One Last Stephanie Glare Taking You Into The Amazing Race 17 Power Rankings

The Amazing Race Power Rankings

Here are the rankings for The Amazing Race 17

Despite finishing first the week before, Chad and Stephanie fell to the bottom of the pack and were sent packing. This wasn’t exactly a shock as they relied heavily on luck to even stay in the race, and it was only a matter of time until they were sent packing. Sure, they got U-Turned, but so did another team and still had a chance to stay in the race.

No other changes in the rankings as I’m pretty comfortable with the standings right now.

1st = 1st place finishes.
Top3 = Finshed in the top 3.
Rank = current power rankings (last weeks rank)

These rankings are based on a combination of where they finish, and how strong they look during the race

Name 1st Top3 Rank Notes
Team Eat, Pray, Love 3 5 1 (1) Back on top for this team, despite finishing 2nd
Team Watermelon Face 1 4 2 (2) Will they ever run out of energy?
Team Tattoo 0 3 3 (3) Another top 3 finish for this team, impressive
Team Doctors 3 5 4 (4) First to near last in one week, amazing how things can change
Team Romance 1 2 5 (5) Their luck finally ran out
Team Miss Kentucky 0 3 6 (4) Sad to see them go, Mallory was a firecracker
Team Youtube Star 0 2 7 (4) To answer my question, I guess they will find a challenge they can’t handle
Team Beach Volleyball 0 1 8 (1) 2nd week in a row my top rank goes home, I suck
Team Princeton 1 2 9 (1) Choosing wrong at detour is all it took
Team Adoption 0 0 10 (9) Going home wasn’t a shock
Team Silent Thunder 0 0 11 (-) How can you not navigate around London?

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