I don’t know what to make of this new show on Spike TV called Repo Games.   I’m not a fan of repo-men, although not the person specifically (they’re just doing a job to live), but the act in general.  It sucks for everyone involved to repossess a car, except for the banks of course because they find a way to never lose.

Anyway, I decided to  give this show a shot, and I was mixed while watching it.  It was good to see people earn their cars back, although they even admitted what they learned is that if you don’t pay your bills, someone will bail you out, but then it sucked watching those who lost.   Complete mindfuck of a show for that reason, I didn’t know to be happy or sad for the people, until I saw Mr Darwin try to bolt from his back door, jump in his Mustang and take off.   This completely changed my opinion of the show because last time I checked….

…people don’t generally sit around their house with a black strip of tape on their baseball caps covering any logos that can’t be on tv.   So what type of show is this?  A game show where people can really lose or win their cars then jump on the hood and have sex with it (with their buttcracks hanging out of course), or just another cheap reality show where everything is scripted and staged?

I mean it was definitely entertaining to see some huge guy pull up on the lawn and basically tell the repo-man that there is no way he was taking the van, but now I wonder if that was all just an act done for dramatic purposes.

When I finally decide it’s just a scripted reality show, I then read this article claiming the crew was shot at during one of the repo attempts.  Mind fucked again.    Making love to the hood of a car, or even crying like poor “doughnuts” did can be staged, but did they take it to the next level here, or is this show for real?  But it still doesn’t explain the tape on the cap..

The biggest question is, why can’t I stop analyzing stuff and just enjoy tv shows?

Anwyay, what do you guys think about the show Repo Games – staged, real, dumb, good?  Let’s hear it!

you can't handle the truthI’d like to start out by saying, if you’re going to quote one of the most popular lines in movie history, at least get it right!  Phillip Sheppard was back in crazy form last night making sure he had plenty of gigs lined up on other reality shows when he leaves Survivor, this time he was all pumped because he found his shorts after he heard a voice from his grandfather or someone like that (*cough* producer) tell him they were under a rock.

I mean come on, do we really believe he had some vision which brought him directly to the area his shorts were buried, and he found them under the 2nd rock?    That’s a little too far fetched for me, especially when the alternative is watching Phillip walking around in his panties which probably resulted in many lost lunches for the Survivor crew.   While there is a fine line between entertaining and gross, it’s clear Phillip crossed that line and even the people in charge knew that.

Anyway, back to the movie quote, which bothered me as someone who is a mild film nerd.  I decided to “Phillipize” other classic quotes for him that he can use in future reality shows:

When someone really annoys himfrankly my dear I don't give a damn“Frankly, my dear, I don’t really care about the problem you seem to be having”


When someone asks him a question but he wasn’t sure it was directed to himAre you talking to me?“Excuse me, could you tell me if you were talking to me with that question, please?”

When he allies with someone on his team/tribe
You're My Boy, Blue“You are a good friend to me, would you like a nickname?


When he has to make an emergency escape from a Predator
get to the choppa, do it now!“Gooo! Please go to the helicopter so we can leave this area, and make haste!”

Some runners up:
“Let’s not start fellating one another quite yet, we still have a goal to accomplish”
“I’m going to make an offer to him that he could refuse, but I hope he doesn’t”
“I love the smell of a camp fire in the morning!”
“Say hello to my friend who happens to be of short stature”


matt crying over being in the game

I hate competing for a million dollars

Wow, ok was going off a bit there.    Anyway, aside from Phillip being crazy, we got to hear more whining from Matt on redemption island.   Seriously, either leave the game or play it, none of this crying about wanting to go home but then dominating everyone you compete against in duel’s.  That’s some Rulan (from The Biggest Loser) type of shit, hovering on the edge of elimination the entire game but then finally pretending you’re leaving because you’re “all done with the game”.    It’s nothing but an attention grab so people will talk about you in a few seasons as the guy who walked away from the game with his head held high.    I don’t like quitters like NaOnka or Kelly Purple, but I also don’t like the “woe is me” type either.   Like we’re supposed to feel bad you have a beach to yourself, likely get easy food you’re probably not rationing, and you’re still in the running for one million dollars despite being voted out twice?    I am rooting against Matt every week because of that.. there, I said it.


What else went on in the game?  Nothing really out of the ordinary.  Steve took the high road and apologized to Phillip for racist remarks he didn’t even make, and then make some real strong final efforts to stay in the game by making an argument to Natalie and Ashley why they should vote out Rob.   Steve’s definitely a good guy, and not just because he has a great name!

In more not surprising news, Grant won immunity, Rob is still dominating the game and Ralph really needs to wear a shirt.   When he jumps in water it looks like someone threw a wet blanket over his shoulders.  I think I’d rather look at Phillips pink panties…  hmmm.. I take that back.

