Amazing Race 17 – She’s Letting Her Head Get To Herself

Stephanie Looks at Chad

Ahh, no more sickblogging for this week’s recap of The Amazing Race, but don’t expect me to suddenly start writing any better!  I need to have a spell and grammar checker just to sign checks, so don’t expect to hear birds chirping and harps making beautiful music when you read my writing.

Enough about me, we have a race to cover!   Last week, Team Youtube (Michael and Kevin) finished last, but were spared by a non-elimination leg, so they were set to face up against a speed bump as well as start the race last, tough to overcome for them.  However, it didn’t take long at all for The Amazing Race to even the score for them and made it so all teams were booked on the same flight to Sweden, which btw, note to Team Tattoo.. yes, you do have to go to the Airport to get there from Africa.

Brook and Claire Posing

Brook and Claire Strike A Pose

This is my one gripe with the show over the years.   It always kind of annoyed me how a team can get a huge lead, check into a pit stop, then the next leg of the race they’re all sitting at the airport together waiting for the next flight.  I understand that’s how travel works, but it’s just kind of annoying how every other episode or so, the ‘reset’ button is pushed on all their positions… it makes it hard as hell to do the power rankings, that’s for sure!  At least for speed bumps, they should always do them for the times they don’t have to travel, like the 2 weeks in Africa.

Ok, with that out of the way, right away on the show we get to learn that due to limited flights from Ghana to Sweden (shocker), teams are given tickets to get there through Germany.  The catch is, they don’t have to use those tickets if they don’t want, like if they get a Harry Potter style cab, Santa comes in and picks them up, or they call ahead to the airport to learn there is an earlier flight from Germany to Sweden they can take that will give them a 2 hour advantage.

Mallory At the Airport

Their Secret Weapon

Team Youtube is the first to call and get this info, and they promptly tell Team Miss Kentucky (Mallory and Gary) because they want to stick with the young/old team.   Those two teams use their secret weapon to get them booked on the earlier flight, the pretty young blonde.. oh, and just asking a worker for help.. but, we’ll go with the pretty young blonde since that’s what they think worked.

Team Doctor (Nat and Kat), on the other hand, use a different tactic to get on the earlier flight.  No, I know what you’re thinking, they performed open heart surgery on a cute puppy and are rewarded with earlier tickets.   Close, but you’re wrong.  Instead, they do the next best thing, go to the Internet Cafe and book it online, as does Team Watermelon Face (Claire and Brook).

Doctors Secret Weapon

Doctors Secret Weapon

So there you have it, two different options, same result, and four teams are now booked on flights that will land 2 hours earlier than the other flights.  When Team Princeton (Connor and Jonathan) catches on to their little plan, they try to also book, but are denied.   Either because the plane is full, or because they’re not pretty young blondes.

With a 2 hour advantage, it became very clear this episode was going to be in 2 parts.  One part being the four teams racing for first, and the second are the remaining five teams racing to not finish last, although there still was the speed bump that Team Youtube had to face, but generally those are pretty easy and take 30 mins tops.  Because of that, I’ll do the blog in those two parts…

The Race For First

The first task after getting off the airplane is to find their cars and head to the World famous Ice Hotel, which has been in many documentaries over the years for those who actually want to vacation in a hotel literally made out of ice.  Yes, there are people who I guess don’t live in cold climates who’d like to vacation in an Ice Hotel.. I don’t get it personally.

Team Youtube sits on ice

Very Hard Challenge

Right away, Team Youtube discovers their speed bump, which is….  sit on a chair made of ice for 10 minutes.   I love the show, but did they stop trying?   I know speed bumps are generally pretty easy, but this takes the cake.    Not only was the task easy, but it was a blessing in disguise because the other teams left, followed each other and got lost, which allowed Michael and Kevin to get to the road block first.

The road block was a challenge where one player gets on a dog sled and is raced around the track while grabbing flags as they pass by.  For every flag missed, they were required to do one lap around the track.

Claire Kisses random guy

More Kisses From Claire

Youtube decided Michael would be good for this one, and he was off!   This actually looked like a pretty fun challenge, and Michael seemed to really enjoy himself during it.  He was having a grand time, even with the fake bear in the woods.   Other teams have now found their way and Mallory, Kat, and Claire were all chosen to do the block.  The only problem along the race was that Mallory was too short and missed the first flag, other than that, it was an easy run for all of them… including the guy who accepted the flags, since he got a kiss from Claire.  If you’re keeping track at home, that’s kiss #6 for Team Watermelon Face.. kissing their way to victory.

All teams finished roughly around the same time, and were all now headed to the Vassijaure Train Station where they’ll find their next clue.  This time, it’s a detour  – Sleds or Beds –  In Sleds, it looks like a super fun ride down a hill on this crazy looking sled thing, but the key is they have to beat the time of 1:58.  In beds, they have to build a tent to exactly the way the villagers want, which is clearly the choice for Michael and Kevin who realized physical activities are not their strong point.

