New Elimination Station

One thing I didn’t know existed in all reality shows – The Elimination Station.  This is a place where eliminated members of The Amazing Race go so they’re not suddenly updating their facebook pages and seen around town one week after they left for the show.  Not only is there the sequester place, but apparently they film it like they do Ponderosa for Survivor, so I’m going to start showing the latest clips from this place.  Pretty interesting to see more of the people from the show.

For some reason Mallory and Gary don’t appear to be heading there, but on the phone call they did say the last leg did take about 16 hours, so when they said they were driving for about 9 hours to find the first pit stop, that must have been about accurate.   I know the sun was down by the time the leg was over, but with the speedy editing, it’s really hard to get a grip on just how long it takes to get to some of these challenges.

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