Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom showed Amber Portwood getting all up in Gary Shirley’s face when he threatened to call Child Protective Services on her, with Leah standing by their feet crying.


Amber pushed and hit Gary several times, which the Anderson Police Department was made aware of on Wednesday.  Child Protective Services and the Police Department will be investigating, which is a requirement every time a tip is called in.  During the episode on Tuesday, Amber even admitted, “I know I have anger issues.”  That’s only the tip of the iceberg, dear.

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Here are some great highlights from week 3, including stuff I couldn’t fit in my recap

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OK Magazine Has Never Steered Me Wrong! (until now)

Yesterday, we posted a rumor about Farrah maybe being pregnant again.  In an exclusive interview with MTV, she states the “baby bump” is just an allergic reaction to medication she was taking, because that’s what celebrities say when they look less than perfect.  It’s okay, Farrah, we all have our “fat days.”  As for the baggy clothes, she states: 

And the only clothes I’m wearing lately are baggy! They’re sweats for cooking and working out all the time, and going to the park with my daughter. I feel like I have no one to impress. I’m not going to dress up for anybody, I’m comfortable with myself. 

Source: MTV Remote Control 

This is a far cry from the Farrah we knew last season and even earlier this season, who danced the night away and put finding another man before anything else in her life.  I admit I’ve been impressed with the new Farrah and I hope, for her sake and especially Sophia’s sake, she keeps it up.

Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

Rankings remain relatively stable after Week 3. NaOnka moved down a bit because even with her alliance, acting crazy is going to make her a target unless she can survive until merge. Jimmy T is starting to crack, so he dropped a bit in the rankings, and the move by Marty could put a bad taste in Espada’s mouths.

(last weeks rank – Or their final rank before being evicted)

Name Age RK Notes
Tyrone Davis 42 1 (1) Espada would simply give up if they voted him off
Brenda Lowe 27 2 (2) Still the power player on LaFlor
Jill Behm 43 3 (4) I think she’s going to be the one really pulling the strings
Matthew Lenahan 30 4 (5) He’ll be strong with Brenda and Chase through the season
Marty Piombo 48 5 (3) Made a bold move this week, can he handle leadership role now?
Chase Rice 24 6 (6) Not a good sign his #1 ally didn’t clue him in on idol yet
Ben Henry 24 7 (8) Not in an alliance, but simply too strong to boot. May still make merge
Yve Rojas 41 8 (9) Very quietly moving right along
NaOnka Mixon 27 9 (7) More batshit crazy for NaOnka. With clue, they have a reason to dump her
Holly Hoffman 44 10 (11) She still has the Dan buffer before she should worry
Kelly Shinn 20 11 (13) Still tagging along, I can see her flipping alliances though
Alina Wilson 21 12 (12) Not looking good at all for Alina, better hope they keep winning
Jane Bright 56 13 (14) Very weak, but rarely mentioned for it. Good sign for her.
Jimmy T 48 14 (10) Jimmy is losing his marbles out there.
Judson Birza 21 15 (15) He’ll keep getting buzzed from smoke until he’s gone.
Kelly Bruno 26 16 (17) Fights with NaOnka, and left without alliance. Tribe winning only thing saving her
Dan Lembo 63 17 (18) Dan can barely stand up and sit down, he’s going to go home soon
Jimmy Johnson 67 18 (16) Week 3 FAIL
Shannon Elkins 30 19 (9) Week 2 FAIL!
Wendy Kohlhoff 48 20 Week 1 FAIL!


You know Survivor is well under way when the opening few scenes of the episode are last weeks losing tribe huddling around pretending everything is ok after a brutal tribal council that night.   I always get a kick out of this part of the episode, you get to see these people stand around and try to be friendly and nice after some nasty shit was said just an hour or so prior.   It’s like having a nasty breakup with someone where you say the worst things in the world to each other, only to realize you’re 2 hours away from home and need to drive together in one of the most awkward moments of your life.   That’s Survivor for you!


Coach Trying To Recruit Monkeys

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If you were looking for more Gary/Amber action, you’ve come to the right place!  We also get to see Amber laying down a lot, so it’s win-win.  I think.  We do get to hear Maci ask what an Ethiopian is though, and here I thought she was the smart one!


Gary is still living in Amber’s apartment, despite the fact that they’re still not back together.  Amber decides to spend as little time at the house as possible, since all Gary does is keep the couch warm.  She takes Leah to the park with her cousin, Krystal.


