Dancing With People Who Wish They Were Stars

Mike Catherwood and Lacey Schwimmer

You know that’s what the show should really be called.  Don’t deny it.  The first results show of the season just proved this point when America said buh-bye to Mike Catherwood.  My guess is that everyone voted him off just because they don’t know who he is.  I admit I had to look up a couple of the contestants this season to find out who they were, but Mike is the only one whose name I had never even heard before.  He’s a radio DJ who co-hosts Loveline.  This is how out of tune I am with the world: I thought Adam Corolla hosted Loveline.  In fact, I didn’t even know Loveline still existed.  I am a little sad though, because I love Lacey Schwimmer, his dance partner, so much that I would even consider jumping over to the other side of the fence temporarily.  And not just because she’s David Schwimmer’s cousin, but that plays a small part.

Who else is super excited that Daniel son (Ralph Macchio for you people who don’t stereotype stars into their most famous roles like I do) is on top???  I want to squee like a school girl.

The leaderboard totals for the first 2 weeks combined are after the jump:

Daniel son (Ralph) and Karina: 45
Hines and Kym: 44
Kirstie and Maks: 43
Chris and Cheryl: 42
Romeo and Juliet (I mean Chelsie.  Sorry): 42
Chelsea and Mark: 39
Kendra and Louis: 37
Petra and Dimitry: 36
Sugar Ray and Anna: 34
Wendy and Tony: 31
Mike and Ross Gellar’s cousin (Lacey): 30

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