Amber Portwood Mugshot

People Magazine is reporting the ever-so-lovely Amber Portwood has been officially arrested and is being held in jail for 24 hours after turning herself in.  A warrant was issued for her arrest yesterday, and I’m sure she took this opportunity to get all dolled up because you never know if you’ll meet the man of your dreams in jail.  The only bad part about this is I don’t think MTV was recording the events for the next season.  It would have been great to see Amber go to jail and come out with a few guys phone numbers, then watch as she speed dates when they’re released.

Oh well, maybe her next arrest.  Anyway, details of the story:

“Domestic battery has an automatic 24 hold,” an officer at the Madison County jail in Anderson, Ind., where Portwood is being held told PEOPLE. “Even if someone pays your bond, you still have to wait 24 hours to be released.”

Earlier on Monday, Portwood was charged by the Madison County prosecutor with three felonies, including two counts of domestic battery and one count of neglect of a dependent. She was also charged with one misdemeanor charge of domestic battery. She was booked at 4:21 p.m. and bail was set at $5,000.

Enjoy your time in jail, Amber.  I hope this is a little reality check for you.  Probably not, though.

Now that Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood is realizing she could actually be in trouble for beating the shit out of her boyfriend, Gary Shirley, it’s time for the excuses to fly.  In an interview with National Enquirer (realize source here), an “insider” was quoted as saying:

“Amber knows she needs a good defense, and reality show producers are known to stage scenes, so she thinks it’s believable.

“She says that the producers were concerned because they don’t get much drama from the other moms.

“They told her that she and Gary were the most popular couple on the show and that they would pay her extra to provoke a fight. Amber says Gary didn’t know about it because they wanted a ‘spontaneous’ reaction from him.”

Even if this story is true, I’m not buying it at all.  Amber is a head case, and she’s been in a dysfunctional relationship with Gary for as long as the show has aired, and we’re supposed to suddenly believe that she took money to be what she already is, crazy!  Amber and Gary may be the most popular part of the show, but I don’t think MTV needs to pay Amber any extra to get it like that.   They saw gold in her during 16 and Pregnant which is why she was selected to do the Teen Mom show.  To think they would need to pay her to be crazy is like saying they pay “The Situation” to be sleazy, or “Snookie” to be skanky.  Shit like that just comes natural for them, as does Ambers behavior.

Skating With the Stars crowned its first winner last night.  I’m sure it comes as no surprise that Rebecca Budig took home the crown, since she was the only one who could skate right from the start.  She competed in the finale against Bethenny Frankel, which also isn’t surprising.  Brandon Mychal Smith cheered on from the audience, even though he left the show early due to a “stomach virus,” which was probably just a fancy way of saying he didn’t feel like skating anymore.  And who could blame him?  The show’s ratings took a nosedive after the first episode.  Will Skating return for a second season?  Only time will tell, but I won’t hold my breath.

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In case you were wondering what’s going on with the couple we love to hate, look no further!  It seems Teen Mom’s very own Gary Shirley is out spending money like he’s Oprah.  He’s dropping coin on a boys’ weekend, on furniture, on a new car, despite the fact that he has a suspended license and will only be able to look at it collecting dust in his driveway, not to mention more little (okay, big) gifts for himself.  Poor Leah got the shaft when he only spent a measly $200.00 on birthday presents for her.  I guess it’s all relative, since I don’t think $200.00 is anything to sneeze at for a 2 year old’s birthday.  He could have at least bought Leah a new car, like a pink Hummer.  Basically, Gary is acting like a lot of other guys his age would when they find themselves with a lot of money.  Maybe he feels he deserves it after getting beat up by his girlfriend every week.  Regardless the reason, I know what I’m doing Sunday.  Heading over to Gary’s place to watch football on his new 82-inch 3D HDTV.


survivor redemption island logoDuring the reunion show of Survivor Nicaragua, a preview clip played about the next season called Survivor: Redemption Island.  The theme of this show will be a new feature called Redemption Island where the first person voted off will head there instead of home and wait under the same conditions as other survivors.   When the second person is voted off, those two people will square off in a challenge (sword fight to the death?) to determine who finally goes home and who remains on the island.   The winner will challenge the third person voted off and so on until a certain point when the final person standing on Redemption Island will actually be inserted back into the real game for a second chance.

What was not mentioned was whether or not Rob or Russell will be returning, or any other former cast members, like heavily rumored.   This was surprising considering it would have been a big draw, and the rumored contestants (Rob and Russell) were in the crowd essentially sitting between Jeff Probst at one point.

In an interview with Probst, he said this will likely be a continued format that he’s really excited about.  It differs from Pearl Islands because a) contestants will know about it from the start, so they’ll put more thought into votes and b) those living on the island will have the same harsh conditions instead of a “break” from the game.   He also said there will only be one immunity idol in play at a time instead of one per camp, which will prevent powerhouses from holding on to two idols at the same time.

I am already looking forward to the new season which begins on February 16th, but don’t stop visiting until then.  I’ll be posting any updates I can find on the show including cast previews / bios when I get them. Like us on facebook for the most recent updates!

As per usual, the final episode of Survivor was a lead-in to the reunion special where they counted the votes to award the winner of the one million dollar prize.   If you live under a rock and still don’t know who won and are waiting for DVR, avoid this post because there may be some spoilers.

