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Flipped off is a new reality show starring the Survivor alumni Russell Hantz, his brother (and also Brandon Hantz’s father) Shawn Hantz, and the beautiful Kristen Bredehoeft.  I covered the show, and the antics of the Hantz brothers in this post, so this article is dedicated to introducing the lesser known Kristen to the world… by world, I mean my readers!

Wildly motivated, Kristen has been able to manage being a single mother of 3 children while earning her bachelors degree from the University of Houston, in addition to attending Sam Houston State, running a charity called Everybody Loves Kids, volunteering at another one, and not to mention the full time job of dealing with Russell Hantz’ massive ego. Wow, I’m tired typing all of that.

flipped off's kristen volunteering to the needyKristen spends her off-time helping the less fortunate

Kristen Bredehoeft is a legitimate real estate agent who was cast on “Flipped Off” at the same time she was offered an intern role at ABC 13 in Houston.  The role with Russell and Shawn allows her to merge both passions in life, TV and real estate, but something tells me dealing with those two isn’t a third passion.

Unlike some other women cast in certain roles on TV, Kristen actually does have a lot of experience at her position, and it’s not an act just for eye candy. She brings a huge level of professionalism to a team that severely lacks it.  That being said, I’m sure her looks didn’t hurt her chances at the job, especially since the A&E website lists her as the “gorgeous single mom with three kids”.

When Kristen is not doing all that listed above, she’s clearly into crossfit, as I was able to dig up a bunch of training photos she has…

kristen flipped off, flipping a tieYou can view the rest of Kristen’s training photos in the gallery at the bottom

So far I’ve been very impressed with her on her show Flipped Off.  While the show comes off as very scripted, it’s very clear she knows what she’s doing even if the brothers don’t.  While that could also be an act, based on her experience in the field, it’s unlikely.  Russell looks like a Survivor cast member trying to flip houses, while Kristen looks like a real estate agent hired for her knowledge and looks.

And for those who must know, yes she is single, and according to her recent twitter post:

Twitter – Maybe I’ll entertain the idea of dating again. It’s been awhile. Now accepting applications:)

So there you have it.  Tune in on A&E on saturday nights to watch Kristen deal with the Hantz brothers.

Here are some links to follow Kristen Bredehoeft:

Facebook Fan Page
Business Site

A&E's Flipped Off Starring Russell Hantz

If you’ve heard of the show Survivor, there is a 95% chance you’ve also heard of Russell Hantz.  He is the most popular cast member in recent seasons, and people either love his style, or completely hate him.  He’s arrogant, rude, blunt, yet somehow puts those traits to his advantage whether he’s finishing second place on Survivor or flipping houses.

A&E decided to give him a shot with a new series called Flipped Off where he stars as a house flipper in the Houston area along with his brother Shawn Hantz* and real estate agent Kristen Bredehoeft. I was able to catch an episode yesterday, and I’m not really sure if I should be blogging about it on this site because it felt like I was watching a lame sitcom on NBC more than anything else. Is this show considered a reality show?  Or is it a show mocking both house flipping and reality shows?  I can’t figure it out.

* Shawn Hantz is also Brandon Hantz’ father, and has appeared on Survivor during family week

flipped off's kristen

The reason to watch when Russell gets boring

The only person to give the show some credibility is the real estate agent, Kristen Bredehoeft. She seems like a typical person you’d see on a show like this, reminiscent of Ginger from the other flipping show. She’s clearly the eye candy brought in to try and keep male viewers if and when Russell and Shawn’s acting gets old, which I feel it will very quickly.  I’ll be creating a profile page for her, because I know guys will be interested to know more about her… so stay tuned for that.


I’m going to do a little recap of the episode I watched, and point out how silly most of it was…

  • The auction– Deciding the best way to make money on a house is to buy it without ever stepping foot inside, Russell goes to an auction that only accepts cash. Very smart, especially considering he didn’t have the cash on hand, as it is “tied up” (ie: nonexistent).  In order to make a move, he borrows money from his friend and “investor”, Boo, who happens to have the cash lying around.   Naturally, Russell has to make a big show of it and hires a bodyguard to carry a briefcase holding the money.  Speaking of that briefcase, a typical case that size can hold $700k-$1.5million depending on different reports.  So here is what an x-ray scan would have shown…

    flipped off, empty suitcase

    Seems about right

  • Cleaning up– Either this was completely staged or the Hantz brothers are in way over their head with what they’re doing. I’m no expert at demo, house repair or any of that.  I sit on my ass and blog. That’s my thing.  However, I know a few things, like when you’re doing demo, especially swinging a hammer around like a lunatic, wear goggles.  In addition, taking out the refrigerator was probably one of the most over the top acting jobs I’ve seen on any TV show.  The smell is awful, and the doors keep opening?  What about a 50 cent mask from Lowes, and a roll of duct tape?

    russell overacting for flipped off

    Were tape and masks not in the budget?

