Survivor One World:  Christina Cha
Age: 29
Tribe: Salani

Survivor One WOrld Christina Cha

Meet Christina Cha, another cast member on the all-female tribe of Salani. She is a very busy woman, and very career oriented.  So much that she even consults others on their careers.  I’m not sure how she’ll do on the show, but she’s a very pretty girl, so I’m sure she’ll do well with the male viewers.  Here are some more photos of Christina…

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the amazing race 20 mark and bopperBopper (the guy on the left) has so much swag I can’t even stand it.  I mean first he runs around with the name bopper, how cool is that?   Then he’s rocking the shit out of his Kentucky shirt, and even has matching shoes.  Pure badass.

Mark and Bopper’s offiical bios are after the jump:

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the amazing race season 20Meet Dave and Rachel, a married couple from Wisconsin. He’s a 33 year old Army Officer, and she’s a 30 year old Project Manager (and kind of looks like an older Maci Bookout from Teen Mom).  Their official biography is after the jump:

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Survivor One World:  Nina Acosta
Age: 51
Tribe: Salani

Here we meet 51 year old retired LAPD officer, Nina Acosta.  She competed twice to become the first female SWAT member in L.A., but failed both times.  Well, I wouldn’t really use the word ‘failed’.  She passed the training course, but was still left out, sued for discrimination and won $2 million dollars.  Personally I’d rather have the $2 million than be on a SWAT team, so it sounds like she’s a winner in my eyes.

Unless she managed her money like a rapper, she’s still probably sitting comfortably, so she is likely one of those people who will use this as an ‘experience’ and will rub people the wrong way until she’s booted pretty early.  Then again, she could show some super strong leadership on her all-female tribe and make it to merge.  I take her as a ‘love her or hate her’ type, and time will tell how her tribe feels.

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Survivor One World:  Jay Byars
Age: 25
Tribe: Manono

Survivor One World Jay Byars

Jay Byars is a model from South Carolina who is on the all-male tribe of Manono.  He brings his good looks and high pitched voice to the new season of Survivor: One World.  To read more about Jay Byars, check out his profile on Survivor Junkies

Here are some more photos of Jay

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kate gosselin doing a cruise lineNow that her show is over, it appears Kate Gosselin is willing to take any job that will remotely keep the spotlight on her as much as possible, and she may have found a perfect outlet. In August, you have the perfect opportunity to do what you’ve always wanted to do, go on a cruise and have the entire thing focused on one person (hint: not you).

I hear some events include:

  • How to exploit your children – Learn how you can maximize potential profit from any child that you spit out.
  • Get the upper hand on your divorce – This is a great session if you know you’re a raging bitch but want to appear like the “good guy” when you get a divorce from your husband.
  • Receive a personal gift from Kate(note: check your bags and make sure it’s not one of her kids)
  • Lunch Break – Eat like a Hollywood star!  You will be served your choice of a hamburger or hotdog and some fries.. yum!
  • Get that hot bikini body you’ve always wanted! – Kate gives you one-on-one lessons on how to achieve that perfect bikini body no matter how many kids you have. (note: the phone numbers of the plastic surgeons will be available throughout the entire event)
  • Farewell Dinner – This is when you get to say goodbye to the very talented Kate Gosselin. (note: If you have any potential job opportunities for Kate, feel free to stick around after this event to meet up with her very personally)

Where do I sign up??

Brandi Passante Storage WarsOut of all the “wars” shows on right now, Storage Wars is definitely my favorite by far.  They did an excellent job picking the right people for this show from Dave “Yuup” Hester to loveable Barry, and here we have another from the show, Jarrod’s girlfriend / partner – Brandi Passante.

I know the first thing you’ll notice is the answer to a big question, “Are Brandi and Jarrod married”, and while they’ve been together for about 12 years now, they’ve never made it “official”, but fear not, they bicker as good as any married couple!  Brandi started attending auctions when Jarrod struggled a bit early on, and she’s generally the voice of reason in his ear (but she’s been known to get aggressive too).  As far as attending because he was struggling, I think it’s probably more like the show asked her to show more for both eye candy, and because the chemistry she has with Jarrod cannot be matched on reality TV right now.

Sometimes watching the two together, you’d think they were brother and sister, as they’re never shy to take jabs at one another, and that makes it so refreshing and entertaining to watch.  They don’t pretend to be some fake couple, in fact if you go into most homes right now, you’ll see married people acting more like Brandi and Jarrod than the Brady’s.

And being a woman who has reached a bit of fame in the reality TV world, naturally the rumors started floating about her past.  I’ve heard she’s been a stripper, in porn, and many other things of that nature.  So far there has been no evidence backing this up, so all we know is she’s a pretty damn good businesswoman regardless of whatever she did in the past.

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