The Amazing Race 17 Power Rankings – Week 3

The Amazing Race Power Rankings

Here are the rankings for The Amazing Race 17

Brooke and Clair Start Race

— Spoilers After the jump —

With Team Youtube getting a 2nd chance due to the non-elimination leg, they’re still in real rough shape because of how far back they finished. However, that can easily be erased if they’re all stuck at an airport and get an even shot, which will likely happen.

These rankings were about not ignoring the really strong teams. I finally moved Princeton, Romance and Beach Volleyball teams up where they probably should have been all along. It’s hard to ignore how strong each team is in their own way.

I had a tough time putting Team Youtube at the bottom even with the speed bump, mostly due to Team Tattoo, but I don’t think they’ll be able to overcome it next week.

1st = 1st place finishes.
Top3 = Finshed in the top 3.
Rank = current power rankings (last weeks rank)

These rankings are based on a combination of where they finish, and how strong they look during the race

Name 1st Top3 Rank Notes
Team Princeton 1 2 1 (3) Way too smart to overlook this long
Team Beach Volleyball 0 1 2 (6) Clearly the strongest all-girl team right now
Team Romance 0 1 3 (5) Hard to ignore how solid this team has been
Team Eat, Pray, Love 1 1 4 (2) Finishing low lately, still hold express pass
Team Watermelon Face 1 1 5 (1) Making a lot of mistakes lately
Team Doctors 0 1 6 (4) Another slow race for the doctors, not a good sign for them
Team Miss Kentucky 0 1 7 (8) They had a real strong leg of the race, can they keep it up?
Team Tattoo 0 0 8 (9) Nick may have some anger issues
Team Youtube Star 0 1 9 (7) They have a lot to overcome next week
Team Adoption 0 0 10 (9) Going home wasn’t a shock
Team Silent Thunder 0 0 11 (-) How can you not navigate around London?

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