  • The taco stand– This is when the show took a turn from strange to absolutely silly.  It’s like something you’d see Kramer do on Seinfeld.  “Hey Jerry, I have a brilliant idea for Kramerica Industries! While we work on the house, I’ll get in my trailer and make tacos and compete with McDonalds!”  .. “But Kramer, how are you going to do that?  It’s all houses around here” … “Jerry, don’t you see the big picture?? People will stop, eat a taco and run the streets yelling how great they are, then I’ll have a line around the block.  It’s brilliant!!”

    flipped off Shawn Hantz Tacos

    Was this really a Seinfeld episode?

In addition to the things I broke down, you have strange things like the investor suddenly needing his money back a week early (shady), then Russell racing him for a week extension?!? Of course the script was written up for Russell to win, but I have a hard time believing he can just hop in a car and beat someone who appears to live on the track.  Then you have the awkward bidding war for the floors, which just told me that if you buy a Russell Hantz house, understand it was done by the cheapest labor with no regards to quality.

Finally, the day of the open house, for some reason Shawn is obsessed with following around Kristen in nearly the same creepy way his son did to Mikayla on Survivor. Then he decides to randomly step in and close the sale because the supposed real estate agent can’t do it?  Of course, on the first attempt on the first day in this economy, the team sold the house at the asking price of around $350k or so.  However, we don’t actually get to see that part… once Shawn starts looking like a weirdo to the “customers”, the cameras turn off. The next scene they’re announcing the sale.  Sure.

Needless to say, there are soap operas that are more believable than this show, but if you suspend your reality for a few moments, it’s not a terrible show.  It’s like the train wreck of flipping houses, and it’s watchable almost to see how absurd it is.  I’m not sure how long that will carry the series, but for now I’d definitely recommend watching an episode or two.

whale wars - viking shoresLet me start off by saying that I’m a huge supporter of animal rights. At the same time, I don’t support fraud organizations like PETA that care more about promoting their brand than actually protecting animals.  The Daily Show had a brilliant piece on the hypocrisy of PETA by comparing SeaWorld to slavery, while at the same time “owning” a pet dog.  Side note: I love dogs, love owners who treat their dogs right, and don’t consider it slavery, but I also don’t consider SeaWorld slavery.

With that said, I’ve been having a hard time sympathizing with Sea Shepherd during Whale Wars: Viking Shores as I do during the normal episodes.  I’m sure this has a lot to do with showing both sides of the story, but also the fact that what they’re doing is sadly considered legal.  Is it right to herd a bunch of whales into a little bay and slaughter them?  No, not at all. However, like someone said, if Animal Planet took a film crew into a cow slaughterhouse, people may stop eating burgers… well, possibly.  I hate that fact that any animal is killed for food, but also understand it’s the cycle of life  (I know, I can be a vegetarian or vegan, but I’m not so shoot me).

What’s also not helping is half the crew are coming off as insufferable protestors that you’d see at a PETA rally.  Parking the van and interrupting their festivities was probably the most obnoxious form of protesting I’ve seen on Whale Wars yet, especially when they started playing whale sounds. Then you had the girl running around trying to preach about whales to anyone who’d listen. It was generally annoying and painful to watch.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not supporting their tradition and think it’s definitely brutal, but the people who have been interviewed have a point. This whole thing screams as a PETA publicity stunt more than anything else.  Paul Watson knows that he’s just being a pest, and is only just trying to put international pressure on the Faroe Islands.  Using his show, he’s putting the spotlight on what he thinks is wrong, and hoping the viewers create more of the uproar than he’s actually doing.

This makes me torn on the whole issue really.  The message is being sent as intended, and the Sea Shepherd have plenty of valid points of their own, but I’m having a hard time feeling angry against a country that participates in a legal method of gathering food as brutal as it is.

What are your thoughts on the season, and whaling in general in the Faroe Islands?