dave and rachel from TAR20Right after the season began for The Amazing Race 20, I broke down the teams based on very initial observations.  Not always an easy task from one episode, but I did my best.  However, now that we got to know the contestants a little better, it’s time to do a midseason check-up on them…

Final 3

1. Dave and Rachel

Early Prediction: Final 5
Mid-season grade: A

This is the power couple of the race by far. Dave is very strict and stern, sometimes to an obnoxious level, but you can’t argue with results.  5 first place finishes, and 2 second including winning the express pass, and beating the Jersey Boys at the fast forward.  In addition to playing strong, they’re playing with class including passing up the chance to U-Turn people while in the lead, which is generally a nono in The Amazing Race.  The only thing that is keeping them from an A+ grade is the tension between the couple at times, it could eventually come back to bite them the longer this race plays out.

Final Prediction: While strong enough to win with ease, it seems The Amazing Race gods love to slap the front-runners at the end of the race and send them packing with a bunch of vacations while an underdog wins.   I see them choking on the final leg and losing.

2. Art and J.J.

Early Prediction: Quick elimination
Mid-Season grade: B+

Easily the biggest surprise from my initial picks.  I felt they were dopes who were going to be way too sure of themselves and get eliminated by some stupid mistake, but much to my surprise, they’re still in, and doing well.  Not only have they finished first place 3 times, but they have yet to finish outside the top 3. That’s an incredible feat in this race, and that is their primary grade right there.  The reason they’re not #1 and given an A+ is their attitude, it stinks. Probably the most unlikable team in the race from their blind hatred of Brendan and Rachel to pissing and moaning that Dave didn’t use the U-Turn.    Great team, but painful to watch.

Final Predication: I think they’ll be in the final 3 and quite possibly could win it all, as sad as that is.

3. Brendon and Rachel

Early Prediction: Final 5
Mid-Season grade: C+

While not able to be as annoying as she is on Big Brother, Rachel has still found plenty of airtime that includes her traditional whining and complaining.  What’s keeping them in the race, however, is the same personality that whines over and over.  Rachel is probably as fierce a competitor as there is on reality TV right now, and that’s the only thing putting them in my final 3 prediction.

Final Prediction: Like I said above, they should be final 3 unless something bad happens, but will be lucky to finish higher than 3rd on that leg.

Top 5

4. Vanessa and Ralph
Early Prediction: Top 5
Mid-Season grade: C+

The biggest thing stopping them from finishing in the final 3 is the competitive nature of Brendon and Rachel.  Both teams are pretty identical all the way down to the annoying female racer with big fake boobs.

Final Prediction: 4th place

5. Mark and Bopper
Early Prediction: Early elimination
Mid-Season grade:

This team has come a long way from my early predictions, and even less annoying than I thought they would be.  What keeps this team out of the final 5 is that they’re badly beat up.  Bopper has a bad knee, and Mark apparently gets super motion sickness that never helps his challenges.

Final Prediction: 5th place



Seeing as the season premiere for The Amazing Race 20 is already over, I guess the time for bios is gone, but what I can do is break down the teams based on what I watched Sunday night.   Let’s go in order of how they finished….

Dave and Rachel

dave and rachel from TAR20I just can’t get over how this is clearly going to be Maci Bookout in 10 years with whatever boyfriend she has at the time.  I think every M/F team has a legitimate shot at winning, and being in the army, this team could go deep into the game.

Brendan and Rachel

The token “famous” people of the season.  Brendan and Rachel are best known for Big Brother, but they’re taking the Jeff/Jordan, Rob/Amber route and trying their luck on The Amazing Race.  Jeff and Jordan were booted pretty early, and that doesn’t shock me. To put it nicely, as far as TAR goes, Jordan makes a good Big Brother houseguest (meaning: She’s not good at doing anything bit sitting around a house all summer).   Rob and Amber finished 2nd because they’re both fierce competitors, and that’s around the place I can see Brendan and Rachel finishing.  Easily top 5, maybe even winning it.   Rachel may come off as whiny, but once you begin a competition, she is scary to watch.

Art and JJ

Honestly, I don’t even remember these two being on the show this week. That’s the impact they made.  Great, border patrol agents.   Well, if The Amazing Race has a competition to catch people crossing the border, Art and JJ may have a chance.  Otherwise, I expect the first ‘mental’ competition to quickly put these two in last place.

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the amazing race 20 mark and bopperBopper (the guy on the left) has so much swag I can’t even stand it.  I mean first he runs around with the name bopper, how cool is that?   Then he’s rocking the shit out of his Kentucky shirt, and even has matching shoes.  Pure badass.

Mark and Bopper’s offiical bios are after the jump:

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the amazing race season 20Meet Dave and Rachel, a married couple from Wisconsin. He’s a 33 year old Army Officer, and she’s a 30 year old Project Manager (and kind of looks like an older Maci Bookout from Teen Mom).  Their official biography is after the jump:

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