay, now that I got all that out of my system, onto the results!

Based on the judges’ scores alone, Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough secured the top spot again, knocking Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani down.  At the bottom of the barrel were Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Karina Smirnoff.

How did the audience feel?  It was down to the wire between Bristol and The Situation.

Bristol and the Situation square off

Despite how many times I voted until my little fingers were numb, The Situation was sent home.  This was just one situation he couldn’t get himself out of.

The Situation is leaving Dancing with the Stars

I guess I’ll have to start voting for Audrina next week, though I don’t think she’ll need the help.

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