Team Choices:

  • Team Youtube – Beds
  • Team Doctors – Sleds
  • Team Watermelon Face – Sleds
  • Team Miss Kentucky – Sleds

Doing the sleds was a harder challenge than it originally appeared because it wasn’t just a simple ride down a mountain, it was a windy path and they were picking up quite a bit of speed.  If you didn’t do the turns right, you got to end up like Kat…

Kat Wipeout

Kat Wiping out

Team Miss Kentucky had a great first attempt, but finished exactly at 1:58, so back on the track they go simply due to 1 second.. ouch.   Team Doctor had a much better 2nd attempt, as they finished at 1:55 and were all set to go.   Team Watermelon face started last but only took one attempt, and Miss Kentucky finished around the same time as them, so all three teams were racing to the finish line to see who got first…

Team Doctors finishes this leg first

Team Doctors Finishes First

Team Doctors!

In addition to finishing first, they also won a trip for two to Belize for 5 nights.  Pretty sweet trip, girls.. have fun.

The Race To Not Finish Last

Teams have finally landed in Sweden, and are off in their quest to not be sent home.  They already know that the other 4 teams are well ahead of them, so instead of looking in front, they’re all looking over their shoulders to make sure someone is still behind them.  For Team Eat, Pray, Love (Jill and Thomas) and Team Romance (Chad and Stephanie) that wasn’t really the case through the first parts of this leg.   Team Romance started off last until Eat Pray Love got stalled at the Ice Hotel, however with the Express Pass still available, Team Romance was still essentially last and they knew it.

Jill and Thomas Go for a long run

Run Forrest Run

Because of the slow down at the Ice Hotel, Team Eat Pray Love got mixed up when they hit the challenge and started running down the wrong road.. and running.. and running.  This put them deeper into last than they’d like.

Aside from Nick from Team Tattoo screaming over and over “Go Puppy, Go!”, this leg was also pretty quick and easy for all teams.. assuming they could find the start, which after a nice long run, Jill and Thomas actually did.

As teams arrived at the train station to do the detour, some were confident, like Chad who felt they could get it first shot, some weren’t, like his partner who was scared to death.

Team Choices:

  • Team Romance: – Sleds
  • Team Beach Volleyball – Sleds
  • Team Tattoo – Sleds
  • Team Princeton – Sleds
  • Team Eat, Pray, Love – Beds
not a happy chad

Chad Not Happy

Team Romance was the first to hit the slopes, and with Stephanie basically shitting her pants, she went anyway with Chad screaming at her the entire way.   Seriously, Chad’s anger issue is some good TV, though I feel horrible for Stephanie to be the one yelled at.  After a poor run down the mountain, Stephanie calls it quits on that challenge and they go choose the Beds option.

In the meantime, Jill and Thomas were alone at the Beds option wondering if they were in dead last, and didn’t want to be eliminated while holding the express pass, so they busted it out and were off to the check in.    Seeing as they really believed they were last, it wasn’t dumb to use it.  I think the last thing they wanted was to be like James on Survivor and be voted out holding an immunity idol.

Team Tattoo had absolutely no trouble with the sleds and cruised right through it first try, and Vicky let us know the obvious with that.  They’re more of a physical couple than mental.. yes, we got that.

Team Beach Volleyball went down the mountain once and decided the challenge was not for them, especially since Katie was going airborne and one of them lost their sled down the mountain.  That’s a good sign the challenge wasn’t for them.

Team volleyballs sled leaving

Bye Bye Sled

And then you had Team Princeton.  The little team that could… could try over and over that is.   Like Team Volleyball, this challenge was not for them, but they tried over and over which was surprising for them since they’ve usually done the more mental challenges first.   After this…

Connor and Jonathan wipeout 1

Connor and Jonathan wipeout 2

Connor and Jonathan wipeout 3

Connor and Jonathan wipeout 4

Don't think you were meant for this

They decided to join Team Romance and Team Volleyball building a tent, was it too late for them?

By the time both teams joined Chad and Stephanie, that team was just about done with their tent, so Chad’s anger level dropped quite a bit when he saw the other two teams arrive.  Stephanie gets to live for another week I suppose.

Team Volleyball putting up tent

Team Volleyball Putting Up Tent

So it was down to two teams, Team Princeton vs Team Volleyball.  Despite the lead the girls had, team Princeton was killing the tent, they really pitched it quickly, possibly because they’re both still virgins and were alone with the hot girls.. lame joke I know.  However, the lead the girls had was just too much for the boys to overcome and this weeks losing team:

Team Princeton Going Home

Sorry Guys, You Had A Good Run

Team Princeton

Sorry boys, you had a good run, made a horrible decision sticking with sleds that long, but I’m sure you have a bright future singing to random people in subways.

You sure do know how to make an exit though..

Team Princeton does a double toe click

Double Toe Click

Order of finish this week:

  1. Team Doctors (Kat and Nat)
  2. Team Miss Kentucky (Gary and Mallory)
  3. Team Watermelon Face (Claire and Brook)
  4. Team Youtube (Michael and Kevin)
  5. Team Eat, Pray, Love (Jill and Thomas)
  6. Team Tattoo (Nick and Vicky)
  7. Team Romance (Chad and Stephanie)
  8. Team Beach Volleyball (Katie and Rachel)
  9. Team Princeton (Connor and Jonathan) – 1st to last – Eliminated


  1. Melinda says:

    Haha, I’m STILL laughing over Katie’s sled leaving without her! I’ll miss Team Princeton though. 🙁

  2. stevebeans says:

    Yea, poor guys

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