The Amazing Race 17 – Power Rankings

The Amazing Race Power Rankings

Team Doctors (Nat and Kat) take you into the power rankings this week after the jump

— Spoilers After the jump —

Wow, so two weeks in a row my top ranked team was sent home, it’s amazing how this game can do that. Although to be fair, team volleyball did start in last this week and I refused to bump them from the top spot not expecting the challenges to be so easy, and no plane ride allowing them to get on even footing. If you take the airport out of the game, these rankings would be a bit easier to handle. Ugh.

Team Doctors are back in first place after 2 straight wins, but can they stay up there? They are a strong team, but so were the volleyball girls.

1st = 1st place finishes.
Top3 = Finshed in the top 3.
Rank = current power rankings (last weeks rank)

These rankings are based on a combination of where they finish, and how strong they look during the race

Name 1st Top3 Rank Notes
Team Doctors 2 3 1 (4) Kiss of death for the Doctors, in position 1
Team Watermelon Face 1 2 2 (2) Easily the funnest team to watch in the race
Team Eat, Pray, Love 1 2 3 (5) They may have a good balance to win it all
Team Miss Kentucky 0 3 4 (6) Stronger than originally expected, Gary is bad-ass
Team Youtube Star 0 1 5 (7) Staying smart and doing challenges they can handle
Team Romance 0 1 6 (3) Seem like a strong team but always finishing middle of pack
Team Tattoo 0 0 7 (8) I don’t think they’ve ever seen the show before joining
Team Beach Volleyball 0 1 8 (1) 2nd week in a row my top rank goes home, I suck
Team Princeton 1 2 9 (1) Choosing wrong at detour is all it took
Team Adoption 0 0 10 (9) Going home wasn’t a shock
Team Silent Thunder 0 0 11 (-) How can you not navigate around London?

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