Mallory Cheering Her Way To The Amazing Race 17 Power Rankings

The Amazing Race Power Rankings

Mallory Cheering her way into the power rankings

Here are the rankings for The Amazing Race 17

No Speed Bump this week, but none really needed. Team Tattoo finished in the top 3 and it wasn’t really that close. Kevin made a bunch of huge mistakes this week from missing clues to letting his father do the challenge which sent them packing.

Rankings next…

1st = 1st place finishes.
Top3 = Finshed in the top 3.
Rank = current power rankings (last weeks rank)

These rankings are based on a combination of where they finish, and how strong they look during the race

Name 1st Top3 Rank Notes
Team Doctors 3 4 1 (1) Strong and smart, they are rocking it this season.
Team Watermelon Face 1 4 2 (2) Huge catch by Claire to find out they made an error.
Team Eat, Pray, Love 2 3 3 (3) Slow on the first challenge but cruised under the rader.
Team Miss Kentucky 0 3 5 (4) Fun team to watch, and Gary is simply a beast.
Team Tattoo 0 1 7 (7) Hard to keep overlooking this team, they’ve made it pretty far.
Team Romance 0 1 6 (6) Got lucky Team Youtube made more mistakes than them this week.
Team Youtube Star 0 2 4 (4) To answer my question, I guess they will find a challenge they can’t handle
Team Beach Volleyball 0 1 8 (1) 2nd week in a row my top rank goes home, I suck
Team Princeton 1 2 9 (1) Choosing wrong at detour is all it took
Team Adoption 0 0 10 (9) Going home wasn’t a shock
Team Silent Thunder 0 0 11 (-) How can you not navigate around London?

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