The Amazing Race – “I’m Just So Proud That I Haven’t Soiled Myself”


Last week on The Amazing Race gave people a few lessons.  First, if you’re ever using an over-sized slingshot to fire watermelons at empty suits of armor, you may want to wear a goalie mask.   It also taught us that despite having a great education, if you can’t find one of the biggest landmarks in the World in a country where everyone speaks your language, you’re probably not well suited for The Amazing Race.

With teams traveling to Accra, Ghana this week, which is a city on the western coast of Africa, how will teams fare?  Keep reading for the full review of The Amazing Race 17 – week 2.  (also, how do they come up with the places to go to?  Seriously, do they just throw darts at a map of the globe?)


Team EPL Laving First

First out of the gate is the Julia Roberts loving team of Eat, Pray, Love featuring Jill and Thomas, who wasted no time in showing how much smarter he felt he was over Jill by quickly pointing out that Accra was in Africa.    Team Princeton, Connor and Jonathan followed shortly after and did what they do best, waited around to pair up with another team.

This team spent the first leg of the race pairing up with any team close to them (and then ditching them the second they had a flat tire, or burnt out their clutch), and met up with Team Watermelon Face (Claire and Brook). So how long will our ambiguously gay duo spend paired up with Team Watermelon Face?  The answer:  Until the plane ride.


Brook Giving Some Favors

Before they split off, the pair of teams as well as Team Volleyball (Katie and Rachel) got a little lost, so they all left it up to Brook to stop some random tractor and ask the guy directions, then rewarding him with a sloppy make-out session and possibly his kid in her womb.   This resulted in Claire stating that she’s kissed worse.. oh really?  If the race doesn’t go so well, will Brook be releasing a book of all her random kissing escapades in foreign countries?  Let’s hope so!





Off To Ghana They Go!



Near Accident

All teams were able to make it on the same flight together, and had no issues racing out of the airport and finding cabs, although picking the right cab could make the difference between getting to the first challenge and ending up embedded in the side of a bus, like what almost happened with Team Doctor (Kat and Nat – I changed their nickname).. yikes.


Team Princeton Scared

As they get into the heart of the city, you know it’s never a good sign when the cab drive reaches over and locks his door, yet leaves the windows open so people can reach in and basically try to rob every contestant on the race.   As Team Princeton was having a panic attack with stuff they’ve only seen in the movies, they deal with it the way they know how, by singing to the driver to “please driver fassssttterr“.   Other teams weren’t as scared, especially Team Miss Kentucky (Gary and Mallory) who was excited at the prospect of potentially holding an African baby.. really? 


Double Jointed

Jenna from Team Adoption learns that her mother Andie is a very selfless person when she gives money to the beggars.   Yes Jenna, she is very selfless indeed, I mean she gave you away.   Ouch, too soon?  Kidding aside, that team is getting more and more interesting to watch.   Maybe I’m just a sucker for nice stories, but learning things about their hair and their joints is good TV.  I’m sure Jenn’a whole life she sat around wondering why she had frizzy hair, and it only took her getting on The Amazing Race to find out!

After a wild ride through town, and with likely half their money already missing, teams are now checking into the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park to get their next clue, which sends them to a market in the heart of the city.   It’s still a tight race at this point as nobody’s been held for ransom.. yet (watch out Team Princeton!)  Although, the team with the worst luck on the race, Team Miss Kentucky, is having car problems .. again, and that greatly slows their race down as the others hit the market well ahead of them.


Nice Wheels

Team Watermelon face was the first to arrive at the market, and as their cab is starting to drive away with their stuff in it, a guy with no legs just casually strolls down the street on a board with wheels.   Only in Accra, I guess!


One team member must sell as many sunglasses as it takes to earn 15 Cedi


  • Team Watermelon Face:  Brook and her make-out tongue (and possibly English baby in womb)
  • Team Tattoo:  Nick
  • Team Eat, Pray, Love: Jill
  • Team Romance: Chad
  • Team Volleyball: Rachel
  • Team Youtube: Michael
  • Team Doctor: Kat
  • Team Princeton: Connor
  • Team Adoption: Jenna
  • Team Miss Kentucky: Mallory

For this challenge, teams decide to take different angles to sell the sunglasses.  Brook and Chad decide to play up the ‘sex sells’ angle and flirt with anyone they see, Michael takes the lost traveler approach and wanders around aimlessly hoping people will just donate their money, and Jill takes the passive approach allowing everyone to say no to her.


Another Death Stare For Chad

Chad’s flirt angle seems to have worked too well, as he seems to have picked up a new girlfriend in Accra.  Maybe he was tired of the death stares from Stephanie.


No Money For Youuu

Jill is having tons of trouble with the people of Accra, one lady decides to strike up some pose and dance around before telling her that she doesn’t have any money to buy the glasses.  Ouch.


I'll Miss You Baby

After making out with half of Accra, Brook is quickly done the challenge and gives her new boyfriend a hug good-bye as they head out to the next clue.


