What we do

The Reality Junkies was founded in 2010 as a way to share our fantastic comments about the ever increasing amount of Reality Shows with the world.   I mean who else is going to keep you informed about who Chef Ramsey called a donkey this week, or which Survivor member was blind sided?  I suppose actually watching the shows will do that, but what fun is that when you can share it with us?

Who are we?


This site was founded by Steve and his girlfriend Melinda.   We’ve been a couple for many years now and both share a love-hate relationship with reality shows.   We hate to watch them but we can’t turn away when they’re on.   I (Steve) started watching Teen Mom one day out of boredom, and Melinda came home and started watching it with me.  Next thing I know she’s watching a Teen Mom marathon trying to find out how many different times Amber will break up with Gary.

I take care of the day to day of running the site, and Melinda is always there to supply her crazy comments about whatever show she’s watching.    We’re here to try to entertain you whether through crazy pictures, weird comments, or worst case Melinda will dress up as batman and play Guitar Hero.