Season 9 of Hell’s Kitchen premiered last night and it left me bored and frustrated.  It started off predictably.  The contestants were lead to a backstage area by James (where’s JP?  I thought he was going to be back this season.) where they stood in front of a curtain.  A crowd could be heard cheering, pulses were racing, the curtain lifted, and…the only one in the auditorium was Gordon Ramsay.  Shocked?  Not so much.  When it came to preparing their signature dishes, Ramsay surprisingly liked a good majority of them, which gave me hope.  However, that hope faltered during dinner service when contestant Jason Zepaltas fell ill and had to be rushed away in an ambulance.  Sound familiar?  I didn’t even raise an eyebrow when Ramsay announced Jason wouldn’t be returning.  It makes me wonder if these injuries are planned, in order to add a small element of drama right off the bat.  I almost wondered if something was up when Jason received praise for his signature dish, which was pork tacos.  Now, I like tacos as much as the next blogger, but these didn’t look all that special and I can’t see Ramsay giving him a point for it.  Can it really be coincidence that there is an injury removal the very first episode two seasons in a row?  The dinner service itself left me wanting more.  I admit I chuckled a little when contestant Chino Chang was punished by sitting at a table peeling a giant bowl of garlic.

When all was said and done, Steven Paluba, a chef from New York, was the one who said hasta la vista, and there wasn’t even a good reason for it.  He did end up at the table with Chino at one point (which looked like a time-out corner by the end of dinner service), but I could think of others who should have left first.  The highlight of the episode was the brief 30 seconds we saw season 8 winner, Nona Sivley, where the Blue Team met with her after they won the signature dish challenge.

I’m hoping the show redeems itself tonight, with its second episode of the week.  At this point, I only want to watch Ramsay in MasterChef and Kitchen Nightmares and I don’t like feeling that way, since I love Hell’s Kitchen.

What did you think of the episode?  Do you think Hell’s Kitchen can redeem itself or has the show run its course?


In case you haven’t heard, I started a spin-off to The Reality Junkies called Teen Mom Junkies and it’s all about…you guessed it: Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, and 16 and Pregnant!  With season 3 of Teen Mom premiering tomorrow, I wanted there to be a one-stop shop for all your Teen Mom episode recaps, information, and news.  The site is  You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!  <3

May I rant for a minute?  I’m sure we have all heard how Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has built these extravagant homes that the recipients just can’t afford to maintain them.  I thought the show would fall apart after that.  People would realize that they’re too poor and/or have too many medical expenses to keep up with the homes, and just stop calling to try to get on the show.  But the show kept chugging along.  So much so that people are lying about medical conditions and other issues. 

Just one example:

Back in 2005, for instance, five orphaned siblings sued a couple that allegedly took them into their care in order to get a new nine-bedroom house before turning the kids out one by one.

And, now, this woman who claimed that she and her two daughters have an immunodeficiency disease, has been proved a big, fat liar.  This reminds me of taking your 12 year old to the movies and trying to get a child price for them.  “If anyone asks, you’re 11!”  Way to go with teaching your girls about honesty.  Not to mention, if anything does happen to her girls (God forbid), she will be kicking herself really hard.  Karma does not always play nice.

Source: Yahoo! News

Unless I’m missing something, it appears they changed the name of the show from The Next Food Network Star to simply Food Network Star.  There was another change, as well.  Former mentor, Giada De Laurentiis, will now be a judge along with Bobby Flay, Bob Tuschman, and Susie Fogelson.

I'm too popular now to be a measly mentor!

I’m hoping this season turns out someone worth watching.  The previous 2 winners, Melissa d’Arabian and Aarti Sequeira, both have pretty blah shows in my opinion.  In fact, the only winner who has made a name for himself is Guy Fieri who hosts Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, which I personally love.

The new season of Food Network Star will air on Sunday, June 5, 2011, at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Food Network.

Meet the Season 7 Finalists after the cut:

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Hi!  Remember me?  I was doing the Teen Mom 2 recaps until I somehow got a month behind and watched the remaining episodes all in one afternoon.

This is going to be a super quick recap on the remainder of the season.  From what I remember anyway!

Leah and Corey got married!  But, as Steve posted, it looks like they’re now getting a divorce.  Time moves fast when you rush into things and make really stupid decisions.


With Jenelle, it was more of the same. Sneaking around with boyfriend Kieffer, getting arrested, crawling back home with her tail between her legs, blah, blah. But she kept Kieffer in jail instead of bailing him out, which was way awesome. Until she ended up bailing him out and getting back together with him. Jenelle is dumb. But at least this was entertaining:

Jenelle really packs a punch!

Jenelle and Kieffer were both arrested again after this.

Kailyn and Jo still hate each other.  Kailyn moved in with her mom and there was a scuffle to get her stuff out of Jo’s house and it wasn’t very interesting.  And Kailyn got back together with Jordan and no one really cared.  However, apparently Jo is a budding rapper, which I feel the need to mention.  Oh, I guess I should also mention that Kailyn and Jo are on good terms

I saved the best for last.


That is all.

Zzzzzzzz put out a Public Service Announcement telling all about the joys of cuddling. Now, I have a few things to say about this:

1. The original Teen Moms! I totally missed them!
2. Why is Maci blonde? I’m not sure how I feel about that. What do you think?
3. They probably were cuddling at first. Cuddling leads to other things, which leads to having babies, which leads to starring in television shows. I’m just joking, kids. Don’t try this at home.

