This Guy Is $500,000 Richer Today

I’m not going to pretend I watch Big Brother, I leave that up to my friend at Because You’re Addicted, so I’m not going to talk about this season much at all.   I did catch a few peeks of it on Showtime only to see either the red head laying in bed with her boyfriend doing lovey dovey talk, or everyone else out in the yard working out.   If I wanted to pay money and watch good looking people work out for hours, I’d get a gym membership and pretend to not be a lazy slob.

The show has clearly gone down hill over the years, and I know I’m not alone in thinking so.  Gone are the days of Chicken George and Evil Dick, only to be replaced by douchebags pictured above.  I mean this guy, Hayden, looks like he was surfing in LA while he was approached by Big Brother casting directors, along with the rest of the cast.    Look at last year, they had popular high school cliques competing, and the “Brains” of the show Michele Noonan has since left the show, got implants and is becoming a soft-core porn star.

That was the nerdiest girl they can find in America?  Wow, this country is full of beautiful people!

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