The Amazing Race 17 – I Feel Like Spiderman, Or Spiderwoman Whatever

So long Russia!  We had our fun, we had our challenges, and we had our tears, but it’s time we must leave and get back to the Amazing Race 17, where the challenges are easy, the guys are angry, and if you sleep 2 hours past your check-in time, you still have a chance to win.

The race began with teams frantically rushing to the airport to get first in like which allowed two teams (Kat and Nat) and (Brook and Claire) to get a flight two hours earlier than the rest of the teams who were clearly screwed for the rest of the leg.  This was going to be a battle to be middle of the pack with Chad and Stephanie now 2 hours late to the airport easily the team going home this week.  Right?   Keep reading to find out…

.. Wrong.

Chad and Stephanie sleep in

Late Night For Them

Chad and Stephanie did finally arrive to the airport, and actually did miss the 2nd flight, but fear not, they were able to get a flight that landed just 10 minutes after the rest of the teams.  All of that buildup quickly became irrelevant, however, as teams arrived at their first destination in Muscat, Oman which was some guy giving them metal pieces showing them what time they can run up the mountain to continue the race (I guess mountains in Oman open at 7:30 am).    Seeing as the times were roughly 8 hours after they arrived, this put all the teams back on even footing, including the teams that had a 2 hour head-start, and a 2 hour nap.   Easily the most anti-climactic buildup to any drama so far this season.

In order to make people forget the drama that never was, during the wait for the race to begin again, Chad took the opportunity to get on his knee and propose to Stephanie on the romantic setting of an ocean freight ship in the water and a beach made of weird styrofoam looking tubes.   It also likely caused Vicky and Jill to look at Nick and Thomas and wonder if they were also going to get the question sometime during the race.    But good for those two, we certainly wish them the best.

Chad popping the question

Would You Marry The Chadster

Stephanie Says Yes

I do, I do! Gimme Some Chad

Back to the race as it was finally time to use their little silver tokens and go up the mountain.   Teams got their next clue in pairs and it was off to find some weird guy standing on the side of a road who will drive them up a very steep ledge to get their road block, that is assuming teams can even get to that point.    Gary and Mallory and Nat and Kat decided to take the very long route around the country to get there, and according to Mallory, they were driving for 9 hours before reaching the guy.   It seems the most challenging mission on this leg was simply getting to the challenges.

It also didn’t take long for Nick to scream at Vicky for being nice to another team and simply giving them a hint.  I can see his point, he’s in a race for a million dollars, you don’t want to help your competition, but some tact would help.   I do like how they added a random edit of Claire and Brook laughing about something that likely had nothing to do with the situation. Nick was probably watching the episode screaming at Vicky  like “I TOLD YOU THEY WERE LAUGHING!“.  Way to cause an argument, CBS!

not a good sign when  your driver says god willing

Not A Good Sign

Chad and Stephanie were the first team to arrive at the random guy standing on the side of the road, and honestly I thought he was just going to take their car and drive off.  He was acting a bit shady the way he slid right into the drivers seat and looked like he wanted to take off with or without the team.   Turns out he was legit, but he didn’t exactly scream confidence when Chad asked to be brought up safe, his reply was “God willing“.  Yikes

Road Block

One person from each team must rappel down the mountain 500 feet until they reach the landing, where they’ll then search 100’s of lamps for one of the many containing Aladdin’s magic ring, then get the next clue from some random guy sitting under a rock.

Goat eating a clue

Yummy, Gimme Some Clue!

The best parts of this challenge were the goat eating the clue, and Jill saying she was going to “rapel” down the mountain before Thomas had to quickly correct her.   If only she went to college.   Poor girl looked like she was going to shit herself as she was “rapeling”.

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful challenge except for Team Tattoo’s flat tire which seemed to take about 5 mins to change.. let’s just call that their speed bump and be done with that topic.

In order to make the race for last somewhat interesting, Kat decided to take what seemed like hours finding the ring in the lamp, giving our favorite firecracker Mallory a chance to catch up and give them hope of not finishing last.


For this detour, teams had to choose between Water Table or Wedding Table.   Water table was simply filling up a water truck and making a delivery to some house, where wedding table was a strange challenge where I guess teams had to prepare a meal for a bride and groom and it has to be done properly before they got their next clue.   The biggest shock here is that Chad and Stephanie didn’t get all corny on us and choose wedding table because of the engagement, in fact.. nobody did.   I guess cooking 25 frozen chickens and “the rest of the ingredients” sounded harder than a simple water delivery.  Shocker.

Hopefully the wedding party got their money back from hiring The Amazing Race to cater it, as their guests are probably starving now.

Jill and Thomas ducking down

I hope nobody sees us!

As Jill and Thomas were reading their clue, on a huge stack of books in the center of a busy road, they decided to duck down so nobody else could see them.    I think the huge stack of books with the clue box on top would have given that away, but it was a good try.

At the water challenge, it was still a race for first between Chad and Stephanie and Jill and Thomas (as I’m sure the teams who arrived in the country 2 hours earlier are likely grumbling about that), and in the search for the house to deliver water to, Jill / Thomas actually “found” the recipient’s cousin who was able to guide them directly to the house.   Chad and Stephanie on the other hand, took a different route and just went to some random person’s house to ask them, who decides to also lead the way, making the race still neck and neck.

With both teams done filling up their houses, their next step was to head to a market and deliver frankincense to the famous Ali Baba (his 40 thieves are on vacation right now), where they will get their final clue on this leg of the race.

Last week, Chad and Stephanie made a very costly error that almost booted them from the race, but this week they were helped by one as Thomas ignored the clue and paid a cab driver to lead them to the finish.  Happiness was quickly turned to sadness as they learned they had to sit for 30 minutes and watch as Chad and Stephanie slipped into 1st to win a 5 night stay in Belize.   I wonder if they’ll be joining the Doctors as they also won the same trip a few weeks back.

Chad and Stephanie win a free honeymoon

Off to Belize for you two. Free Honeymoon?

Brook and Claire doing the water dance

Doing the water dance!

In the other races, Brook and Claire and still full of energy, which baffles me because it’s not like they’re drinking coffee non stop, but they keep going.  As they delivered the water, they decided to do the ‘water, water, water’ dance to show their happiness about supplying a family with the water they needed.   Despite finishing the water challenge first, they did get a bit lost and started driving down the wrong way of a one-way street, causing them to get pulled over by the ‘po po’ which allowed Team Tattoo to slip into 3rd place with them in 4th.

The battle for staying in the race was still on, and seemed highly edited to make it appear closer than what it actually was.  At the end, it seemed Mallory and Gary were on the heels of Nat and Kat, but I think after 9 hours of looking for the road block really did them in, and it was time to say goodbye to a team that was quickly growing as a favorite of mine.     What I didn’t understand, Gary said Mallory was the son he never had, but at the beginning she said she had a bunch of brothers, so perhaps different fathers?  Who knows.  Sad to see them go, but they did make it pretty far.

Gary and Mallory out of the race

Sorry Gary and Mallory. You had a good run

Order of finish:

  1. Team Engaged (Chad and Stephanie)
  2. Team Eat, Pray, Love (Jill and Thomas)
  3. Team Tattoo (Nick and Vicki)
  4. Team Watermelon Face (Brook and Claire)
  5. Team Doctors (Nat and Kat)
  6. Team Miss Kentucky (Gary and Mallory) – Eliminated

Here is the gallery for this week:

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