In a small attempt to either shake up the game, or speed it up, Jeff handed the tribe a package only to be opened at immunity.  Rob sniffed this right out as some cheap gimmick to throw them off guard and vote someone else out, so he made sure he had contingency plans unless something super major happened.

Steve trying to make a play for ashley and natalie

It didn’t.

The first vote went as planned (despite Jeff chirping in and trying to sway votes) and off went gorilla boy back to his natural habitat in the wild.    The package was opened, and it was a simple member game for another immunity challenge.  Nothing major, if Steve won, Andrea was set to go home.  Steve, however, didn’t win so it was his turn to meet Ralph in the forest and head to Mike and crybaby Matt at redemption island.

Next week is when things should start to change as there is nobody left from Zapatera to pick off (how is that for karma, btw), and it’s time to feed on themselves.   While I truly respect Rob as a player, I’m hoping Grant pulls this out and wins it all.  That’s another super nice guy who has been  nothing but loyal to his tribe since day 1. On top of that, he’s been the one carrying everyone through challenges, probably single-handedly giving Rob and crew the numbers they needed in key moments of the game.

One thing though, how many people are they going to have on redemption island?  My guess is next week it’s more of a 2 vs 2 challenge with both losers getting sent home.   Then possibly a 3 way duel the week after, with the winner finally returning to the game.

Look, I understand having a baby with a complete lunatic, but your 15 minutes are up, and no random tweets about your love life (or lack thereof) will change that.   You want to get back in the news?  Do something entertaining, like start dating someone like Leah, I hear she’s single.

Our favorite activists are back in action this June 3rd, and they are hyping it up questioning whether or not this will be the campaign that stops Antarctic whaling forever.  I’m going to guess it won’t be, but that’s the pessimist side coming out.   Don’t get me wrong, I think they’ve done a terrific job at shedding light on this subject, but that’s all they’re doing right now.   few small boats won’t stop a fleet of whaling ships alone.  That’s where the show and fans come in.  If there is enough outrage by people Worldwide, especially in Japan, that could set things in motion for the real people (those with actual power) to get involved and squash this.

Regardless, this does sound like another entertaining show, with a bigger speedboat than last year, and some exciting moments.   Will this boat be torn in half as well?  Here is a clip from the press-release..

This new season is full of the drama that viewers have come to expect from the Sea Shepherds’ campaigns, including new equipment in their arsenal — a new vessel that’s almost as fast but far bigger than the boat destroyed last year, a helicopter with a greater range, secret GPS devices, and more.  Aside from the Sea Shepherds’ new tactics, there are harrowing experiences unlike any viewers will have seen before, including a crew stranded overnight in freezing conditions and a tragic mayday call. Captain Alex Corneliessen joins the campaign to helm the Bob Barker, and Captain Lockhart Maclean takes command of the Sea Shepherds’ newest small vessel, the Gojira.

As Watson has said, “In order to save the whales, people have to be willing to risk their lives.”  And, before this campaign, when a reporter asked pointedly if he really couldn’t stop whaling, he vehemently responded, “We can’t stop whaling? That’s what they once said about slavery, but it was stopped. So yes, we can stop whaling.”

I always enjoy this show, and it should be another good season!


teen mom's leah moving out of her houseWhile a divorce is a crappy experience for almost everyone involved almost every time,  it’s hard to feel bad for Leah and Corey in this situation.   Why?  Because they’re teens who only got married because Corey gave Leah a guilt trip?  While that’s a maybe, it’s more how they’re whoring themselves out with it.  As you can see from above, Leah had to wait until the camera crews were around to move out, and for weeks leading up to this announcement, she vehemently denied the rumors.   Why did she deny them?  Simple, she was waiting to hear what MTV wanted her to do, and how she could spin this into more airtime.

I don’t have an ounce of sorrow for her, I mean look at that above, it looks like she’s faking sad while visions of how much she’ll make next season float around her head.      You have to get up pretty early in the morning to trick me with the fake sad routine, especially when you have a camera crew following you around.

Jordan Humble Teen Mom 2 Cheating ScandalI recently watched the last three episodes of Teen Mom 2, so naturally that makes me an expert on the topic now, and I was interested at this latest bit of gossip coming from Us Weekly today.  They are saying the reason our lovable redneck couple shockingly split after only six months of marriage is now possibly due to Corey’s wandering eye.. and by eye I mean penis.

Us Weekly is claiming the day Leah Messer filed for divorce from mr. mumbles, he was sending facebook messages to Jordan Humble (pictured above).   I also assume the messages were not asking where she shops, because she doesn’t walk around in camouflage and carry a rifle.   I also assume the only reason she showed any interest in him was due to his popularity with the show, because I’m frankly shocked Leah liked him, let alone another girl.

