Claire Smelling Kat’s Shoe Taking You Into The Amazing Race Power Rankings

The Amazing Race Power Rankings

Claire smelling Kat's shoe

Here are the rankings for The Amazing Race 17

— Spoilers After the jump —

Nobody was sent home this week, but team Tattoo did finish last and will face a speed bump next leg of the race. If last speed bump was any indication, it should be a breeze for them to handle. Team Youtube and Miss Kentucky swapped ranks, but that’s all the movement this week as it was a pretty straightforward week.

1st = 1st place finishes.
Top3 = Finshed in the top 3.
Rank = current power rankings (last weeks rank)

These rankings are based on a combination of where they finish, and how strong they look during the race

Name 1st Top3 Rank Notes
Team Doctors 2 3 1 (1) Survived my kiss of death
Team Watermelon Face 1 3 2 (2) Watermelon to face, cuts to eyes, they keep chugging hard.
Team Eat, Pray, Love 2 3 3 (3) How many times will he talk down to Jill this season?
Team Youtube Star 0 2 4 (5) Hard not to like this team, but will they find a challenge they can’t handle?
Team Miss Kentucky 0 3 5 (4) They’ll go as far as Gary can carry them
Team Romance 0 1 6 (6) His anger issues came back, always fun to watch
Team Tattoo 0 0 7 (7) I wonder if they’ll have to sit on a block of ice next week
Team Beach Volleyball 0 1 8 (1) 2nd week in a row my top rank goes home, I suck
Team Princeton 1 2 9 (1) Choosing wrong at detour is all it took
Team Adoption 0 0 10 (9) Going home wasn’t a shock
Team Silent Thunder 0 0 11 (-) How can you not navigate around London?

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