Kate Gosselin in a bikini(Kate at her new job, collecting sea shells and selling them to tourists)

Sorry I haven’t really updated this blog in awhile, I’ve been far too busy at my Big Brother Blog, and when you have to sit there and watch a real life version of the game The Sims, then blog about their every movement, that gets time consuming!

When I am not watching the live feeds for Big Brother, I am still chugging away at many summer reality shows, mostly things like Repo Games, Hoarders, Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, and even (I’m embarrassed to type this) Toddlers and Tiaras.   I mostly watch the last part to see what not to do as a parent, and I’m getting good advice, like not to stick your kid in a beauty pageant when she’s 3 years old and would rather be at home doing kid things.

Quickly skipping through commercials, I landed on a Kate Plus Eight commercial and was shocked to see the show was still on.  Naturally just a few days later, TLC has decided not to renew her show, but instead check in on them in the future during “specials” (Some suggestions: “Behind The Reality Show“, “Where are they now?“, “My Strange Addiction: Plastic Surgery“)

Radar Online rushed right out to get Jon Gosselin’s opinion on the matter, because we were all waiting on the edge of our seats to know what he thinks of the matter.  His reply:

“I hope they can have more private family moments,” he added.  “I hope that this will bring more privacy to my children and that they can get the proper attention they need for any personal issues they might have in the future.”

Yea, ok Jon.  I believe you.  I read this as “I’m glad my bitch ex-wife is finally no longer going to be in the spotlight I so desperately crave”  You have to wake up pretty early in the day to fool me, Jon!

Kate’s next move?  Does anyone really care at this point?  My guess is she’s going to have to start living like a normal person and stop touring the world between tummy tucks.