  • When Brenda Lowe was up for elimination, she said there was a whole scene that took place which didn’t even air.  I was one of the many people who wondered why Sash didn’t give her the idol to strengthen their alliance, but apparently as he was enjoying his reward zip-lining over Nicaragua, Brenda was actually plotting on getting Sash out of the game.  NaOnka told him about that prior to the tribal council, and that’s why he didn’t give his idol to her, and his alliance fell apart.  I wonder why they didn’t show that.
  • Jimmy Johnson said the show actually saved his life.   He said he’s tried multiple times to go on the show, and on a recent season, one of the Survivor doctors called him up and told him during his check-up, he had two blocked arteries and needed to get that taken care of.  He had stents put in, and passed the physical for this season.   Applying a few years ago most likely saved his life.
  • Jeff asked if Marty and Jane made up, and the always honest Marty said there will be no future friendship.  Why is this newsworthy?  It was just interesting because most people under that pressure lie and say they’re best friends now.  Not Marty, and that’s why it was too bad he was booted when he was.
  • NaOnka said she didn’t realize it would rain so much… in the rain forest.
  • Speaking of, because of NaOnka and Purple Kelly quitting, Jeff announced a new rule change for future seasons.   If someone quits for anything non medically related, the show has the right to refuse them being on the jury.  This explains why they still allowed those to participate in the show like other contestants.
  • Jeff tried to allow Shannon to redeem himself and his comments towards Sash and gay people in general, but Shannon stood by his comments and was quickly cut off by Jeff and the subject was changed.   This confirms one thing, Shannon is still a douche.
  • Despite heavy rumors of a Rob vs Russell season 22, nothing was announced about this despite a) Russell was in the shot as Jeff was talking to Rob, and b) he allowed Rob to introduce the teaser to the upcoming season.
  • Jane won the $100k fan choice vote by an overwhelming amount.   This kind of shocks me as I didn’t really find anything exciting about her, and in fact she was one of the most annoying people on the show to me.   The best part of her was obvious, she was an old trooper and busted her ass competing with young players, so I can see that draw, but her personality really killed it for me.

Here is a gallery of the reunion show after the jump:

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The season finale of Survivor Nicaragua kind of came out of nowhere to me.  I guess I should have expected it, but was a little shocked last Wednesday when they announced it was set for last night in a 3 hour special.   Then I checked and seen there was a 4pm football game, which no doubt was set to screw up the timing of the show, and to top it off, my Patriots were in Sunday Night Football.  Needless to say, it was a busy night for me, but rest assured, DVR screw-ups aside, I was manage to catch every moment of the 2 hour episode + 1 hour reunion special and ready to finish off what was a huge letdown of a season.

Maybe it was due to me blogging every minute of every episode, and the first time I’ve ever watched the show with a notepad.   This is also the first time I’ve tried to add all the contestants to facebook to see what they have to say about the show and book interviews (which didn’t happen this season, but I should have plenty of exclusive interviews next season as Vicki from The Amazing Race helped me on that front – she’s a great person btw).   Needless to say, this was a different experience for me, which could have resulted in a season that didn’t feel as exciting as seasons past.

Perhaps it wasn’t me, perhaps it was just the season?  I have read a lot of other different opinions on the season, and I’m gathering it’s been a fairly weak in general.    The old vs young concept was extremely flawed to begin with as they stacked the young tribe with very fit people including a girl with one leg who was in better physical shape than the majority of both tribes.   The old tribe was mixed with some physical people like Tyrone, some smart people like Marty and Jill, but some general nutjobs like Jimmy T and Wendy.   In order to throw a life-line to the old tribe, they nixed the format only a few episodes in, and did traditional teams, but only after the young tribe bonded and formed tight alliances.  Needless to say, some people who actually played the game (Marty) were completely screwed from the start which allowed people like Purple Kelly to advance as far as they did, only to quit randomly.

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We’re down to the final TWO!!!  Either Russell or Nona will be the new head chef at LA Market, plus the spokesperson for Rosemount Estate wines before the end of the night.  The pressure is mounting!  Each chef has to design their own menu for the final dinner service, but first, it’s challenge time!  Both chefs are kidnapped and sent to LA Market in a helicopter.  Once they get there, they’re told they have to skydive down to the audience waiting below and are given parachutes.  The funniest part about this was that Russell started totally freaking out and almost crapped his pants.  It was all a false alarm though.  They ended up walking down to the audience instead.  Very disappointing, but I’m sure Russell was relieved.

I'll just freefall right here!

The first challenge is to create 5 separate dishes, soup, salad, pasta, fish and meat, and they will be judged by these really awesome judges.  Russell decided fusion was his thing, despite the fact that he didn’t do well in the fusion challenge, and Nona stuck with her southern flair.  The fusion idea worked well for Russell this time, since he won the challenge, beating Nona with 3 of the 5 dishes.  This, of course, swelled his ego even more.  Then they’re told to head back to the dorms where previous contestants from the season jump out of closets, scaring Russell and Nona, even though we all knew they were going to be there.  Russell’s reward for winning the challenge was that he got to pick the first team member, which I honestly think is the lamest reward Hell’s Kitchen has ever thought of.  Russell picks Jillian first, which makes sense since she made it so far.  He also ends up with Vinny, Sabrina, and Rob, which means Nona’s team consists of Gail, Melissa, Trev, and Boris.  Nona totally got the shaft.  I barely even remember Melissa and Boris certainly didn’t make any impressions on me, other than washing dishes in the middle of dinner service and sweating in the food.

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Amazon has announced that season 20 of Survivor (Heroes vs Villains) is ready for pre-order, so if you’re still doing some last minute shopping for a Survivor fan, this is a great gift!  This was arguably one of the better seasons of Survivor featuring your all-time favorite heroes (Rupert, James, Amanda) and Villains (Russell, Parvati, Boston Rob) squaring off.  All-Star seasons are usually very entertaining and this is no different, a definite ‘must-have’ if you’re a Survivor collector!

Pre-Order Survivor: Heroes vs Villains here