The most exciting news about this: Teen Mom is coming back for a third season, which premieres July 5th, and they’re already signed up for a fourth season too! At this point though, they’re no longer teens. In fact, they’re now about the same age I was when I became a mom. I don’t know about you, but I think I mostly miss Ryan. He kind of reminds me of Adam from Teen Mom 2, except that Ryan is actually likeable.

As an additional thought, Teen Mom names are taking over. The most popular baby names of 2010 have been released and Bentley (Maci and Ryan’s son) is at spot 101, and Maci is at 232. Sophia (Farrah’s daughter) is at number 2, but I’m pretty sure that’s been up there for a long time. What name is your favorite?

Mike Catherwood and Lacey Schwimmer

You know that’s what the show should really be called.  Don’t deny it.  The first results show of the season just proved this point when America said buh-bye to Mike Catherwood.  My guess is that everyone voted him off just because they don’t know who he is.  I admit I had to look up a couple of the contestants this season to find out who they were, but Mike is the only one whose name I had never even heard before.  He’s a radio DJ who co-hosts Loveline.  This is how out of tune I am with the world: I thought Adam Corolla hosted Loveline.  In fact, I didn’t even know Loveline still existed.  I am a little sad though, because I love Lacey Schwimmer, his dance partner, so much that I would even consider jumping over to the other side of the fence temporarily.  And not just because she’s David Schwimmer’s cousin, but that plays a small part.

Who else is super excited that Daniel son (Ralph Macchio for you people who don’t stereotype stars into their most famous roles like I do) is on top???  I want to squee like a school girl.

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I decided to use the best quote in the entire episode as a title for this post.  It was said by Randy, Chelsea’s dad, and it was actually really sad.  Maybe this proves how old I am, but I sometimes identify more with the teen moms’ parents than I do the teen moms’ themselves.  Okay, now that I’ve just aged myself, onto the episode…


Things have been calm at the Kailyn/Jo household, but Kailyn is still determined to move out, even though is acting like it’s the worst thing in the entire world that could ever happen.  She goes to look at apartments and realizes she’s really poor.  She needs a second job to afford anything.  When she tells Jo this, he still tries to convince her to move in with him, but she doesn’t want to because all they do is fight and just don’t get along.  Sounds like good reasoning to me.  Since Jo is oh-so-supportive, he tells Kailyn that she’s going to fall on her face with two jobs and school.  If he’s trying to make her fall in love with him, he’s going about it the wrong way.

Kailyn, being the awesome bitch that she is (except when she does crazy things like date other guys while still living with her ex’s parents), goes to try to find a second job anyway.  Jo be damned!  She interviews for a hostess job at Hooters.  Just kidding about Hooters, but she does interview at a restaurant for a hostess and she gets it!  She texts Jo to let him know and he has apparently stooped to Adam’s level and texts her back and I kind of want to punch him now.  Seriously.  He says she’s confusing.  He’s all, “I love you, I hate you, I want to be with you, I wish I never met you.”

Jo is channeling Adam

She goes home and confronts Jo about how much of a dick he is and they get into a fight, all without him making eye contact.  I guess he’s only brave over text message.

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The only thing worse than Amber Portwood being a mom is Amber Portwood being a mom again.  Rumor has it that Amber is pregnant again.  However, unlike when Farrah Abraham was supposedly pregnant, we don’t have an elusive baby bump to go on.  We just have hearsay, which is always a reliable source (note: sarcasm).  Either Amber is addicted to peeing on sticks or she’s freaking out over the possibility she might be pregnant and is taking pregnancy test after pregnancy test, all of which have been positive.  Yet, at a doctor’s visit, she was told it was negative.  So is Amber pregnant or not?  Who knows!  I think, the real story here is that, if she is pregnant, she won’t know who the father is.

Oh, Amber, how we have missed the trainwreck that is you.


I hardly even want to blog this episode, because it made me sad.  BUT! the blog must go on.  I guess it’s just the way things go though…the sky is blue, the grass is green, Adam is a douchebag, etc., etc.


Adam is living with Chelsea and Megan, but not paying rent.  Supposedly he doesn’t make enough to pay both rent and child support.  When Chelsea confronts him that he needs to pay rent (since her father said so), he gets annoyed at Megan since she doesn’t pay rent either.  I guess that makes sense to me.  They each should be paying 1/3 of the rent.  Megan even mentions they should split the rent 3 ways.  But that doesn’t help anything, since Adam and Megan absolutely despise each other.  This is really difficult for Chelsea, since she feels torn between her family and her best friend.

He pretty much spends the entire episode trying to get Megan to move out.  And I pretty much spend the entire episode wanting to punch him.  It doesn’t help that Randy is trying to get Chelsea to forget Adam exists, by telling her to find a job at a tanning salon or something (he sure knows what she likes) and “maybe [she’ll] find a nice guy.”  Oooh, low blow, dad!  While Chelsea and Randy are chatting over lunch, both Megan and Adam are texting her, because they’re arguing again.  By the time Chelsea gets home, Megan is gone.  She’s spending the night with her parents.  Since Adam likes to be a jerk, he starts texting Megan that she should just move out.  Nevermind that she was there first.

Nething? Really?

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