Dancing with the Stars – Elimination Week 3

I apologize for not getting a recap up, but thanks to Monday Night Football (Go, Pats!), Dancing with the Stars wasn’t on until 1:35 a.m.  I was sawing logs at that point and by the time I would have been able to get the recap up, you would all be like, “Who cares about a recap?  We already know who got booted out.  Yawn.”  So I’m just putting up an elimination post this week.  You’re welcome.

Susan Boyle was scheduled to be a musical guest tonight, but she called in sick at the last minute.  The only one who wasn’t doing anything was apparently Michael Bolton, so he was able to step in and sing his heart out.  I guess that means he’s forgiven Bruno Tonioli.


My girl, Audrina Patridge, did not disappoint me!  She received the highest score last night with a combined score of 26.  Falling to the very bottom were Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel with a combined score of 18.  Just above them were Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas with a combined score of 19.  For the full list of judges scores, click here.

Margaret and Bristol ended up being the last two standing.


Scores were tallied!

The one going home is……

Drumroll please…….

Margaret Cho!


She said they were hard on her because they could see that she was a dancer.  However, I’m pretty sure they were trying to tell her how to be a good dancer, but I could be wrong.

As a sidenote, I take belly dancing and as I was shopping around online for new costume accessories, I came across Isis Wings for sale.  I totally want to buy those and wrap myself up in them.



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  1. Can we read anything into the NBA Labor mess that Ron Artest is on Dancing with the Stars? Or no because let’s face it, he’s Ron Artest?

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