The Amazing Race 17 – We Did Suck It Out

Brook and Claire sucking it outSarah Jessica Parker has a horse face.   Sorry, while I was trying to think of a way to sum up this episode without giving any immediate spoilers, I glanced at the TV and saw her and thought that.  Very random, but it’s a good start to a post because I don’t like her and felt the need to express it.

With that out of the way, let’s talk a little about The Amazing Race and their trip to Hong Kong, China, but first I want to comment on what Phil mentioned at the beginning of the episode.   The country they’re leaving (Bangladesh) has 100,000 people per square mile which is equivalent to having the entire population of the United States and Mexico and putting them in the Los Angeles area.. holy shit!  That is extremely insane to me, it’s just another thing people (myself included) take for granted in the World.

With that type of crowding it’s no wonder the stay was very brief and they left almost as quickly as they arrived.  Now on their way to Hong Kong, teams were once again able to meet up and take the same flight allowing the 7 hour lead for Jill and Thomas to evaporate faster than the patience Thomas has for Jill when she says something wrong.   This also meant that they were able to meet up with Brook and Claire at the airport making it (according to them-unconfirmed on my end) the first time someone has survived a U-Turn, of course this was with help from the double U-Turn.

The scene was very awkward with Jill trying to play nice, and Thomas giving the George Costanza-like line of “You should actually take it as a compliment”.   If I ever make the race, please save the compliments for someone else.  Of course the drama wasn’t nearly as bad as they would have liked, but it did end with one of the strangest handshakes between Brook and Thomas I’ve ever seen.  Maybe she was just thanking him for the compliment.

Vicki is a blessing

Yes she is

On the Nick and Vicki side, we got to hear Nick go on about Vicki how great she’s been for him and how she’s a blessing.   Of course he is probably not thinking so when he’s ripping her apart for being slow, screaming at her about stopping to take breaks due to asthma or destroying her if she makes a mistake like goes down a side road looking for a taxi.   If Vicki is a blessing to him, I’d hate to see how he treats his enemies.

Long 30 minutes for Vicki

In Hong Kong, it was a fierce race to the ferry which they needed to take before getting their next clue.  Jill and Thomas were very quickly out of the gate, with the Doctors and Brook and Claire right behind, but Vicki was struggling heavy with her asthma which forced them to miss the first ferry and be 30 minutes behind.  That 30 minutes was spent with Nick pouting and bashing Vicki over and over about how he doesn’t want to quit and next time he won’t wait for her.  Must have been the best 30 minutes of her life!  She truly is a blessing for staying with him after that.

Road Block

After all the ferry rides, drama, asthma and sucking it out, all teams got their next clue and it was to find the Majestic Chinese Restaurant.   I am extremely ignorant when it comes to world wide culture, so I always half wondered what they called Chinese Food in China, did they just call it food?   I wondered the same thing when I saw the restaurant, I mean wouldn’t they just call it Majestic Restaurant?  It did look like an Americanized version of a Chinese restaurant, complete with a karaoke bar featuring the same two people the entire night.   It was also the stop for their road block which required them to dig through a massive buffet looking for one of five fake items.  If they picked up an item, they were required to eat it.

Girls dancing in restaurant

The restaurant did seem like a ton of fun though, and the people inside were so excited whenever a new person entered, won, and for Claire and Vicki, got sick.   Of course a place like that was the perfect environment for Brook who went absolutely nuts, dancing and running around getting people to chant for Claire.  I swear I wish I had just half of her energy I could get so much shit done in life it would be unbelievable.

Nat was the first to finish, and Thomas shortly behind, which left Claire with just three remaining pieces to find, and she claims she’s a very picky eater so it was a nightmare challenge for her which resulted in this…

Claire racing to bathroom

She's going to blow!

Needless to say it was a long night for Claire, which greatly amused Nick.  That is until Vicki had the same troubles…

Vicki racing to the bathroom

More racing to the bathroom!

The bathroom visit seemed to inspire Claire as shortly after she unloaded, she found the correct piece of food and the girls were off to the detour.  Vicki wasn’t so lucky, it took her quite a long time to find the correct piece so that set them quite a bit back.  To her credit though, she didn’t give up even though Nick was pushing her to just accept the 4 hour penalty.  Vicki is a trooper, and likely the main reason they made it to the final 4.


