With the race not stopping for their normal break last week, the flow had more of the ‘amazing’ feel you’d expect for something called “The Amazing Race”, and it was refreshing to see.  Often times they tried to make a pretty stale leg of a race seem exciting by switching back and forth between teams real quick while playing fast music, but the excitement was always a bit lost when you see the teams hanging around an airport getting caught up and chatting until their next flight.

Glad to see he was feeling better later in race

While all that is still happening, adding the new twist of putting back to back legs in this year definitely made the opener far more exciting than it’s been for many seasons now.  Racers were clearly working up a sweat, as evidence on the cheerleaders shirts, oh and Mike nearly dying on the bus.  That was a pretty scary scene, and it was good to see him look much better later on in the episode.

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I decided to use the best quote in the entire episode as a title for this post.  It was said by Randy, Chelsea’s dad, and it was actually really sad.  Maybe this proves how old I am, but I sometimes identify more with the teen moms’ parents than I do the teen moms’ themselves.  Okay, now that I’ve just aged myself, onto the episode…


Things have been calm at the Kailyn/Jo household, but Kailyn is still determined to move out, even though is acting like it’s the worst thing in the entire world that could ever happen.  She goes to look at apartments and realizes she’s really poor.  She needs a second job to afford anything.  When she tells Jo this, he still tries to convince her to move in with him, but she doesn’t want to because all they do is fight and just don’t get along.  Sounds like good reasoning to me.  Since Jo is oh-so-supportive, he tells Kailyn that she’s going to fall on her face with two jobs and school.  If he’s trying to make her fall in love with him, he’s going about it the wrong way.

Kailyn, being the awesome bitch that she is (except when she does crazy things like date other guys while still living with her ex’s parents), goes to try to find a second job anyway.  Jo be damned!  She interviews for a hostess job at Hooters.  Just kidding about Hooters, but she does interview at a restaurant for a hostess and she gets it!  She texts Jo to let him know and he has apparently stooped to Adam’s level and texts her back and I kind of want to punch him now.  Seriously.  He says she’s confusing.  He’s all, “I love you, I hate you, I want to be with you, I wish I never met you.”

Jo is channeling Adam

She goes home and confronts Jo about how much of a dick he is and they get into a fight, all without him making eye contact.  I guess he’s only brave over text message.

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I wish I could have Phillip around to do crazy things, he seems like a fun guy.

Anyway, here is the gallery for week 2, I added more photos than normal, hopefully you guys enjoy!

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Andrea and Matt getting close on the islandSo we’re two weeks into the season of Survivor: Redemption Island, and I already think it’s better than the entire least season.   It’s hard for me to say because I’ve actually chatted with quite a few contestants, and many of them were extremely friendly and polite despite the amount of messages I’m sure they received on facebook.    It’s just that last season was doomed from the start because of the horrible tribe setups, it never really found it’s legs.

The redemption island part of this season?  The most hyped up feature of the new season has yet to even have any impact on the game or strategy.    This week featured Francesca going to the island, lighting a fire, and writing in a journal..  easily the most uneventful thing the show has aired in many seasons now, that includes pretty much every moment Dan was on air last season.    You know you’re going to have a good season when you bring Rob and Russell back in the game, period.    And that brings us to this week’s random thoughts about Survivor segment that I just made up now!

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The only thing worse than Amber Portwood being a mom is Amber Portwood being a mom again.  Rumor has it that Amber is pregnant again.  However, unlike when Farrah Abraham was supposedly pregnant, we don’t have an elusive baby bump to go on.  We just have hearsay, which is always a reliable source (note: sarcasm).  Either Amber is addicted to peeing on sticks or she’s freaking out over the possibility she might be pregnant and is taking pregnancy test after pregnancy test, all of which have been positive.  Yet, at a doctor’s visit, she was told it was negative.  So is Amber pregnant or not?  Who knows!  I think, the real story here is that, if she is pregnant, she won’t know who the father is.

Oh, Amber, how we have missed the trainwreck that is you.

Source: Radaronline.com

Sorry for the late post with this, I completely forgot to add the gallery from week 1!

Gallery is after the jump!

