16 & Pregnant – “I’m not a teenager anymore, I’m a mom.”

Felicia sitting on the bed

Meet Felicia.  Felicia will be the first person in her entire family to graduate from High School.  Awesome, right?  There’s only one stumbling block in her way…Felicia is pregnant.  Felicia lives with her grandmother, her mother, Reina, and her stepfather, Tony.  To make things easier on them, Reina allowed Felicia’s boyfriend, Alex, to move in with them once she found out Felicia was pregnant.  As always, I have some thoughts:

  • Felicia and Alex have been dating for 2 years and have only used condoms a couple of times.  My only surprise is that it took them 2 years to get pregnant.
  • They met on MySpace.  I’m betting Felicia had a duckface and took a picture of herself in the mirror.  She just seems like that type.
  • For some crazy reason (note the sarcasm), Reina doesn’t like Felicia and Alex to be alone behind closed doors.
  • Alex doesn’t like Reina.  I mean, he really, really doesn’t like Reina.  He even tells her to her face that she’s “trippin.'”  That’s a real winner you got there, Felicia.
  • Since Reina is such a rotten person, Alex works a lot as a barber, and then is out late every night because he’s a super hero and must fight crime.  That’s the only reason I can think of him being out so much.  It couldn’t be because he’s cheating on her, could it?  Noooo.  This is never said, but I’m speculating, since he’s scarce almost the entire episode.
  • Felicia and Alex decide to move out and live with Felicia’s sister, but they decide not telling Reina would be an awesome idea.  So they move in the middle of the night.  I shit you not.

Haha, we're so sneaky!

  • Guess what?  Alex is still gone all the time.  Fighting crime in Lewisville, Texas is a full-time job.  Phew!
  • When Felicia is 40 weeks pregnant, Alex decides to go to her doctor’s appointment with her for the first time.  I think it was only an excuse for him to tell her that there’s something wrong with her, which he does.  No baby could possibly be born after 40 weeks (the sarcasm is flying today!).
  • If your girlfriend is in the middle of  labor and you want to get punched in the nuts, ask her why she’s crying.  Okay, so she didn’t punch Alex in the nuts, but she probably should have.
  • After Genesis Alexa is born, Alex takes off to go home and change…or so he says.  He never shows back up at the hospital.
  • Felicia’s stepfather, Tony, looks like Stephen Baldwin.

    Hi! I'm pretending to be Stephen Baldwin!

  • Felicia decides they should move back in with her mother, since Alex is never around to help her.  He shows up to help her move, then promptly leaves again.  A true super hero never lets a silly little thing like family get in the way of kicking ass.
  • One thing I never, ever want to hear my friend say to me:  “I can’t believe this thing came out of your vagina.”  Just….don’t.
  • Alex still isn’t around.
  • One day after work, Felicia and Alex have The Talk.  As they talk, they realize they pretty much don’t like each other anymore and Alex leaves without another word or even a glance at Genesis.
  • Felicia is full of regret.  Her studies are very difficult when she has a baby to look after and Alex didn’t turn out to be the knight in shining armor she thought he was.


  1. Erica says:

    Okay, finally got to watch it.

    My thoughts are your thoughts or maybe it is your thoughts are exactly mine.

    Alex is a tool. I feel bad for Felicia. She trusted this guy but did you notice she says like “my first love….” and my only thought was the first of many, I am sure.

    And her friend that says “I can’t believe this thing came out of your vagina.” …. Who says that?

    She will do much better with out Alex. She will be fine….but it will be a long road.

  2. […] Daniel falls into the same routine as most of the fathers on this show.  He says he’s coming over, but then he doesn’t.  He’s too busy working…or something.  Sounds familiar. […]

  3. Kylie says:

    Wow… So this ep is pretty much like all the others? Alex sounds like a stand up guy… Lol, love the super hero theory!


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