Audrina Patridge’s Mom Seems A Little Upset

It looks like I’m not the only one upset about Audrina Patridge’s untimely demise from Dancing With the Stars.  Her mother, Lynn, goes on a drunken tirade about how her baby was wronged.

If I was Audrina, I would be hiding behind a carton Haagen-Dazs right about now, wishing I was an orphan.  Lynn was probably one of those stage mothers who relived her youth through her daughter and she still can’t let that go.  On a positive note, for Lynn and Audrina anyway, the younger Ms. Patridge has landed something better than a disco ball that will just collect dust on a mantel in her mansion.  She has landed her own reality show on VH1!  It will be all about Audrina’s life and family and is yet to be titled.  If Lynn goes on any more rampages, it might be worth seeing just for that.

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