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The 18th season of The Amazing Race kicked off tonight, and this one is called “Unfinished Business” due to all the returning cast members either being close to winning but falling short,  leaving in heartbreaking fashion (U-Turns, etc),  or simply just being a fan favorite I’d guess.   I covered our list of teams here, along with what seasons they came from, and noticed something major, out of the eleven teams racing, almost half of them came from season 14.  Would knowing each other from past seasons help or hurt the teams?  Which teams are going to suffer the same heart break they suffered in the past?  How many times will Mallory call from help from above?  Those questions and more will be answered this season on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business.

Not only are former racers back, but our very anti-climactic “Express Pass” has also returned, hopefully with a little more excitement than last season when it went quietly with no real impact on the race sometime in the middle of the season.    For those who don’t know, the Express Pass is given out to the winner of the first leg of the race, and it’s a pass that allows a team to skip a challenge of their choosing whenever they want.    Pretty nice in theory, but in play it’ll likely just be used when one team gets in a panic and thinks they may finish last, but didn’t realize they were in the middle of the pack anyway and were not going home.

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I hardly even want to blog this episode, because it made me sad.  BUT! the blog must go on.  I guess it’s just the way things go though…the sky is blue, the grass is green, Adam is a douchebag, etc., etc.


Adam is living with Chelsea and Megan, but not paying rent.  Supposedly he doesn’t make enough to pay both rent and child support.  When Chelsea confronts him that he needs to pay rent (since her father said so), he gets annoyed at Megan since she doesn’t pay rent either.  I guess that makes sense to me.  They each should be paying 1/3 of the rent.  Megan even mentions they should split the rent 3 ways.  But that doesn’t help anything, since Adam and Megan absolutely despise each other.  This is really difficult for Chelsea, since she feels torn between her family and her best friend.

He pretty much spends the entire episode trying to get Megan to move out.  And I pretty much spend the entire episode wanting to punch him.  It doesn’t help that Randy is trying to get Chelsea to forget Adam exists, by telling her to find a job at a tanning salon or something (he sure knows what she likes) and “maybe [she’ll] find a nice guy.”  Oooh, low blow, dad!  While Chelsea and Randy are chatting over lunch, both Megan and Adam are texting her, because they’re arguing again.  By the time Chelsea gets home, Megan is gone.  She’s spending the night with her parents.  Since Adam likes to be a jerk, he starts texting Megan that she should just move out.  Nevermind that she was there first.

Nething? Really?

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I decided to break off the gallery from the post because my recaps are already too long, so here is the gallery from week one, and if you missed my recap, you can view it here

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Just an FYI: This post has no screen captures, because Hulu took down the video for some reason.  I guess I took too long to blog it.  I learned my lesson!

I am probably the most horrible blogger in the history of blogdom.  I haven’t even blogged last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 and this week’s episode has already aired!  I’m slapping myself on the wrist as we speak.  Well, not really, but wouldn’t that be a funny image?  Me sitting here, just slapping myself repeatedly on the wrist.  Anyway, this blog post will be a quick one.  I would say an even shorter recap than usual, but who are we kidding?  My recaps are never short.


Kailyn and Jo are saying their trying to make their relationship work, but at the same time, they’re not back together.  I’m confused.  Jo has been stepping up to the plate since Kailyn is going to school, then directly to work from school.  But then everything blows up over who’s going to do laundry.  Laundry, people!  After that, all they do is argue.  Must be some pretty awful laundry.

Their arguing is causing problems with Jo’s parents, Janet and Eddie.  I think they’re getting sick of their cellar dweller.  Jo ends up getting kicked out of the house one day, because he got into a fight with his dad and he up and takes Isaac to his aunt’s house in New Jersey, a 2 hour drive away, just giving Kailyn a mere head’s up that that’s what he’s going to do.  He was sort of like, “Hey, I got us kicked out of the house, you have to find a new place to live, I’m taking Isaac to Newark.  See ya.”  Yeah.

Kailyn ends up staying with her friend, Stephanie, in Pennsylvania, but Jo wants her to move to New Jersey, despite the fact that she is going to school and has a job in Pennsylvania.  Since they can’t figure this out over the phone, Jo meets Kailyn at a restaurant to discuss their living arrangements.  (Does anyone else notice how Jo just CAN NOT make eye contact?  It makes him look almost cute.)  He says that he wants to stay in New Jersey, but, in the meantime, he’s staying at a hotel.  Kailyn decides to stay with him at the hotel, so she “can spend time with Isaac.”  Suuuure, spend time with Isaac.  Likely story.

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