Hmm, This Is Akward. Can We Just Be Friends

Not to be outdone by Brook, Chad is still working on his way to find love in Ghana, but the young lady is reluctant with Stephanie standing right by.

Team Princeton does the smart thing and doesn’t just settle for 3 Cedi a pair, as Connor gets 10 Cedi for one pair and is quickly ahead of many other teams.

After most of the teams left, you had Teams Adoption, Miss Kentucky, Doctor, Tattoo, and Eat Pray Love battling it out to sell the remaining glasses.  It’s pretty sad EPL and Tattoo were still there considering they were some of the first teams to arrive at the challenge, but I guess Nick and Jill are just not good salespeople, while Mallory on the other hand really cruises through the challenge and blows by the rest, despite starting last.


Nick Getting Scammed

Nick is such a horrible salesperson in fact, one lady thinks she can just do a dance for him, show her butt then walk away without paying.   Get your shit together Nick, you can’t take that!  Chase her down and take the money right from her, this is The Amazing Race, not The Amazing Sunglasses Giveaway!

Despite some horrible sunglasses sales, the rest of the teams are now on the way to detour, but decide to follow each other in the process, so when Team Doctor gets lost, you have a line of cabs featuring Team Adoption and Team Miss Kentucky all lost too.   They finally ask someone and the race for last is now on the way to the detour!

DETOUR:  Tune In or Check Out

Teams must either install an antenna on a marked house, or transport coffins to a local showroom


Humping That Won't Help, Brook

Team Watermelon face was the first to arrive at this detour, and surprisingly picked Tune In for their challenge.  I was a bit surprised because it seems most teams like to take the less involved, but more physical challenge over the potential quicker one that can easily hit snags.    But, after a watermelon to the face, and possibly multiple babies in Brook’s womb, I’m sure they feel they can take on any task.  They’re really bad ass as this point.   One note though, as much as I’m rooting for this team, Brook’s raspy voice is starting to sound like nails on a chalk board, I hope she gets less voice time next week.

As other teams start arriving, more and more choose the Tune In challenge, so perhaps the description on the paper made it sound easier than what it looked.   Team Romance and Youtube are the next teams to arrive and pick it, as do half the other teams.  I guess I was wrong, it happens 🙂

Team Volleyball does, however, take the easier sounding challenge of Check Out, and they get to pick through these wild looking coffin’s to push through the streets.   There were fish, camera’s, lobsters, and many other wild things.   I’m being serious, when I die, I want to be buried in a coffin that is shaped like a computer, that would be fantastic!


Oh Kat, Don't Let A Coffin Kill You

Speaking of the coffins, after Princeton gave up the Tune In challenge when they were about 95% complete, they switched to the Check Out challenge and raced the Doctors through the streets with coffins.  During the race, Kat tripped up and promptly got run over by her Lobster coffin.  Wouldn’t that be ironic, a doctor getting killed by a coffin?


Checking Out Brook

Much to the sadness of the guy checking out Brook’s ass, Team Watermelon face was the first to finish and get their clue, and were off to Kaneshie Market, which also happened to be the pit stop for this leg of the race.   Not far behind were Team Volleyball, which proved that the Check Out challenge was likely the quicker and easier one, so maybe I wasn’t wrong after all!

And the winner of this leg of the race….










Can She Feel Her Face Yet?

They deserve it after last leg of the race, and in addition to winning this leg, they also won a 10 day trip to Hawaii!  Enjoy it, girls!


Creating A New Lane

There wasn’t a shortage of excitement after they won, as there was still a race to not go home.  The final cab rides featured Teams Tattoo, Doctors, Princeton, Miss Kentucky and Adoption, and like I said above, choosing your cab driver can make or break the race as Princeton and Doctors got cab drivers that would make Mario Andretti proud.  They were both nuts!  Weaving in and out of traffic, and even creating a new lane just for them.  It was really one of the more exciting finishes we’ve seen on the show in a while now as these drivers just didn’t give a shit lol.   Both the Doctors and Princeton were having heart attacks in the back seat, but it was worth it for them as they both finished the race in the middle of the pack, along with Team Tattoo.

This left just two teams to go, Teams Adoption and Miss Kentucky in the battle to stay in the race.    With their cab drivers taking the opposite approach as the others, they casually cruised through the streets and dropped them off in the market, giving Miss Kentucky such anxiety she had a look of someone who just shit and piss herself while potentially winning the lottery.


The Anxiety Is Killing Me!

And that means….

Team Adoption will be going home


Team Adoption Going Home

While they had a feel good story, it just wasn’t meant to be for the re-united mother and daughter.
At least they’ll have more time to figure out what other traits Jenna picked up from her mom.

Episode Results:

  1. Team Watermelon Face
  2. Team Volleyball
  3. Team Youtube Star
  4. Team Romance
  5. Team Eat, Pray, Love
  6. Team Princeton
  7. Team Doctors
  8. Team Tattoo
  9. Team Miss Kentucky
  10. Team Adoption (eliminated)

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