Dancing with the Stars – Elimination Week 2

As I mentioned here, there was some drama involving last night’s show.  The press took the boos and ran with it, saying the audience was booing Sarah Palin.  The press is dumb.  The audience was actually booing the scores that Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough got.  In this unedited footage, which you can’t hear since it’s just a picture, the audience was booing and yelling out “9!”


So there you go.  Jennifer and Derek were understandably flattered.


Someone who wasn’t flattered, on the other hand, was Michael Bolton who got insulted by Bruno Tonioli Bruno had told him that was the worst jive he has seen in 11 seasons.  Harsh, Bruno.  Very harsh.  Len Goodman had something to say about that.


He ripped Bruno a new one, telling him to offer advice, then criticize.  They should build up, not put down.  Carrie Ann Inaba looks like she wants the floor to swallow her up and I think everyone hates Bruno now.


Okay, last two standing!  We have my boy, The Situation, and Michael Bolton.  I was on the edge of my seat, sweat pouring from my brow.  Well, not really, but I was nervous.  It was almost like I was up on the chopping block.


Results are in!  The second celebrity eliminated from Dancing with the Stars is….


He called Bruno inappropriate and disrespectful at which point I was almost cheering him on, but the fact of the matter still stands…I was right on who would be eliminated.

Farewell, Mr. Bolton, we wish you well.


One last thing…

I had said my goal in life is to be as flexible as Lacey Schwimmer.  Not anymore.  Now I want to be this girl:



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