Introducing Danielle From American Pickers

So I was watching American Pickers last night, and I’m not sure if it was a new episode or not.  They went out to some hoarders place and tried to buy their junk for a profit.  I think that describes every episode, so I’ll call last night’s new.   Ok, not to pick on the show, it’s actually pretty cool to see what junk they’re able to get when they do, it’s just a show like that would be impossible to blog about without boring people to death.   I’d definitely recommend watching it if you see it on, It’s on the History channel.

I did a little research on the show, and it turns out the girl who gives them tips on the hoarders places is named Danielle Colby, and she has quite the fan base on the web.     Danielle is the feisty manager of their antique shop “Antique Archaeology“, and also gives Mike and Frank tips on where to find these places while they’re on the road.

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What Danielle does on the side is the interesting part.  She’s the owner, and director of Burlesque Le’ Moustache (a traveling burlesque show), and also a performer under the stage name Danny Diesel!  That’s right, you can see a lot more of Danielle from American Pickers at her burlesque show, if you’re a fan of hers, which seems to be quite a few people.

The interesting part of Danielle is not the burlesque performance, or roller derby girl, or the tattoos, it’s that she was hired to run the antique shop only after the History Channel picked up the show American Pickers.   Why is that more interesting?  I don’t know, when you watch these reality shows, you think it all just kind of flows together, but you never really think that they hand picked Danielle because of her edgy attitude and look to try and spice up antiques a bit.   It works though, she adds to the show well, and they did a good job putting it together.

If you haven’t watched it, tune in to the History Channel Mondays at 9pm est to catch Danielle and the boys.


  1. Lcc says:

    Not only do these to idiots try to fuck everyone , they have a slut working for them

    • debandrod1 says:


      Wow, totally harsh. I don’t understand your anger toward them. No one has to take the money they offer and no one has to by from them. As far as Danielle is concerned. Who are you to judge anyone. I am sure you are so honest and pure that on one could have anything bad to say about you. But by your reply and language, I doubt that’s true. Mature already.

    • debandrod1 says:


      OH and just for your info. I am a married woman who is not writing because she has the hots for Danielle, I just think she seem like a nice person and don’t like people criticizing people they don’t actually know.

  2. stevebeans says:

    That’s a bit harsh I’d say

  3. don simons says:

    I really like the show and I think she is super hot you might have a slight problem because you can’t have her

  4. RON JONES says:

    I love Danielle’s tattoos. She is a cool lookin woman.
    I would like to e-mail her.
    ——-RON JONES—Route 66 Tattoo Man—–

  5. George Nickerson says:

    I thought she has about the best butt on tv.

  6. Larry Willis Jr. says:

    I think Danielle is the star of the show.

  7. alexander salazar says:

    hello dannielle, i loe you!!!! watch the tv show only for you know colombia??? bye pretty woman

  8. Markie. Mark says:

    Hi. Dani de. I live in Milwaukee. And really enjoy your show. I. Work. For. Harley. Davidson and. We talk about you guys all the time what ever happened to the vespa ape what a lump keep up the good work we love you in Milwaukee. Markie mark.

  9. eric says:

    Hi Dani de. I live in Sublette IL. I really enjoy your show. I was woundering if you could send me some information about some of the picks.I would like to use as a reference for some of my finds.

  10. HENRY HAGGERTY says:

    Not $6,000 as their “expert” stated. If Frank wants to sell for $6K let me know.

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