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This immediately set me into a panic because I couldn’t have the blog being shut down randomly during something like a Survivor finale, so I spent the better part of the last week finding a new place to host the website, where hopefully I won’t have that problem in the future.    I know you junkies need your fix, and I didn’t want to let you down, so we should be good to go from now on.

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And be ready, Hell’s Kitchen and Survivor is on tonight!  Season finale of Survivor is also on Sunday.  Boy does time fly 🙁  I’m not sure what I’ll be doing in the brief off-season, perhaps looking for more reality shows to mock!

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Kardashian Sisters

Despite surprisingly high ratings for Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, E! has decided to swap out the uglier Kardashian sister for Kim Kardashain and send them off to NYC to raise hell for a few months while they open up a new DASH store.

They claim it’s because Khloe wanted to stay around LA with her Lakers husband, Lamar Odom, but we all know having show about the Kardashian’s without it’s most popular member is like having a show about the Lohan family but not include the trainwreck herself, Lindsay…. oh wait, nevermind.

Oh well, all is well in the world of the Kardashian’s again.  Kim is back in the spotlight which she craves, and Khloe is back in the basement where they keep her.   Despite her looks, Khloe is actually the most entertaining sister to watch, and easily has the best personality, but you just can’t fool me with the husband excuse.   Kim sells.

Kourtney and Kim Take NYC will debut Jan 2011 on E!

I went over this a few times using my super-enhanced fake-catching software, analyzed the pixels frame by frame, and studied the facial expressions I learned from Dr. Cal Lightman, but still couldn’t come to a decisive conclusion on how real this major fuck-up was last night on Australia’s Next Top Model.

Host Sarah Murdoch went in live TV and falsely declared the winner of Next Top Model to be Kelsey Martinovich, and as Kelsey celebrated, Sarah got someone in her ear screaming at her that she either a) royally fucked up or b) is putting on a great performance.   So, in this awkward moment, Murdoch announced that because it’s live tv, she messed up and the winner was actually Amanda Ware.

This is what’s puzzling me:

  • How did Sarah Murdoch not know the correct winner?  I mean how do you go out there, announce one, let her celebrate, then change your mind?  I can see quickly correcting yourself with a slip of the tongue, but not this long
  • I didn’t even realize Australia had TV, let alone the ability to air stuff live  (I kid, I kid!)
  • Why in the World are there so many people in the audience?  Is that show actually big over there?
  • Where was Tyra Banks?  I know it’s the Australia version, but you’d think Ty would work her way on to every episode for every version of the show
  • And finally, how did Amanda beat out Kelsey?  Kelsey is way hotter!

Yea, I’m smelling staged, what do you guys think?

Lindsay Likes Her Drugs

Yes, Lindsay, you are quite the work in progress all right lol.   I wasn’t sure if I should post this here since she’s a failed movie “star”, but hey it’s a slow news night in the reality world and Lindsay Lohan decided to use Twitter as her confessional on a (likely) drunk friday evening.   I’m sure she’ll say she was hacked tomorrow when she sobers up, but it’s some good stuff for tonight.

I’d like to feel bad for her, I really would, but she’s been given so many chances in life, and she takes every one and fucks it up.    She was in rehab for a period, left early and what, within a month is doing drugs again?  That’s what rehab is for!   She had yet another chance to get clean, but people pulled some strings for poor Lohan and got her out of jail and rehab early.   What a joke.  So if this is her friday night confessional, this is my friday night rant.   Screw Lindsay Lohan, I hope she never acts again.

Larger image of this trainwreck’s drunkin confession after the jump

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Holy Shit.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand pumping out 100 kids is likely going to fuck up your stomach, and I don’t know what’s going on with her legs, but to be on the cover of a magazine that looks like someone put her head on an 18 year old’s body is a bit misleading. Kate Gosselin looks more like the wrinkled hag on There’s Something About Mary than she does the girl on People magazine.

I debated on even adding this picture here since it’s hard to picture some evil bitch like Kate Gosselin a star, but she has her own reality show and has been on Dancing With The Stars, so I guess I have to hold my food in as long as possible and post this.

If you dare want to see more pictures of her, check out

Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Kelly Shinn
Age: 20
Tribe: La Flor


And for our second installment of the Kelly’s in the La Flor tribe, you have the younger(?) one in Kelly Shinn.. but I question the younger.  I mean look at that face.  She’s either a heavy smoker or someone photoshopped a 40 year old head on a 20 year old’s body.   I mean don’t get me wrong, she’s smokin hot for 40, but wow was I shocked to see that.

Looking at her bio, there is nothing that really stands out for me.  She’s proud she made homecoming, in I assume 1978, and she’s a 3rd year nursing student who hates dirty fingernails.  Serious, Kelly?  Dirty fingernails?  You do realize you’re going on Survivor, right?

Anyway, based on her Survivor interview, I don’t think she’s extremely intelligent.  In fact, watching that reminds me of something… hmmmm … oh, right….


Kelly Shinn says “This is a mental game.  If I can hang in there mentally, then, I can win

Sorry Kelly, you just lost.

My odds of winning: 250-1

But on the bright side, I do have a few more images of her after the jump…

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What’s your poison?  And by poison, I don’t mean….


No, I mean something more along the lines of…

Or perhaps…

Or maybe even….

And lots more!

We know reality shows are train wrecks.  They keep drawing you in day after day, week after week.  We’re here to feed your addiction.  You can even refer to us as the enablers of the reality world.  How do Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar find the time to create more offspring?  How many times will Chef Ramsay call someone a donkey tonight?  Are they being a donkey?  What, exactly, does Maci see in Kyle?  Am I the only one who thinks Jeff Probst should be made a contestant on Survivor?  What really happens if you hassel the hoff? 

We’ll be there with you every step of the way.