This weeks detour was a choice between Ding Ding and Sampan.  In Ding Ding, teams must ride a bus that looks like the Knight Bus from Harry Potter, and on the challenge they must look at the thousands of signs on the road to find 3 that relate to the race.  in Sampan, teams must board a sampan, which is a small boat traditionally used for trade.  They will ride around in the dark and look for a boat among hundreds that match the cage of the parakeet’s they’ll be carrying to trade.

Jill and sweaty butt getting the clue

Jill getting the clue

Jill and Thomas chose Ding Ding and went through the lap a few times before giving up and heading to Sampan where they met up with the Doctors who have already searched a shitload of boats by this point.  Will that matter to Jill and Thomas?  Of course not since they have a different form of luck on the race.  Unlike Chad and Stephanie who relied on luck to stay in, Jill and Thomas have had some real strong luck which kept them at the top of the pack.    What seemed like minutes after they started the challenge, Jill spotted the required boat and got the clue putting them right back in the lead.

However, you can never count the Doctors out as shortly after Jill found her boat, the doctors found theirs and were headed back to shore.   While Jill and Thomas were talking to a cab driver on where to go, the doctors slipped into their own cab and were off to the finish line.   It’s ironic that happened because during their weird conversation earlier, Brook and Claire asked why they didn’t U-Turn the doctors pointing out they had won more legs.  Thomas said it was because they weren’t as strong as Brook and Claire, but now he gets to sit with egg on his face as Nat and Kat zip by him and….

Nat and Kat finish first again

Finish first!   Winning another 5 night stay, this time in Rio De Janeiro, the Doctors will spend the next year pretty busy on all the vacation’s they’ve won so far on the race.

In the fight to stay in the race, there wasn’t much of a fight.  Brook and Claire quietly did the Sampan challenge and cruised ahead to 3rd place leaving Nick and Vicki to wrap up the race all by themselves, and Nick took it like.. well, Nick.   They went to the Sampan challenge, and Nick pretty much acted like a baby the entire time even laying down and taking a nap on the boat leaving Vicki to do the challenge by herself.   Again, she’s definitely a blessing to put up with that as it forced Vicki to stop the challenge and take the 6 hour penalty.

nick and vicki finish last in a non-elimination leg

Another non-elimination leg for Team Tattoo

As they stepped on the mat, they were once again told that this was a non-elimination leg and they are still in the race.  I really thought they only had two per season, but this is the 3rd one, twice used by this team.  Really, with Nick’s pouting and quitting, they should be going home.  It’s unfair to the other teams that they can take the 6 hour penalty, get a slap on the wrist speed bump challenge next week, and likely be right in the middle of the pack again because they’ll likely all meet up at an airport or be required to wait for hours until a challenge opens up.     Despite Vicki being a trooper and a super nice person, it’s going to be sad if someone who quit on his teammate eventually makes it into the final 3.

Results and Gallery:

  1. Nat and Kat
  2. Jill and Thomas
  3. Brook and Claire
  4. Nick and Vicki (non-elimination leg)


  1. Piper says:

    Vicki is a much better person than I am. I would have kicked Nick’s behind to the curb long before now. I vote Nick as the most immature racer in TAR history.

    Not crazy about Jill and Thomas. She is clueless and he is a bully.

    I love the Doctors and Brook/Claire.

  2. stevebeans says:

    I’ve had the chance to exchange a few e-mails with Vicki and she’s been as nice as she appears on the show. I’d like to think it’s just editing to make Nick look that bad, but some of the things he says are just awful.

  3. Melinda says:

    I think Jill and Thomas are pretty unremarkable actually. They seem kind of boring and are just THERE, if that makes sense. I really like Team Doctors and Brook/Claire the most too. 🙂

  4. Sue_Harley says:

    It’s hard to see Vicki so enmeshed in this relationship. The best she can say about it is that she is the only one who can calm Nick down. There’s a better life out there than that. Every week or so a woman gets killed by a boyfriend or exboyfriend wtih anger issues. Look at his face. He thinks being emotionless is a good thing. She deserves so much more. Sadly, these women don’t face that until they’ve spent years being verbally and emotionally abused. I know!

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