While we’re on the subject of our love birds, this should give people a valuable lesson out there.  If someone says you don’t love them because you want to wait on marriage, they usually have a few screws loose in their head and don’t take marriage very serious to begin with.   I’d like to blame this all on Corey, but Leah had to know what she was getting into when he pulled that line on her.  I mean it’s common sense, right?

Sorry I haven’t updated the blog in awhile, I can’t believe it’s already mid April and there are no April posts yet, I am a major slacker.   I have been watching Survivor the entire season, but just too busy to take notes and recap it, so I’ll do a few thoughts on the last few weeks.

It’s been a very interesting season, but not so much for the entertainment purposes.  Frankly, that aspect has been super dull and predictable, mostly because of the amazing clamp Boston Rob has on his tribe.   That’s the fascinating part because I’ve never seen one person have such control over so many other players for so long in this game.    Most people think they can go in this game and dominate because they’ve watched it a few seasons (see: Ralph early on), but to watch someone like Rob who is on his 4th attempt actually go against a bunch of newbies is really interesting to watch, and it shows just how tough the game actually is.

Both he and Russell had major targets on their backs heading into the season, but not only has Rob somehow found a way to avoid that, but he used it to his advantage quickly gaining the respect and adoration by some in his tribe like Ashley and Natalie.    He then used his Charisma to lure in just about everyone but Francesca and Kristina, both whom were promptly kicked out of the game.   Honestly, that’s not the impressive part, that’s Survivor 101 in Rob’s guide to playing the game.

What I wasn’t expecting was his post-merge game play which has been phenomenal, and it will be a sad day when it comes back to bite him before he gets a chance to go to the final 3 (which I assume will happen because, well it still is Boston Rob).   Let’s take a look at Rob’s post-merge game play:

  • With numbers not in his favor, he somehow wins back the guy he booted from the game in a blind side move which had him fuming.
  • He then turns his entire tribe against Matt – again – including Andrea who became snuggle buddies with Matt during the few days he was not on Redemption Island.
  • This move shows his tribe he means business which they blindly follow and become even more loyal to him
  • He is able to make sure nobody can be flipped by forcing everyone to use the ‘buddy system’, and even makes his tribe go hungry instead of accepting the olive branch Zapatera held out.
  • Rob then takes a page out of the past few seasons and makes sure he is going to have a “Russell” with him in the final 3, keeping Phillip around who is hated by both tribes at this point.
  • In addition to all that, he has stepped up his challenges and is winning that way too.

Phillip is making Ashley nuts

This week showed that no matter how annoying Phillip is getting to these players, they are still not even questioning him being in the game over Zapatera members.   How long can Rob keep Phillip in the game before Ashley and Natalie end up drowning themselves in the ocean just to get away from him is going to be a big question in future episodes. However,  as long as there are Zapatera members left, he still should be able to convince his alliance that keeping Phillip is somehow a good thing for everyone.

Seeing as there has been absolutely no surprises in the outcome of the game since Matt was booted in the first vote post-merge, the editors have had to really fill the time with arguments over rice & race wars, and other ridiculous things we probably wouldn’t see on other seasons.   This is probably driving those editors absolutely crazing trying to put together an hour long show when nothing really happens from day to day except for people hiding shorts, or meditating on rocks with feathers in their heads.   That is why these boring episodes have been really fascinating for me to watch, simply because rarely do  things go exactly the way a player wants, and for so long.

The future is not all rosy for Boston Rob, however.   He is in a fantastic position to win it all, but that is due to the trust and respect he has earned from his alliance so far in the game.   Hypothetically if the plan continues, he’ll have at least one more tribal council in which the loser of Steve or Ralph in the immunity challenge will be heading home.  After that, Rob’s chance for a million dollars will strongly be decided on how he handles the inevitable split up of the ‘final six’.

First, he has his hidden immunity necklace which nobody knows about, and should he play that one week, that will absolutely destroy the trust he earned from his alliance.   He will likely be able to smooth things over with Natalie and Ashley because they have hearts in their eyes whenever he talks, but the other three probably won’t be as forgiving.

Secondly, it will then be time to walk on eggshells as “stealth-R-us’ will be forced to vote for each other.  This will cause some major rifts in the tribe if not done properly, and it’s usually when the low man on the totem pole realizes there is nobody left to vote for, and starts scrambling to break things up.   At least 50% of stealth-r-us will be sitting in the jury, and either they’ve just accepted defeat and are happy with the consolation cash prizes of finishing so late in the game, or they’re all going to realize it and things will hit the fan.

I’ve said it before and have been wrong so far, but this situation has the chance to get very interesting and make the rest of the season very entertaining to watch.

On a side note, I am really loving watching Zapatera still being picked off one by one.   I hated how they threw the challenge to get Russell out, so it is very fun watching that come back to bite them in the end game.

How do you see the final few weeks going?