The Amazing Race 17 – I Thought I’d Do The Double Dutch

Connor Jumping Rope

Ahh sick blogging, it’s kind of like drunk blogging without all the fun and embarrassing moments the next day.  I’ll still probably sound like a drunk person, but I won’t be able to look back on this in a few days and laugh, only weep silently with my memories of tissue boxes and cough drops.

Oh well, enough about me, there was a race happening Sunday night, and some of you may have missed it due to CBS’s amazing programming ability.   You’d think after all these years of having back to back NFL games on Sunday, they’d put in a show before The Amazing Race that can be clipped or completely removed should the games run late.  Don’t they know DVR’s don’t actually watch what they’re recording?   So, if you were one of the unlucky ones who didn’t set The Amazing Race to record for an extra hour, this blog is for you!

Brooke and Claire Exicted

Yay Punching Watermelons!

All teams are still in Accra, Ghana where they finished last leg of the race.   Team Watermelon Face (Brook and Claire) are the first to leave the pit stop as they secured 1st place last week, and they must make their way to the neighborhood of Jamestown.  They find out from their cab driver that it’s the boxing trainer area, and both get really excited, possibly thinking they get to get revenge on watermelons.   A little disappointment ensues when they find out they’re not going toe to toe with watermelons, or other teams (that would be fun to watch), but it’s still a relatively easy task of wrapping their hands, using the speed bag for a minute and then jumping rope for another minute.

Volleyball Girls Lost

Not A Good Start

This may be an easy task, assuming they even get there, as we learn from Team Beach Volleyball (Katie and Rachel), that’s not a guarantee.   I guess it’s too much to ask a cab driver to take them to a really popular place in the city.   Maybe they should have tried singing to him, it seems to work for Team Princeton (Connor and Jonathan) who make it a habit to bust out a song to every cab driver on every leg of the race.   It works though, their driver busted ass for them last leg, passed team Watermelon Face, and promptly found the boxing gym this time.

All teams really just cruised through this challenge, aside from the hiccups here and there with those trying to show off doing jump rope, so after a quick warm  up in the boxing gym, teams must now travel to the doda(sp) district and find a market supply depot to get their next clue.  Easy enough, right?  We’ll see.

At the supply depot, it seems like a pretty easy challenge, but it’s clearly one that you must read carefully in order to get it right.   Teams must choose a pair of wheel barrels and load them with specific construction supplies, then wheel them on down the road to the Asebi D/A Primary School where they’ll get their next clue.   Not shockingly, Team Princeton has no trouble with this and delivers the right supplies the first time.  The other teams?  Well, it wasn’t so easy for them.

Volleyball Girls Make Mistake

Oops, Should Have Read Better

Team Watermelon face decided to take just one wheel barrel to the foreman, as did Team Youtube (Michael and Kevin) to which the Volleyball Girls called them idiots for doing so.    Team Tattoo (Nick and Vicky) decided one barrel of concrete wasn’t enough, so they kindly added another to their trip.    After a nice long walk down the road, Team Volleyball realized they needed two trowels.. oops.  I guess Team Youtube aren’t the only idiots in that competition.

This is the part of the race that helps teams see what they’re made of.   When the Volleyball girls realized they messed up, they backed each other up, put their tails between their long legs and went back to fix the situation.  Team Tattoo on the other hand, took a different approach.   Nick decided to take a cue from Chad from Team Romance and let out all his aggressions on his teammate Vicky.  Sure, she messed up, but he decided everything wrong with the World was her fault and she should suffer with him crying for the rest of the race.

Btw, what’s the over/under on Vicky saying “babe” this episode?  I put it at 20.   Names like that drive me crazy, ugh.

First Boxing, then lugging supplies, now it’s time for geography!  Once teams finally got the correct supplies to the school, they had to sit in a class room and look at a chalkboard with an outline of Africa, and the countries within it, and had to correctly pick out Ghana on the map.  You know, the place they’re currently in.    Team Princeton luckily had a decent lead because they surprisingly struggled with this challenge, but made sure to let us know that Princeton really is a good school.  Yea, I think we know that.

Team Tattoo's African Map

Hmm, Almost Got It!

Team Watermelon face didn’t have a much easier time, and we knew they were in for trouble when Brook thought Ghana was in the southern most part of the Continent.   Some teams did have a real easy time, like Team Miss Kentucky.  Gary quickly found Ghana on the map first try and they were there and gone before Brook realized Ghana may not have been in South Africa.  The rest of the teams were hit and miss, like the Doctors who quickly found Ghana, and shockingly, Team Tattoo which required pretty much the entire map covered before they found it.

