The Amazing Race 18 Is In HD And Has A Cast (Spoilers)

The amazing race 18 cast listIf you’re not into knowing the future cast of a show before it airs, this post definitely is not for you.

There is your warning, continue reading after the jump if you want to know…

All of this information is about 99% confirmed, but I’ll reserve the last 1% just in case something is wrong, so I can point to the errors in numbers instead of taking blame for giving false information.  🙂

CBS has confirmed that they’re finally leaving 1990 and joining pretty much every other show on television by being filmed in HD.   This is not a complete shock, but I really was starting to wonder if the producer of the show was some grumpy old man who just refused to adapt to new technology.   Apparently Survivor was holding a garage sale from Survivor Gabon (which aired in 2008) and they were able to pick up a few HD camera’s on the cheap.   (I’m kidding btw)

Anyway, The Amazing Race 18 will give former teams another shot to “race” around the world as it will be an “All-Star” season of contestants from Season 12 to Season 17.   Overall I’m pretty happy with the list, I enjoyed a lot of the teams, but still struggling to remember some of them.

source:  Reality Fan Forum

Season 12:

Season 12 Ron and Christina The Amazing RaceRon and Christina (Finished 2nd)

Kynt and Vyxsin season 12 Kynt and Vyxsin (finished 5th)

Season 13:


Season 14:

THE AMAZING RACE 14 - Cara and JamieJamie and Cara (finished 2nd)

THE AMAZING RACE 14 - Margie and LukeMargie and Luke (finished 3rd)

THE AMAZING RACE 14 - Kisha and JenKisha and Jen (finished 4th)

THE AMAZING RACE 14 - mel and MikeMel and Mike (finished 6th)

THE AMAZING RACE 14 - Amanda and KrisAmanda and Kris (finished 8th)

Season 15:

The Amazing Race 18 - Flight Time and Big EasyFlight Time and Big Easy (finished 4th)

The amazing race 18 - zev and justinZev and Justin (finished 9th)

Season 16:

The amazing race 18 - Jet and CordJet and Cord (finished 2nd)

Season 17:

The amazing race 18 - Gary and MalloryGary and Mallory (finished 6th)

A few interesting things about this list:

  • Amanda and Kris puzzles me.  8th place finish and nothing really memorable about them.   To be fair, I think I only caught like every other episode that season thanks to the NFL messing up every other week before I finally started recording 2+ hours for that one hour show
  • Nobody from season 13?  I know Nick and Starr and their ‘a-little-too-close‘ brother-sister relationship was probably the most memorable team, but I’m sure they could have found someone to replace Amanda and Kris
  • Zev and Justin are a great pick.  Yea, they almost got eliminated right away, but Zev is too much of a character to not have back.
  • Also picks I really like:  Ron and Christina (how can you not like them?), Kynt and Vyxsin (she was more of the man than he was),  Jet and Cord (deserved another chance), and Gary and Mallory (Gary is awesome and Mallory is nuts)

That should be a fun season to watch and blog, hopefully the information is correct and these are the teams because I really like this lineup!


  1. Anna says:

    When will this be released on television?

  2. stevebeans says:

    My best guess is sometime early spring as it’s still filming right now if I understand correctly

  3. Matthew says:

    I think the theme has got something to do with family. Ronald & Christina, Gary & Mallory, Mike & Mel and Margie & Luke all share a parent-child relationship. Jet & Cord and Kisha & Jen are siblings.

  4. Pranav says:

    i wonder why azaria and hendekea didnt get picked because out of the 6 legs that they raced, they won 3, so they were a power house team and they only got eliminated because of the airport lady 🙁

  5. stevebeans says:

    I vaguely remember the plane ticket incident. Rumors of Azaria and Christina hooking up swirled around after that season, so it’s possible they wanted to avoid any controversy by having Ron+Christina and a former or current boyfriend on a different team. Pure speculation on my part though.

  6. Pranav says:

    true but azaria and hendekea were a moch more stronger team than ron and christina and they could have easily won the race if it wasnt for that ticket incident

  7. Sara Lim says:

    Welcome back Kynt and Vyxsin!! Play smart and don’t U-Turn the wrong team once again. You both deserved to win the prize.

  8. […] fashion (U-Turns, etc),  or simply just being a fan favorite I’d guess.   I covered our list of teams here, along with what seasons they came from, and noticed something major, out of the eleven teams […]

  9. jan mattson says:

    I thought Brooke and Claire were to be on the new show? Any info on them?

  10. jan mattson says:

    I thought Brooke and Claire were scheduled to be on another episode. Any info on them?

  11. stevebeans says:

    I haven’t heard anything other than Claire is pregnant and due any day now. She hasn’t mentioned anything about a new show.

  12. Kgfury says:

    From what I understand from a reliable source (Hendekia) they were invited back but then they found out about Azaria and Christinas engagement so the producers felt they might work together too much so they went with Amanda and Kris instead

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