Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings

Here we go with the weekly Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings after the jump, but first here is a random picture of Paris Hilton who will do anything she can to be on TV, even if it’s in night-vision.

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Now that Sabrina’s gone, I was expecting the drama to slow down.  I certainly wasn’t expecting Jillian to try and fill the void, but that’s exactly what she did.  After spewing off about how much they all hate Gail and Trev, it was challenge time!  Each chef had to create a signature lunch to cook in LA Market.  The only problem was, they would have to do so in their own food truck and would have 1

Food trucks

hour to do it.  There were hungry businessmen and women to attend to!  I always love roach coach challenges, even though I’ve only ever seen it on The Next Food Network Star.  The challenge proves to be a bit of a problem though since food trucks aren’t exactly the easiest kitchens to work around, which is proven when Nona has trouble finding the oven.  Russell, who apparently thinks he’s in an upscale New York City seafood restaurant, tackles octopus like it’s nobody’s business.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would want to order octopuss in a food truck.  Trev takes the easy route with pasta and sausage and Nona doesn’t do much better with a sandwich and sweet potato fries.  Gail gets her cook on with steak.  Honestly, if I was looking for lunch from a food truck, I think I would order Nona’s lunch, since that’s what I would expect from that type of…establishment.  Not surprisingly, Russell got the least votes.  I’m guessing he learned nothing from Trev’s frog leg fiasco of the previous week.  Gail received the most votes, with Nona a close second.  Even though Trev tried his hardest to schmooze the customers, he placed third.

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Brook and Claire sucking it outSarah Jessica Parker has a horse face.   Sorry, while I was trying to think of a way to sum up this episode without giving any immediate spoilers, I glanced at the TV and saw her and thought that.  Very random, but it’s a good start to a post because I don’t like her and felt the need to express it.

With that out of the way, let’s talk a little about The Amazing Race and their trip to Hong Kong, China, but first I want to comment on what Phil mentioned at the beginning of the episode.   The country they’re leaving (Bangladesh) has 100,000 people per square mile which is equivalent to having the entire population of the United States and Mexico and putting them in the Los Angeles area.. holy shit!  That is extremely insane to me, it’s just another thing people (myself included) take for granted in the World.

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My posts are going up a little late this week due to the holiday, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten.  How could I forget the most controversial season of Dancing With the Stars?  One of the few reality shows that I didn’t think could cause drama, did.  However, the ratings this season were through the roof, which means I’m sure we can expect more controversial “stars” in future seasons.

I’m sure you all know by now that Jennifer Grey took home the coveted mirror ball trophy, which is probably the worst prize in reality show history.  I was pretty surprised, but at the same time, I wasn’t.  Bristol Palin brought up the rear in viewers’ votes this time, which leads me to believe people wanted to vote for her to take a stand, but they didn’t really believe she deserved to win.  Floating somewhere in the middle was Disney star, Kyle Massey.

Good job, Jennifer, you deserved it.

The amazing race 18 cast listIf you’re not into knowing the future cast of a show before it airs, this post definitely is not for you.

There is your warning, continue reading after the jump if you want to know…

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I admit I wasn’t expecting much of Skating With the Stars.  I was right to feel that way.  It’s basically Dancing With the Stars on ice skates, only not nearly as interesting.  What we got was more of the same, right down to the choice of judges.  Just as in Dancing, we had the flamboyant young guy, the codgy old stodger, and the token female.  Bruno, Len, and Carrie Ann anyone?  The host, Vernon Kay (who?), didn’t seem confident or even comfortable in front of the camera.  I found his constant wide-eyed stares to be distracting.

Johnny Weir's poker face

Each contestant was given 2 moves they had to perform during their routine, but that was basically the only rule.  Luckily, we had a random disembodied head, who was actually retired Ice Dancer, Tanith Belbin, pointing out the moves afterward, so people who know nothing about skating (like me), would notice it and be impressed.  Then they were each

What's with those eyes?

judged for both technical and artistic merits.  I was right about Vince Neil not being able to get out of his own way, as he received the lowest score of the night.  Rebecca Budig and Jonny Moseley received the top scores.  The others were barely mediocre.  I couldn’t bring myself to care though.  Dancing may arguably be full of “has beens,” but Skating has stars who can’t even aspire to be “has beens.”  The judging itself was fairly tame too, with no Bruno Tonioli jumping out of his seat at every given opportunity.  The highlight of the show was judge Johnny Weir performing to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.”

I’m hoping, as the contestants get more experience, the show will pick up speed and we’ll get to see a bit mmore excitement on the ice.  Otherwise, I probably won’t give Skating With the Stars much hope.

