The Amazing Race 18 – Amanda and Kris

The Amazing Race 18 - Amanda and Kris

The Amazing Race 18, which is also titled Unfinished Business will feature former favorite teams of recent seasons who did not make it to the finish line.   Our first team listed is Amanda and Kris.  I’ll be honest, I barely remember this team… ok, even more honest, I don’t remember this team, at all.   Not to say they weren’t memorable, I’m sure they had a moment or two, but finishing in 8th place about 3 years ago doesn’t leave many marks on people.

Amanda is a pretty blonde, Kris is a normal good looking guy, and if I had to remember all the good looking people who are on every reality show, I would have nothing left in my brain.   I guess the best part of this team is that they were U-Turned by Margie and Luke who are also on the race, so this should provide a few minutes of drama at the very least.

The Amazing Race 18 begins on Feb 20th, and there shouldn’t be much else on Sunday nights to screw up your DVR’s!

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