The Amazing Race 17 – Little Bit Of Race, With A Whole Lot Of Drag

Looks Good On You Nick

Because I don’t do anything with my life except watch TV and surf the Internet, over the Halloween weekend I was reading a bit on The Amazing Race 17 and came across this article about the fake drama during TAR 15 between the Globetrotters and the gay brothers.  The editing during that season made it to be this huge rivalry, but the reality was those two teams actually got along pretty well and it was never shown that way.

Well, fast forward to last night and right away the teams were told to they had to travel to St. Petersburg, Russia via planes, trains and automobiles.   It was built up that the travel was half the challenge, especially when they aired a little drama of Team Romance (Chad and Stephanie) struggling to find a cab to get to the airport or they’ll miss a flight!  But, this was more fake drama as all teams had plenty of time to get on the train together, and then plane, so I felt it was going to be another let down episode, but I was wrong, it was actually a good one with difficult challenges.

All teams were off the plane and had no trouble finding their first clue box which was a detour, and it was actually a pretty hard one.

the piano room, amazing race 17

A Lot Of Pianos

They had to choose between Classical Music or Cinema, and the title didn’t do it justice for how difficult it was going to be.   In Classical Music, teams had to listen to 3 compositions being played over gramophones (fancy record players for those who don’t know).   Sounds simple, but then they had to go in a room with a shitload of pianos near each other and try to match the music they heard with that being played.  Extremely hard with all the sounds overlapping each other.

The Amazing Race 17 - a lot of film to go through

A Lot Of Film

In Classic Cinema, teams made their way to an old film studio where they encountered a massive table full of film clips and find one that matches the movie being played in the back.   Right away I was shocked and impressed at the choices, both looked pretty difficult to accomplish, so it was going to be tough no matter which option teams picked.

Some notes about the detour

  • Teams Watermelon Face, Youtube and Eat Pray Love all chose the Movie challenge while the rest went with Music.  I probably would have also picked music until I saw how many pianos were all playing songs and then curled up in the corner and cried.
  • Many teams on the music side made the mistake of trying to listen to all 3 tunes and then finding all 3, I would have done one at a time to lock the sound in your brain.
  • On the movie side, Thomas from Eat Pray Love was extremely smart in looking for the Russian words on the strips, and it really didn’t take them long to complete this challenge.
  • Finding the movie title was the key to this challenge, and once other teams figured that out, it was pretty easy to finish, a lot easier than the music one.

The Amazing Race 17 Mallory frustrated by pianos

Mallory Frustrated By Pianos

  • I think Mallory was officially losing her mind on the music side
  • It was funny seeing different teams at different piano’s all guaranteeing they had the first song
  • Every team except Chad and Stephanie on the music side couldn’t handle it and switched to the movie challenge
  • Then, every team who switched to movies, except Team Tattoo (Nick and Vicky) completed the challenge.   Nick and Vicky had to go back to the piano room and after finally listening to Vicky, they were able to solve the music riddle.
  • Perseverance paid off for Chad and Stephanie, once Chad let her handle the challenge, she nailed it and they finished shortly after the other teams left.   Although it wasn’t that smooth, both had a meltdown midway through the challenge, but that’s always entertaining.

Off to the roadblock we go!   Not much entertainment in getting there, so I’ll skip directly to my notes about this challenge.   One person was to dress as a babushka, find some potatoes, and cow manure, then plant the potatoes in the dirt with the help of a cheering Russian babushka!

  • I realized on this challenge that there is only one all-male team left, which is pretty surprising this early into the race.   This really may be the year an all-girl team wins, and I’m pulling hard for the remaining two teams.
  • The sign “Duck’s End” must have been extremely difficult to see because almost every team got lost on this part of the challenge.

The Amazing Race 17 - mallory getting hit on in russia

Mallory Getting Hit On

  • While Mallory was searching for Duck’s End, she encountered some Russian guys who invited her inside to drink some Vodka haha.
  • Jill finally found something that Thomas approved of, planting potatoes quickly.  Way to go, Jill.
  • I started to feel bad for Stephanie during the other challenge, but then when she threw the shovel high up on the shit so Mallory would have to climb up, it knocked her down a few notches in my book.
  • Nick thought the drag part of the challenge meant some type of drag race because of all the 0 racing vehicles in the area.  I’m sure it was easy to get that confused.

After the challenges, it was a race to finish first between Team Youtube, Team Watermelon Face, and Team Eat Pray Love, and despite getting to the finish area first, Kevin refused to listen to his father that Phil was in the park so he circled around the building over and over allowing …..

Team Eat, Pray, Love Finishes First

The Amazing Race 17 - Jill and Thomas finish first

Congrats on finishing first

In addition to finishing first, they also won a 5 night trip to Sal Paulo, Brazil.

There wasn’t a whole lot of drama on who finished last as it was pretty apparent with all the teams finished, and Team Tattoo still in drag planting potatoes, so without further buildup….

Team Tattoo finishes last

The Amazing Race 17 - Team Tattoo finishes last

Don't worry, you live another day in the race

However…    this is another non-elimination leg, so they get to stay in the race anther day.  This team has had a bunch of luck this race (despite the fact that Nick thinks the Doctors have been lucky), and they got another life next week.  Will they pull a Team Youtube and go from worst to first?  We’ll see next week!

Here is the order of finish, and the gallery for the week, enjoy!

  1. Team Eat, Pray, Love
  2. Team Watermelon Face
  3. Team Youtube
  4. Team Doctors
  5. Team Romance
  6. Team Miss Kentucky
  7. Team Tattoo – non elimination leg

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