She decides to show Krystal some of the martial arts she’s learning that will keep Gary to cater to her every whim.  Hey, it’s working so far.  Don’t knock a good thing.  Right, Amber?

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Yay!  It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means??  Survivor Night!!! Well, Survivor, Hell’s Kitchen, Modern Family, and Criminal Minds, plus a Teen Mom blog entry from Melinda (she has to wait a day for Hulu, lame).   Man, why did they make Wednesday’s so jammed with shows?   Oh well, it keeps us busy I guess, and keeps everyone entertained with great Tyrone reaction moments!

Seriously, this guy is quickly becoming one of my favorite Survivor cast members ever!  Even Melinda is rooting for him, and she doesn’t watch Survivor.   This season has a really great cast so far, especially since they ditched Shannon, and now they’re left with some really good.   Even Jimmy Johnson, who I thought was going to annoy the shit out of me, has won me over and I’m pulling for him as well.

Kelly Bruno is simply bad ass, almost as much as Claire from Team Watermelon FaceHolly Hoffman is really a nice person even though she came off as a little whacky last episode, and the girls are all hot.  Brenda Lowe is wildly popular,  and could be a long term fan favorite with people.  By the way, I get asked a lot, Brenda’s ethnicity is half Bolivian, half Chinese, and all hot!

So, to get you in the mood for Survivor night, here is more of Tyrone being awesome after the jump

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OK Magazine Has Never Steered Me Wrong!

Hitting news stands soon is the newest edition of OK Magazine which will have Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham’s recent modeling pic in which she is sporting a little belly.  Has she been drinking a bit too much?  Or getting a little semen injection on the side?

I was undecided if I should post this seeing as it’s pure gossip and I like cold, hard facts (like wondering if Top Model was staged), but last week I saw the photo as Farrah posted it on twitter and instantly wondered the same thing.    She does have quite the bump showing, and unless she puts on weight in very specific areas, it does in fact look like she’s been knocked up.

What she does have going for her is that this is OK Magazine, and on the same cover they have Bristol Palin and her dance partner Mark heating up, which is obvious since Bristol comes off as very desperate and would have hooked up with The Hoff had they been paired up.  Another cover story was Kendra Wilkinson having family drama.  Really?  Kendra, the ex-Playboy model who dated a 78 year old and recently released a sex tape is having family drama?  That’s a shocker!

So OK Magazine may not have the best credibility here with their “state the obvious” stories, but this one may have some legs not only because of the picture, but because she’s famous for having a kid.  It’s not at all a surprise for someone to get famous a certain way try to re-create that way… especially when she sees the money being dished out to the Jersey Shore cast from the very same network.

Maybe she’s trying for a Farrah spin-off show called Farrah Plus Two Equals .. Umm Five?

Anyway, here is a larger version of the bump pic, what do you guys think?  Preggers or just a belly?

I went over this a few times using my super-enhanced fake-catching software, analyzed the pixels frame by frame, and studied the facial expressions I learned from Dr. Cal Lightman, but still couldn’t come to a decisive conclusion on how real this major fuck-up was last night on Australia’s Next Top Model.

Host Sarah Murdoch went in live TV and falsely declared the winner of Next Top Model to be Kelsey Martinovich, and as Kelsey celebrated, Sarah got someone in her ear screaming at her that she either a) royally fucked up or b) is putting on a great performance.   So, in this awkward moment, Murdoch announced that because it’s live tv, she messed up and the winner was actually Amanda Ware.

This is what’s puzzling me:

  • How did Sarah Murdoch not know the correct winner?  I mean how do you go out there, announce one, let her celebrate, then change your mind?  I can see quickly correcting yourself with a slip of the tongue, but not this long
  • I didn’t even realize Australia had TV, let alone the ability to air stuff live  (I kid, I kid!)
  • Why in the World are there so many people in the audience?  Is that show actually big over there?
  • Where was Tyra Banks?  I know it’s the Australia version, but you’d think Ty would work her way on to every episode for every version of the show
  • And finally, how did Amanda beat out Kelsey?  Kelsey is way hotter!

Yea, I’m smelling staged, what do you guys think?

As I mentioned here, there was some drama involving last night’s show.  The press took the boos and ran with it, saying the audience was booing Sarah Palin.  The press is dumb.  The audience was actually booing the scores that Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough got.  In this unedited footage, which you can’t hear since it’s just a picture, the audience was booing and yelling out “9!”


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