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weekly reality show ratings report

All shows were up this week, which isn’t a shock seeing as there is little else to do in the winter 🙁 Survivor came close to breaking the 12 million mark again, and Dancing with the Stars had their highest rating since the 2nd episode, but Hell’s Kitchen is still struggling going against the big Wed night lineup of not only Survivor but other huge shows (Criminal Minds, Modern Family, etc).

TAR = The Amazing Race
HK = Hell’s Kitchen
DWTS = Dancing With The Stars

Week Ending Survivor TAR HK DWTS DWTS(2)
Sept 19th 12.2 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Sept 26th 12.5 11.5 6.5 21.2 18.5
Oct 3rd 12.2 10.6 6.2 21.3 17.3
Oct 10th 12.0 11.9 6.6 19.8 16.6
Oct 17th 12.3 10.9 6.8 19.5 16.0
Oct 24th 12.2 11.4 N/A 19.3 15.3
Oct 31st 11.8 9.2 N/A 20.4 15.9
Nov 7th 12.3 11.0 N/A 19.9 16.9
Nov 14th 11.2 10.5 5.7 19.9 16.9
Nov 21st 11.9 10.5 5.9 20.6 17.4
AVERAGE 12.07 10.85 6.29 20.21 16.76

* Viewer amounts in millions
* The second DWTS number is the results show
* If two episodes air in one night, like Hell’s Kitchen, I put the average of both episodes

The Amazing Race Power Rankings

Here are the rankings for The Amazing Race 17

Despite finishing first the week before, Chad and Stephanie fell to the bottom of the pack and were sent packing. This wasn’t exactly a shock as they relied heavily on luck to even stay in the race, and it was only a matter of time until they were sent packing. Sure, they got U-Turned, but so did another team and still had a chance to stay in the race.

No other changes in the rankings as I’m pretty comfortable with the standings right now.

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Working with nuts and bullets

The Amazing Race 17 is down to the final 5 already!  Where did the season go?  It seemed like just yesterday that Ron and Tony were getting lost in the UK, Connor and Jonathan were making us uncomfortable with their random singing to cab drivers, and Claire was getting slammed in the face by a watermelon.   We had the very uneventful “game-changing” addition of the express pass that many didn’t even notice enter the game and fewer saw it leave.   And finally the pairing of a mother and a daughter who just met for the first time and had less chemistry than Bristol Palin and The Situation.

Now we’re left with 4 teams after last night’s episode, which means before I know it the season will be over and my Sunday nights will consist of me staring at the clock waiting for The Amazing Race 18!  Ok, I’m not really that boring, but close.   This is my first season blogging the show and it’s been very interesting and quite a learning experience.  It’s a lot harder than it looks to summarize a show that bounces around between up to 11 teams within seconds of each other, and I give credit to sites like Reality Blurred who can sum up an episode brilliantly in less than the 20 paragraphs it takes me.

Ok enough boring shit, it’s time for the episode which was a pretty good one this week, despite the U-Turn which I’m not really a fan of.  Not only was it the U-Turn week, but was the double U-Turn which I’m even more torn on.  The double U-Turn likely means it’s the only one this season, which is kind of lame.  I liked how in prior seasons that teams would debate on using the first one for fear of putting a target on their back later in the season, but that was wiped out putting them on the same leg.  However, I also didn’t like how a team can dominate the season, have a nice lead then get held up at the airport, get unlucky with a lousy cab driver and suddenly face a U-Turn which almost always eliminates them.   If a team dominates challenges and deserves to win, they should at least get a 2nd chance to prove themselves which is what the double U-Turn does.

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Name: Vince Neil
Age: 49
Claim to Fame: Vocalist and Musician for Motley Crue

Vince Neil certainly had a colorful life.  In addition to being part of Motley Crue from 1981-1992, he has had several business ventures, such as a vineyard, clubs, a restaurant, and Vince Neil Racing.  After crashing his car, he gave up on the racing stint though.  I guess he never heard the saying, “If you fall off the horse, get right back on.”  Or maybe he just didn’t want to die.  He has been married 4 times.  A couple of really sad things: In 1984, Vince Neil was charged with DUI and manslaughter when the car he was driving his another car head on and the 2 occupants suffered were seriously injured and suffered brain damage, which made me angry.  Then, in 1995, Vince’s 4 year old daughter died of Cancer, which made me feel bad for him.  My emotions are all sorts of confused.

He was also involved in several other legal ramifications.  On Skating With the Stars, I’m not sure he’ll be able to get out of his own way honestly.

Skating With the Stars premieres on November 22, 2010!

More photos of Vince after the jump:

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