Bristol Palin Didn’t Have Plastic Surgery…

did bristol palin go under the knife?

… It turns out, she had “corrective jaw surgery” that “improved” her look.  Oh!  Well that clears that up.   I originally asked the question in this post, but according to our future first daughter (gasp!), this was to correct some overbite or some excuse which clearly required the rounding off of her chin as well.. because we all know having a round chin is crucial for dental issues.

Look, I don’t care that she had plastic surgery, it has zero impact on my life, but nothing is more irritating than when these “stars” talk to the media like those of us who actually read it are morons.   What’s next, is she going to get her ears lifted and say it was to help her hear better?  Or her boobs done while saying if she didn’t have the proper weight distribution in her front and rear that could throw off her alignment and make her walk into walls?

Admit it Bristol, you didn’t like your chin and you had it fixed with your dancing with the stars money.  You and your family are part of the Hollywood lifestyle whether you want to believe it or not.

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