16 & Pregnant – It Is A Lot Harder Than I Thought It Was Going To Be

This week, we meet Emily.  Emily lives with her mother and is well on her way to becoming Suzy Highschooler.  She’s pretty, she’s popular, she’s a majorette, she’s planning on going to college to become a pharmacist…and now she’s pregnant.  When Emily’s mother hears the news, she kicks her daughter out, saying she won’t live under her roof as long as she’s pregnant.  So Emily treks on over to her father, Stacey’s, house where she’s now living with him and her stepmother, Kelly.  Emily’s boyfriend, Daniel, still lives in her old town an hour away, but he visits her on the weekends.

My thoughts:

  • Daniel looks like a cross between Justin Bieber and Napoleon Dynamite, and that’s pretty much all I could think about every time I saw him.
  • Despite the fact that they’re only 16, Emily and Daniel are engaged to be married right after graduation.  What makes 16 year olds think that being married is easy?
  • MTV spelled “graduation” as “gradution” at least twice on those sketches they put up between scenes.  Either they did that on purpose, or the person who sketched those  should think about “graduting” themselves.
  • Emily’s dad and stepmom doesn’t seem too fond of Daniel, and Daniel calls Stacey a jackass.  These families are going to get along swimmingly.


  • Emily missed too many days to graduate (gradute?) High School on time, because of morning sickness.
  • Stacey and Kelly pull Emily out of school to homeschool her.  When she receives her homeschooling books, she almost has a heart attack at the amount of work involved.  What did she think?  Homeschooling is a piece of cake?  Mmm…cake.
  • Daniel falls into the same routine as most of the fathers on this show.  He says he’s coming over, but then he doesn’t.  He’s too busy working…or something.  Sounds familiar.
  • When Stacey asks Emily if she’s sure she knows Daniel enough to marry him and live together, she responds with, “You can’t know somebody well enough in a year.”  So getting married to someone you don’t know well is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.  Emily is smart.  She does seem a bit skeptical though.
  • Daniel is able to drag himself away from work long enough to attend the baby’s birth.  That was nice of him.
  • Emily pushed for 2 hours.  I’m guessing it’s because of the baby’s large head and shoulders, which Emily is quick to point out.  Daniel thinks this means he’ll be a linebacker.
  • They name their son Liam Allen and he’s super cute.
  • Daniel sticks around for a little while to help Emily with the baby and despite putting Liam’s diaper on backwards, he does seem to help a lot.
  • After he goes back home, Emily almost has a nervous breakdown.  She’s swamped with school and taking care of Liam.

    Liam Allen

  • The next time Daniel is able to drag himself away from his job, Emily and him have the inevitable Talk.  She wants more help and then I want to throw him in the lake when he says school and taking care of a newborn are “not that hard.”  I’m willing to bet he works a few hours, then sits around playing video games all day until he’s sick of Emily nagging him to comesee his son.
  • Emily finishes 11th grade, but is still not on track to graduate in time.
  • We watch Emily get more and more frustrated with Daniel with each passing day.  She even admits to her friends that he would be 3rd in line to watch Liam, after her father and stepmother.
  • Emily isn’t sure she wants to marry him now…or at the very least she wants to wait.  Daniel doesn’t take it very well.  He’s kind of being a baby about the whole thing.
  • I’m not sure if they broke up or not.  It seems like they did, but at the same time, it doesn’t seem like it.

In the finale clip, Emily admits she wish they had waited and she really hopes Liam learns not to get someone pregnant at such a young age.


  1. nmbv says:

    He did genuinely seem like he was on track to make sure he provide for them in the future.. They didn’t break up, they actually got married.

  2. Melinda says:

    Was that at the end of the episode? My DVR cut out and I missed the very end of it. 🙁 I’m going to have to set it to record later, because that’s the second time that happened. Ugh. I don’t want to mislead everyone with crazy information that I made up. 😉

  3. Megan says:

    I spent the entire episode so focused on that kid’s hair, I couldn’t concentrate. I wanted to take a scisssor to it!

  4. Melinda says:

    I wanted to take shampoo to it! lol

  5. Jim says:

    I’m kind of surprised with Melinda’s evaluation of Daniel. The whole time he is hoping Emily can move in with him at university, and he’s working in anticipation. I understand why Emily missed him so much, but when he was there she always had a scowl on… I mean talk about sending him mixed signals.

    I think “the talk” would have been better had Emily told Daniel the real reason she was nervous (his commitment).

    But in the end, they are both too young to understand each other. Daniel couldn’t read through the whole “I’m scowling when you’re around because I want you around here even more” deal, and Emily couldn’t see the whole “I’m away working a gazillion hours now so we can be together more when we have the baby.

    Agree or disagree? Thoughts?

  6. Melinda says:

    You’re not the first person to say that, Jim. Maybe I was jumping to conclusions and I don’t hold much stock in young love (a little bitter, perhaps? lol). Daniel definitely wasn’t as shifty as Alex from the previous episode. Emily and Daniel having a huge communication problem, which isn’t surprising due to their inexperience. I really hope they’re able to work on that area and I wish them the best. 🙂

    Thank you for your comment!

  7. Kylie says:

    Stacey and Kelly… hehe.

    I have to withold judgment on this til I see it!


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