Finally, it’s Detour time.

Bicycle Parts or Language Arts

Teams must either roll an empty bicycle rim with a stick (which looked like something from 1960), or they must get a clue, decipher it on a decoder and then find it on a huge crossword puzzle on a wall.    This was a challenge I was sure that everyone was going to go roll the rim, but right off the bat Team Princeton chooses the crossword puzzle.

Bean Ladder Crazy!

Princeton's Solution, Beans!

Right away, they find the decoder (which was on the side of the building next to the crossword) and get their symbols.   Then really had no trouble finding a kidney bean, ladder, crazy on the wall (that’s the terms they used to describe the symbols btw).

The whole day, aside from maybe the Boxing part was almost geared specifically for Team Princeton, and they wouldn’t let us down.  It wasn’t even close as they finished the Detour before other teams were on their way to it, so without much anticipation, I give you the 1st place team this week:

Connor and Jonathan finish first

Congrats Princeton!


In addition to finishing 1st, they each won $5,000 cash, which they said they’re going to buy maps of Africa.  Pretty expensive maps.

Mallory's Clothes Coming Off

Oh Mallory, Put A Shirt On

With Team Princeton settling and and searching for African maps online to buy, other teams are now checking in to this portion of the race.  Team Miss Kentucky, and Jesus, was next to arrive and they quickly chose the bicycle parts.    Despite doing a fairly good job, Mallory called in for a cheat and asked her buddy Jesus for help, and it seems to have worked because after some early struggling, and what appears more and more clothes coming off for Mallory, they finished.

Circling the african kids

Circle The African Kids

Now here is another shocker for me, I’ve said it before, most teams prefer physical challenges over mental ones, this group of racers is surprising me.   Team Volleyball, Watermelon Face, and Eat Pray Love all chose Language Arts right away and right away show why teams usually pick physical challenges.   Claire reads the clue, sees a bunch of African children playing and decides the challenge is to draw a circle around the kids with her stick.    It seemed like such a great idea, that both other teams did it too!

Once they realized they were completely messing up, the search was then on for the elusive decoder key.  Was it under the table?  Was it under the African children?  Was it in a cereal box?   Where could it be??

Teams walking right by decoder

Where Could That Decoder Be?

Team Volleyball immediately realizes they’re not going to be able to find the key that was hanging on the building right next to them, so they left for the bicycle challenge, and the other teams didn’t take too long to follow them.  For example, after taking a few completely random guesses on the wall, Watermelon Face decides that make the bike challenge may be easier.

Nick showing vicky how it's done

Nick Showing How It's Done!

Over on the bike side, teams are having a little bit of trouble, but not too bad for the most part.  Chad from Team Romance cruises through, the Volleyball girls are hanging in there, but then comes Team Tattoo.   Nick, still upset at Vicky for the extra bag of cement (like he hasn’t messed anything up on the race) is still taking snaps at her for not being able to run with asthma in the insane heat.   It’s hard to not bash on him from this episode because he was clearly being a major dick to Vicky, but despite that, they did manage to eventually finish this portion and are still in the race.

Michael from team youtube needs medical attention

Michael Needs Medical

Despite pretty much all the bad luck they can get on this leg of the race, with cars breaking down, starting near the bottom, etc, Team Doctors (Kat and Nat) still had a chance because Michael from Team Youtube was struggling really badly in the heat during the bicycle challenge.   After a long push, he completed half his push, but promptly needed medical attention and a break.   He was extremely dehydrated and really looked awful, but they did get some good news.  After a very hard challenge for them, when they stepped on the finish line, they were told that it was a non-elimination leg, so they do have a 2nd chance next week, though they’ll have to do the speed bump challenge.

That’s a good team, and I am pulling for them, so it was the perfect time for the non-elimination to come  up.  It’ll be hard for them next week, but with Team Tattoo on the race still, anything is possible.

Sorry for the weak post, crazy grammar and possible spelling errors, like I said, it’s a sick blog 😀

Order of finish:

  1. Team Princeton (Connor and Jonathan)
  2. Team Miss Kentucky (Gary and Mallory)
  3. Team Romance  (Chad and Stephanie)
  4. Team Beach Volleyball (Katie and Rachel)
  5. Team Tattoo (Nick and Vicky)
  6. Team Watermelon Face  (Brooke and Claire)
  7. Team Eat, Pray, Love (Jill and Thomas)
  8. Team Doctors (Kat and Nat)
  9. Team Youtube (Michael and Kevin)  – Non Elimination Leg

And for your viewing pleasure, the full gallery of this weeks show:

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